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Age of Empires - The Rise of Rome Cheats

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While you are busy playing and
you press enter the chat menu
will pop up.
Type in this code:

give me gas - This will give you a person with a
gun that has an infinite range and
infinite hitpoints.


Press enter and type in \'\'e=mc2 trooper\'\', then go
to your town center and you will see a man with a rocket
launcher.[rocket launchershoots very far and has excellent HP]

To use these codes, press ENTER while playing,
type in the desired code, then press ENTER again.

STORMBILLY Gives you a powerful robot
CONVERT THIS! - Gives you a very powerful priest
BIG MOMMA - Sportscar with a nuke launcher
POW - Baby on a tricyle with a super gun
KING ARTHUR - Turns the eagle into a dragon (no effect on the game)
POW BIG MAMA - BabyPrez (Baby on trike)
GRANTLINKSPENCE - Turns animals into Animal Kings.
DIEDIEDIE - All opponents die
RESIGN - You resign
REVEAL MAP - Reveal the whole map
PEPPERONI PIZZA - Gain 1000 food
COINAGE - Gain 1000 gold
WOODSTOCK - Gain 1000 wood
QUARRY - Gain 1000 stone
PHOTON MAN - Creates a nuke trooper
GAIA - Lets you control the animals, but not your men
HARI KARI - Commit suicide
FLYING DUTCHMAN - Catapult ships can go on land
NO FOG - Removes fog of war
STEROIDS - Buildings and people are created instantly
BIGDADDY - Fast car with a rocket launcher
KILLX - Kill player X
HOMERUN - Win the current scenario
BIG BERTHA - Heavy catapults are stronger
ICBM - Ballistas get 100 range points
HOYOHOYO - Priests are faster and stronger
DARK RAIN - Composite bowmen turn into trees
BLACK RIDER - Horse archers become black riders
UPSIDFLINTMOBILE - Chariot archers go super fast and fire very fast

 Posted by Lord on October 20, 2004 ( 51 reads)  (  Discuss about Age of Empires - The Rise of Rome cheats in our forum )

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