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Yoda Stories Cheats

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To enter these codes, pause the
game then type the desired code.

Code Effect
Force Get the Force
Object Get all objects
Junk Assorted junk
Sabre Lightsaber
Blasters All guns
Locater Terrain locater

Meet Indiana Jones
At the end of the mission where you have to destroy
a cloning machine, you will have to fight evil clones
of Luke untill you get a good one. After you talk to
him, he will stand on a switch that opens the door to
a room with several switches. Go up to the top left
corner of the room to open a door that leads outside.
Talk to the alien and he will take you to a planet
where you will meet Indiana Jones.

New and Improved Light Saber
When you have a blaster or blaster rifle, select it
and run it out of ammo. The game will then select a
different light saber that does almost twice the damage
of your original one!

Thermal Detonators
When you land on a desert planet, go in to the building
beside the cantina and walk up to the boxes. You'll find
a thermal detonator in each of them.

Unlimited Mushrooms
When you are on a mission to the forest planet, go into the
bar and you will see tables on either side of the door. Walk
up to one and get a mushroom. You can take as many mushrooms
as you want!

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