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Max Payne Cheats

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To get access to the game console, you need to start maxpayne.exe
with the command line parameter "-developer". Once you have the
game running in developer mode, you get access to the game
console with [F12].

Example: C:\maxpayne\maxpayne.exe -developer

Cheat Codes
Press [F12] to bring up the console, then type:
Code Result
coder God Mode, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, etc.
god God Mode
mortal God Mode Off
getallweapons All Weapons
getinfiniteammo Unlimited Ammo
noclip No Clipping Mode
noclip_off No Clipping Mode Off
getbullettime Fill Up When Bullet-Time Runs Out
showfps Show Frame Rate
getpainkillers Get 8 PainKillers
c_addhealth ( 100 ) Add 100 to Health
jump10 Jump Higher (set to 20 or 30 for even higher)
SetWoundedState Walk as if Wounded
SetNormalState Walk Normally

Get Item Cheats
You can use the "get" command to add individual weapons
and items to your arsenal:

GetBaseballbat GetDualIngram
GetBeretta GetMP5
GetBerettaDual GetColtCommando
GetDualBeretta GetMolotov
GetDesertEagle GetGrenade
GetSawedShotgun GetM79
GetPumpShotgun GetSniper
GetJackhammer GetHealth
GetIngram GetPainkillers
GetIngramDual GetBulletTime

Jump to Level
To jump to any level, type the following in the
developer console while playing any level:


where levelname is one of the below:
end_combat (Secret Finale, use this method instead
of "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );")

part0_level1 part2_level0 part3_level1
part1_level1 part2_level1 part3_level2
part1_level1b part2_level2 part3_level2b
part1_level2 part2_level2b part3_level3
part1_level2b part2_level3 part3_level4
part1_level3 part2_level4 part3_level5
part1_level3b part3_level5b
part1_level4 part3_level6
part1_level5 part3_level7

Easter Eggs:
Part I: The American Dream
Chapter Two: Live from the Crime Scene Right at the beginning,
there is a hole in the bricks in the wall. Cheat yourself
a grenade and throw it in. Your mission objectives now say
"I had declared a war against rats". A bit later, after walking
through some water and taking out a few enemies on a train
platform, walk up the wide stairs. In the room at the top are a
bunch of rats... with Desert Eagles! Now shoot at one of the ceiling
lamps that's off. Hit the base of the lamp and it will fall. The rats
will now battle each other. If "your" side wins, the remaining rats
will take up defensive positions around you. If your side
loses, the remaining rats will come after you.

Chapter Two: Live from the Crime Scene
You can shoot the wailing siren in the central vault
area and Max will thank you.

Chapter Three: Playing it Bogart
If you walk past Rico Muerte's room to the end of the
hall, you can shoot away a boarded-up door. From this
room you can walk across the ledge and shoot away a
boarded up window to find a dead body with a stake in it
lying next to the word "Buff" in blood
(as in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), as well as some other goodies.

Chapter Six: Fear That Gives Men Wings
As you ride the elevator up from Luigi's Laundry, shooting
the speaker playing sappy elevator music will bring
another "Thank you" from Max. Shortly thereafter, as you
leave out the window from the room sporting the thug in the
bathroom and the TV news report, walk to the left and there
will be a window you can jump through to a room with two
Soldier of Fortune 2 posters and a stash of shotguns. If you
didn't destroy the elevator speaker earlier, you should be
able to hear the music from within this room.

Chapter Seven: Police Brutality
When Gognitti reaches the locked door, there is a satellite
dish behind you on the ledge. If you jump from this corner
to the ledge across the alley, you can drop down into the
fenced area and open a door to a room with a nice assortment
of ammo and a poster proclaiming "Dopefish Lives!" Dopefish
is quite possibly the most prolific character in Easter Egg history.

Chapter Seven: Police Brutality
At the basketball court, there is a Beretta stuck in the net.
Also, if you wait by the fence, an SUV wil drive by. If you
shoot it, it will crash and the driver will get out to shoot at you.

Chapter Eight: Ragna Rock
When you reach the inner stage area, you can "use" the drum
kit and microphone and step on the guitar for some interesting
effects and dialogue.

Part II: A Cold Day In Hell
Chapter Five: Angel of Death, When you reach the grand piano,
you can "use" it and Max will play the title theme. You can get
a different effect by shooting out the lid support and trying again.

Part IV: A Bit Closer To Heaven
Chapter Four: Backstabbing Bastard
At the entrance ramp to the car park (from where you start),
there is a stack of barrels and an air conditioning unit that you
can jump on to reach the roof of the garage. Shoot the off-color
panel of the shed there and it will fall away. Inside, you can
jump on a grate to fall into a room with the grafitti "R Thanks",
a radio you can "use" to hear audio from the production team,
and a sniper rifle with ammo.

Chapter Five: In the Land of the Blind
In the small room after Woten's office (where you find the
Aesir building plans), there is a small picture that you can
shoot off the wall, revealing a button. Pressing it will raise
the couch on the other side of the room, revealing a staircase
down to a "private area". In it there is a big screen TV you
can use to play a 3DRealms-themed parody of Star Trek. In the
adjoining room there is a bed with chains next to a closet
full of bondage gear.

Secret Finale Ending
To access it, enter the following in the developer console:
maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );

Life After Death:
After you die, use the console and put yourself in god mode.
Max will then come back to life and you can move him around
and shoot while a semi stationary camera follows the action.
It's kind of hard to see where Max is going because of the
camera but it's kind of a neat trick.

Tutorial Easter Egg:
In the Tutorial, jump on top of the van with the sniper
rifle inside, then jump on the ventilation thingy next to
the fire escape, then jump on the fire escape. Climb up to
the top and shoot the windows and walk through. A message
says, "Congratulations, you have discovered a secret room!"
There is an Ingram, some Ingram ammo, and 5 molotov cocktails.

Pump Action Shotgun:
You can get a pump-action shotgun right in Max's house at the
very beginning. The shotgun is hidden in his house, on the
opposite wall of the phone, in a shutter closet, much like the
one that you see right when you get in the house near the door.
Open the one farther away from the adjacent room, and you will
get a pump-action shotgun with 5 rounds.

Unlimited Bullet Time:
Assign shootdodge under controls in the options menu to keypad 1.
During the game, you can hit this key to slow the action down any
time you want. Repeatedly press it and it will slow things down
even further to the point of pausing the action. Pressing keypad 7,
will speed the action back up. There is no time limit for how
long the action is slowed down.

Alternate egos:
By pressing Keypad 9 or 3 you can change the character Max plays
during the game. Be aware that some weapons may not be available
to you during the time you are using these alternate characters.

Level Warp:
By pressing keypad 0, you can warp to different areas of the level,
or "chapter," and at the same time you could be standing right in
front of enemies and they will not even notice you.

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