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Sim Copter Cheats

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To bring up the cheat box press ctrl + alt + x during play. To get all of the helicopters type: I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas and press enter (case and puncuation sensetive). If you hear a weird sound, it means it is correct. Go inside of the hanger and get into the copter catalog. press 1-9 and get out of the hanger. you will have all of the helicopters

press ctrl + alt + x to bring up the code entry box.
Unlimited fuel: Gas does grow on trees
Invincibility: Shields up
Level select: Warp me to career: xx (xx=1-30)
Skip level: Been there, done that

Press ctrl + alt + x during play to get the cheat screen.

To get all of the helicopters type: I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas and press enter (case and puncuation sensitive). Then go inside of the hangar and get in to the copter catalog and press 1-9. Exit the hangar and you will have all of the helicopters including the Apache gunship which
has missles (press M)and machine guns (press spacebar).


View map outside of copter: The map, please
Megaphone outside of copter: A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush
Nuclear explosion: Radioactivity
warp speed dog mode: superpowermultiply
Save ASCII map in c:\: Stop and ask for directions
Return to hanger without helicopter: There's no place like home
Return to helicopter: I love my helicopter
Drive in movies: Lights, Camera, Action
Large helicopters: Make me big
Camera follows a car: Out for a Sunday drive
Time of Day: ctrl + D
Unlimited Money: Enter the code for all of the helicopters, go to the copter catalog in the hanger and press 1-9 and then sell them all. Then
press 1-9 again and repeat the process.

 Posted by Warhawk - on October 20, 2004 ( 14 reads)  (  Discuss about Sim Copter cheats in our forum )

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