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Mortal Kombat Trilogy Cheats

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Goto options hold down up+block+down. The screen will
shake and then enter the Question Mark.(?) Then activate
the "Health Recovery" =on.
Then go back to main menu. Select "Mortal Kombat"
Choose Noob Saibot as your player.
in game quickly press "down forword and Low punch"
Noob Saibot will through a smoke bomb. If he hit he
can't do something until it dissappear. If he has been
hitten Run to the opponent and press down and high Punch
for Outstanding Punch. Again do this means run and
outstanding punch. when he will in the air the smoke
bomb will disappear. Then hurry do the same trick starting
from the " Down forword and Low punch"

It can be done in any skill level. But it can't do with
big monsters like Motoro, Kintaro and goro. But it can
done with all the players and Shah Khan.

Easy Way to do this:
Press the smoke bomb buttons then 2 times outstanding
punch. when opponent in air start from the start of
this trick.


In the options screen,press and hold player one's
up,block,run and player two's block untill the screen
shakes, then go to the "?" in the options screen.
You will have the following options:

-One button fatalities
-Health recovery
-Low damage
-Normal boss damage
-Instant agressor

How to use one button fatalities:
When they say "Finish Him", stand next to him and press and hold:

High Punch = Brutalitie
Low Punch = Babalitie
High Kick = Fatalitie 1
Low Kick = Fatalitie 2
Run = Animalitie
Block = Friendship

At the story line screen, press RUN-BLK-BLK-RUN-HP-LP.
You'll hear Shao Kahn say, ""Outstanding."" Now press
Start and go to the Options screen.
You'll see a block with a blue question mark with the
following secret options:
Level Select, Throwing, Unlimited Run, Bloody Kombat, Smoke,
Khameleon. You can toggle these on and off.

Play with Chameleon
*To play with Chameleon: You have to select a
ninja ( Scorpion, OLD Sub-Zero, Reptile, Rain,
Noob Saibot, Human Smoke or Ermac) and hold
Low-Punch and High-Punch and anything else.

Background Select
At the character select screen, highlight Sonya and press
Up+Start. After you select your character, you can then
toggle through the backgrounds to choose the one you want.

Classic Characters
To access the Classic characters highlight Jax, Kano, Kung
Lao or Raiden and press the SELECT button (7 or X by default.)

Level Select
To activate the level select, players 1 or 2 must highlight
Sonya Blade at the character select screen and hold Up + Enter
or Up + Z until the screen shakes.

Random Select
At the character select screen hold up+start (z by default) or
hold up+start (enter by default.)

Weird Numbers
Press the "N" default key to display some type of coordinates
at the bottom of the screen.

Gameplay can be rather awkward with a two- or
four-button joystick/gamepad. Make sure you
have at least a six-button controller to get
the most out of the game.

The violence can be toned down by turning "Blood"
off at the options menu. It isn't password protected,
though, so don't be surprised if junior (who knows
more about computers than you do) circumvents your
censorship plans.

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