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Oni Cheats

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Cheat Mode Enable
In order to enable cheat mode in Oni, hex editing must be done.
This is an intermediate to advanced technique of editing a file.
Always make a backup before editing any file in this way.

Open up the "persist.dat" file with your Hex Editor. Go to
location 0x44 and change the value there to 07. Once that is done,
to run the cheat codes press [F1] while in the game to open the
menu and type in the cheats you want to use.

Code Result
liveforever God Mode
shapeshifter Change Characters (F8 Key)
touchofdeath Omnipotence
canttouchthis Unstoppable
fatloot Ammo plus Health
glassworld Glass Furniture
winlevel Win Level
loselevel Lose Level
bighead Big Head Mode
minime Mini Mode
superammo Super Ammo Mode
reservoirdogs AIs Fight With Each Other
roughjustice Gatling Guns Mode
chenille Daodan Power Mode
behemoth Godzilla Mode
elderrune Regeneration
moonshadow Phase Cloak
munitionfrenzy Weapons Locker Created
fistsoflegend Fists of Legend Mode
killmequick Ultra Mode
carousel Slow Motion
thedayismine Developer Mode

Developer Mode Cheats
Press ` to bring up the command prompt once in Developer Mode.
Then you may type in these cheats:

Code Result
door_ignore_locks = 1 Unlocks All Doors
ai2_kill Kills All Nearby AI Units
chr_nocollision 0 1 No Clipping Mode
dump_docs Displays All Command Prompt Docs

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