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Spore - Galactic Edition [cheats] Cheats

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Cheat Codes:
First to activate the console you must press Shift+Ctrl+C
After console appears insert the following cheat codes and press enter:
Press [Esc] or click the red "X" to close the console window.
Note: Enabling codes will block achievements from being earned on that
particular planet.

Code Result
moremoney - adds 1.000.000 spore bucks.
addDNA - adds DNA point to spend in creature mode.
refillMotives - Replenish depleted health and other motives.
unlockSuperWeapons - Unlock all superweapons for your Civilization type.
spaceCreate - Unlock and recharge all Space mode creation tools.
Killallhints - Removes all hints.
help - Explains action and usage of a command.
Quit - Exit to Windows.
capturePlanetGIF - Save spinning GIF image of your planet to AnimatedAvatars directory.
freeCam - Toggle Free Camera mode.
help [command] - Explains action and usage of a command.
setConsequenceTrait - Set consequence trait.
SetTime [1-24],[0-59] - Set time of day at the Avatar's position.
toggleCaptureUI - Toggle display of user interface in screenshots.
styleFilter -filmNoir - Toggle monochrome background and creatures (1).
styleFilter -oilpaint - Toggle oil painting background and creatures (1).
stylefilter -none - Reset view to normal.
styleFilter -microscope - Microscope visual style.
styleFilter -norainbows - No rainbows visual style.
styleFilter -nextgen - Next generation visual style.
Killallhints - Removes all hints.
pauseUIVisible - Toggle drawing pause frame.
option - List options.
prop - Display and modify properties.
clear - Clear console window.
levels - Level cheats.
levels -unlock - Unlock all phases.
history - List previous commands.
movie - Video cheat.
blocksmode - Turns creatures into their blocky representations.
evoadvantage - Enter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game to choose
any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new game with one of
your more evolved creatures.

(1) The user interface will still display in color.
This does not work in Cell Stage.

Easter Eggs: Spinning Will Wright's Head:
In spore creature creator you can click on the galaxy to view it. Then zoom out
and start spinning the galaxy. After a few seconds Will Wrights head will come
spinning out.

Add to DNA pool:
while playing the game (as in you are makingthe creature) hold Ctrl+Shift+c to bring up the console and type in addDNA.

View developers:
Press [Left] or [Right] at the Galaxy menu to spin the galaxy. After a few
seconds pictures of the game's developer will spin out of the galaxy.

Menu background:
When you start up Creature Creator, there is a galaxy in the
background, you can right-click and spin it around and rotate it.

Consequence trait names:
Use one of the following entries with the
setConsequenceTrait [trait name] code.

cell carnivore

Easy impressing during Creature phase:
During the Creature phase (fresh out of the tidal pool), you can get additional
parts for your creature by impressing the alpha versions of the fellow inhabitants of your world. When you first approach them, sometimes others of their species will join in the game. The more of them there are, the more difficulty it can become. Push the alpha away from the nest and try to solo it out so that you only have to deal with him dancing, singing, etc. against your crew of followers.

Spore Creators:
At the main menu, start spinning the camera really fast to the left then after a few seconds, while it's going at full speed, quickly spin the camera right. A flash will happen, and after a few seconds of spinning the camera right, stop spinning the camera. Pictures of people will start spinning around in the screen.

Creature stage:
First make a very powerful creature in the creator and use the "freedom" cheat to make it as big and bad as you want then simply type evoadvantage in the evolution stage after you go to land and mate; youll be able to select your creature.

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