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  Seaman -Dreamcast Cheats
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Infinite food
Note: This trick requires two VMUs. Start and save a new
game using a second VMU. Connect this VMU to a VMU that
has an ongoing game. Transfer the food from the new game
to the ongoing game. Repeat this as needed for unlimited

Quick evolve
Set the Dreamcast's system date ahead several days for
faster evolution. However, the tank will also not be
maintained for that amount of time.

Quick evolution into Gillman stage
While playing the game, you will see a shell at the bottom
of the tank. Keep tapping the shell until it starts to eat
your newborn (Mushroomer's). After they are eaten, tap the
shell more until the squid completely comes out. It will
squirm, and eventually after tapping it enough, it will die
and the baby will appear and will be in the next stage
(Gillman). Hold A while talking into the microphone to speak
to your .

Talking to your
It is good to talk to your frequently. You need to teach them
how to talk. Try to talk as clear as possible. Hold the A and
talk into the microphone. The Gillman stage is the stage when
it will first start to talk. Use these words when talking to
your : Hi, Hello, Hey, No, Yes, , Fish, Fun, Play, (and more).
Experiment, but do not call it bad name or it will become
unhappy. Also, remember to feed it at least once a day.

Give your a new name
After naming your the first time, repeatedly ask "Do you love
me?". Eventually, you will be able to change your 's name.

Select a and move the Analog-stick in circles around its head.

Move rocks
Press X + R and press Left or Right when over a rock to move it.

Hidden audio
Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two
to hear a hidden message.


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