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Lakers 2 Cheats

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This looks like a really cool game, but I haven't got
the time to play it. The same procedure that got you
the Photoshop in Lakers works here too!
Aren't some of them (particularly for #4) HUGE!?
Here's all you do:
1. Create a file called MEMORY
2. Run the game and go to the photoshop!
The MEMORY file can be anything, but for grins I tried it with
zero length and it worked! Here's a quick way to create a zero
length file in DOS:
"sort > memory" and then press Ctrl-z.

You're probably wondering where the Photoshop is, inside main
menu option #5.
Well, each of the 6 characters (#7 exits back to main menu) has
their own song, plus 6 options on the right. The stats in the
middle must be for the game, I guess. The options you want are
the top one (stats for the person, really just the girls'
measurements if you care), the fifth one (which is the Photoshop
for that character, three or more pictures each), and the last
one (exit back to 7-option menu). The others just show text or
pictures of equipment.

 Posted by on October 20, 2004 ( 1088 reads)  (  Discuss about Lakers 2 cheats in our forum )

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