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Lords of Magic: Special Edition Cheats

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Cheat mode:
Hold [Ctrl] and press \ or C to display the cheat window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
1000 movement points marathon or go far
200 gold, 200 ale, and 200 gems jackpot or bingo
All spells, 1000 mana hocuspocusb or all spells
Add a Dragon to selected party zilla

Unlimited bonus points:
Choose your faith and go to "Custom". Purchase as many of your faiths spells as needed, but nothing else. Save the game after not having enough points to purchase any more spells. Load the saved game and sell all the spells by right clicking on them. Purchase more spells, save the game again, and load the game again. You should still have the spells that were previously sold. Repeat this for unlimited bonus points.

Fifth quest:
Enter the Legends of Urak and when the quest selection screen appears, click the center of the screen where the 8 points are going out.

Hint: Unlimited Barter Points in the Lord Editor:
Start a new game and select a faith and a lord. Select "Custom" to enter the Lord Editor. Purchase the most expensive artifact that you can afford, then scroll the mouse cursor over the empty position where the artifact used to be located. The name of the artifact that used to be in that location still appears, Click on that empty location, drag it up to the artifact purchased bar, and release it. Sell the visible artifact , then save the game under any name. After loading that game again, the "hidden" artifact will be visible. You will be able to sell it for even more barter points. You can repeat this with more expensive and even multiple 9,999 cost artifacts. Always purchase all of the visible artifacts before the invisible ones, then drag as many of the "hidden" artifacts as desired to the purchased bar. You cannot purchase more than one "hidden" artifact of the same type. You can repeat and earn enough barter points to construct the best lord.

Hint: Help from Warrior Spirit:
Click on the "Lords Of Magic" button when you first start. Choose the "Mage" button and choose the "Order Lord". Select the "Custom" button after choosing him. Before selecting anything, buy the spell Summon Warrior Spirit. After you have selected this spell, bring your Lord up to the highest level you can afford or until he has nine Mana. At the start of the game, go to the closest cave you can find. Click the "Summon Warrior Spirit" button and then select the "Auto Calculate" button. At the end of the battle you should have a summoned warrior on your panel at the bottom of the screen. Let the two separate and have the summoned warrior do all the dirty work for you until you have enough to purchase more units. Note: Do not finish a battle when selecting the Warrior Spirit spell unless you do not want to keep him. Also, you do not want your Warrior Spirit to fight with another unit unless it is another Warrior Spirit -- he will vanish and will not help any more.

Walk 1,000 Spaces
Press Ctrl and C at the same time to get the Cheat screen to come up then Type in GO space once and then type in Far. This will alow you to move 1,000 spaces and when it runs out you can just put it in again.

 Posted by Lord on October 20, 2004 ( 44 reads)  (  Discuss about Lords of Magic: Special Edition cheats in our forum )

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