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Sim Theme Park Cheats

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Power money tip
Start a small park with 4 puzzle games close together,
2 rides, 1 food, 1 bathroom and a gate price of $0.
If you set it up so all 4 puzzle are within view of
each other, you can do the global price raise/lower
for all puzzles when all 4 are active (making 40k a pop)
The $0 gate price gets them in fast. Set the prizes value
to $10 and a maximum win possibility. That makes them happy,
stay longer and play more.

Easy Money: Bug Exploitation
These best way to use this bug is to go to a puzzle sideshow
that has a low play cost. WHILE somebody is playing up the
play cost to $10,000 (make sure you hit the confirm check to
get that price activated!). When they finish the puzzle you
will get the 10k instead of the lower play cost they started
playing at. Nobody will play it at 10k, so lower the price
back down to a fair price. You can do this as often as you want.
Puzzle sideshow works best because it gives you time to raise
the price while the customer is playing.

 Posted by on October 20, 2004 ( 15 reads)  (  Discuss about Sim Theme Park cheats in our forum )

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