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In Topic: Battle For The Kingdom Of Ostia

10 March 2006 - 08:35 PM

It didn’t take Avis long to find out the location of the Cloister, the first person he asked knew the way to it, exactly. As he traversed the streets he glanced around, it was odd the city didn’t even seem to know about the invasion with the way they were acting. Perhaps they just didn’t care, or maybe they had nothing to fear. “Yet they are recruiting strangers for their little war band, wonderful.” He snorted as he readjusted how the spear sat across his shoulder blades.

It wasn’t long until he reached the Cloister looking it over questioningly. Hearing the sound of steps he glanced back to see a female coming. He took a moment to eye Aelina up wondering if she was going to join in of this little adventure to. “Mission with perks…” he whispered under his breath. Avis slowly turned on his boot heel, letting his spear slide off his shoulder so he could set the blunt end on the ground, bracing himself like it were a walking stick.

“Hey, what can you tell me about this?” He held up one of the flies he had pulled down previously, it was in regards of the call to arms which he had come here for. He flicked his wrist a few times to straighten out the folded paper, in case the girl didn’t know about it she’d be able to read it now. “I’ve come from pretty far away and am looking for who I’m suppose to see about this, it says to come here.”

In Topic: Battle For The Kingdom Of Ostia

04 March 2006 - 01:39 AM

Name -- Avis Sevor
Age -- 27
Race -- Human
Gender -- Male
Class -- Paladin
History -- Avis is a renowned exorcist, following no real order his mysterious training in holy magics makes him a force to be reckoned with. Catching wind of the news of the impending invasion he thought it would be a decent chance to get in on the inner workings of the kingdom. A paladin like no other, his egotistical manner, crass behavior, and unhealthy habits will be a handful to anyone willing to travel with him.


Avis made his way out of the inn he had arrived at last night, his large brimmed hat falling down over his eyes, only bits of pale hair dropping into view beside is scruffy, unshaven chin. A worn brown cloak was wrapped around him, coving what was the little bit of armor he wore. Unlike other in his field, who decked themselves out in heavy armor, he wore plain clothes with a piece of leather armor here and there. He carried with him a long, elegant spear which clashed greatly with the unimpressive attire he wore. The spear rested on one shoulder, held there by one hand. On the end was tied a bag, most likely filled with belongings he used in travel. Stopping in the city’s square, he brought a thumb up to tip the edge of his hat.

Reaching into his cloak, down into one of the many small packs which lined his belt he pulled out a bit of parchment, one of the flyers he had snagged from an Inn door earlier in the day. A call for warriors, his ticket into the kingdom’s fighting force. It would be nice to travel with a company of people for a change, someone else to drop a bar tab on. Fighting back a smile he read over the document to figure out where exactly he had to get to.

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04 March 2006 - 01:13 AM

Voted other because I enjoy role playing in any setting under any theme so long as the story interests me.

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04 March 2006 - 01:10 AM

Some Quickies.
(Cut me some slack, haven't edited in awhile)
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In Topic: What The Hell Happend To Advent Children

09 May 2005 - 07:06 PM

Thats pretty old news ya'know... It's called Dirge of Cerberus by the way.