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  Sonic Shuffle -Dreamcast Cheats
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Bonus Characters for Versus Mode
You can unlock new characters for the Versus Mode by purchasing
pictures in Sonic's Room. For example, if you buy all pictures
of Tails, you unlock Big the Cat.

The following characters are available
Big the Cat - Buy all pictures of Tails
Chao - Buy all pictures of Knuckles
E-102 Gamma - Buy all pictures of Amy
Super Sonic - Buy all pictures of Sonic

Always Win
Towards the end of the level, go to options where you see the
settings on who's computer and who's human. Switch it around!!!
You can get even more coins and stuff by doing this if you select
the computer to HARD, this way the computer collects lots more and
then you can switch your player to this one at the end and win all
the coins!

4 Extra Characters
For the four extra characters buy the last pictures of Sonic, Tails,
Knuckles and Amy.


 Posted by Christal Wing on October 20, 2004 (1316 reads)  (  Discuss about Sonic Shuffle in our forum)




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