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Posted 26 April 2009 - 12:59 PM

All the Nuneworldians know by now what Voodoo is, or at least have heard of it before.
If you haven’t its no biggie, I can just tell you what it actually is. (because I am so nice happy.gif)
Voodoo = magic involving the resurrection of the dead.

So know you what actually voodoo is, (thanks to yours truly). When I mean the dead I don’t just mean any dead person, I specifically mean “ancestors” or the past dead that’s related to you or anyone you know in your family tree.

These people “ancestors” are resurrected because the people doing the voodoo have some sort of specific purpose with them. E.g. they may want to get some valuable information out of them, about someone already passed on into the afterlife, some family history or maybe even hit information. (I’m just giving you some examples that I know of)

Just raising the dead in general is called necromancy and that’s not like voodoo magic at all, well it sort of is, but it’s not exactly the same that’s for sure. Also when you use voodoo a “shaman” or “witch doctor” is essential in order to conjure some serious “voodooness”
These very gifted people are experts in voodoo and their knowledge goes far beyond their years.

Speaking about who you need to talk to for voodoo magic is one essential ingredient for a
good and proper voodoo summoning. But let’s now talk about what ingredients are needed for voodoo shall we. Most people use various animal body parts for voodoo, but you need a cauldron or big pot to put it all in. (very much like witchcraft) some good animals to use a... crows, rats, snakes, spiders, cats, cows, horses and birds. (these animals must be dead first BTW) you don’t want anything struggling when you put them in 100 degrees worth of pot mixture do you now.

I have not practiced voodoo myself (I don’t really know that much about my ancestors)
So it would be pretty pointless for me to do really, but I have thought about it. (as you would) I really need to visit a witch doctor in the near future to learn from him and practice some voodoo with him. happy.gif

Anyway which Nuneworldians here have ever had a “voodoo” experience or have thought about having one some time in their life?

I would really be interested to find out who here as and everything.

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