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Age of Empires Cheats

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Submitted by: brendan hucker

If you want to win easy you could create your own war
thing but if you want something hard you could let all
your enemies build up their army while you get a heap
of resources build like 50 houses then get all the food
you can get after you have heaps of food make 200
villagers at your town center then use them as your
army it is way fun.

Submitted by: Paul Van Zweel

press the enter button for the chat
menu and type in the following codes:

code result
tough guy - gives you a hot air balloon with an elite
war elephant with a lazer gun.
popcorn - 1,000;000;000 food,wood,rock, gold
eddboys - get Edd,Ed and Eddy from the Ed,Edd n'Eddy
show on cartoon network

Submitted by : logan

hewlet - get tanks (may not work i havent tryed it)

Submitted by: Mehran Samad Nejad

Disguises composite Bowman as tree when they are at rest.

Black Rider:
Submitted by: Mehran Samad Nejad

Change your heavy Horse Archers into an Black Riders.

Jensen Clark, Submitted the following Information:

Cheat = Steroids
Result = Instantly build buildings,
Train or create villagers, and mine gold or stone or forage for
berries or kill deer,elephant,alligator,lion.
Also train infantry instantly,archur instantly,and boats
WARNING: other oppenets can use it too.

Update by: carlos

To activate these codes, go to chat mode (Enter),
and then type in the following codes in all caps:

Code Result
PEANUTBUTTER 1,000,000 food, wood, gold, and stone,
BIGDADDY cooles Cart with Rocketlauncher
BIG BERTHA Catapult has range of 16 and area effect diameter of 10
FLYING DUTCHMAN Juggernaught can move on land
HOYOHOYO gives Priest speed of 6 and 600 hit points
ICBM Ballista has range of 100
NO FOG turns off Fog of War
REVEAL MAP reveals entire map
STEROIDS turns on quick build
HARI KARI destroys all of your buildings and units
HOME RUN gives you instant victory in a scenario
DIEDIEDIE everyone (including you) dies
RESIGN you resign
REVEAL MAP reveals the entire map
PEPPERONI PIZZA give yourself 1,000 food
COINAGE give yourself 1,000 gold
WOODSTOCK give yourself 1,000 wood
QUARRY give yourself 1,000 stone
MEDUSA All People are Medusa
PHOTON MAN You become a Fighter with Laserkanon
GAIA Control the Animals
KILLX kill Player in Position X (1-8)
DARK RAIN all composit bowmen become stealth archers
JACK BE NIMLE catepultes fire out cows and villagers

F6 - Full map toggle
F7 - Fog of war toggle
CTRL-Q - Speeds up building
CRTL-G - 1000 gold
CRTL-W - 1000 wood
CRTL-S - 1000 stone
CRTL-F - 1000 food
CRTL-T - New menu under wood, food, gold and stone
CRTL-P - Left click to place more rock

Zeus-turns nuke troopers(E=mc2 trooper)invincable
Upsidflintmobile - gives you super chariot archers

Submitted by

if you are playing a random map.
you've got to build a lot of watch towers so the enemy's
can't attack in you camp. in front off the towers you've
got to build also a wall so the enemy most come to 1
entrance at your camp, put all your troops there and see..

Submitted by: Speedy

Select the unit or building and press DEL to remove it.

Submitted by: Joe Smith

Before you research the temple type in hoyohoyo then when
you have reaserched the temple your priest have 1200 hit

Submitted by: Vince Behler

When You Start Type in steroids but the problem is Your
Enemy gets steroids to

 Posted by Lord on October 20, 2004 ( 1418 reads)  (  Discuss about Age of Empires cheats in our forum )

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