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Command and Conquer - Generals

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Posted 25 November 2002 - 12:54 PM

Command and conquer - name for respect. The serials of the C&C continue with the new game from Westwood Studios and EA Pacific - Command and conquer - Generals.
What we have new here it's that now the developers has take our Russia from the game and they include China.(Russia now it's not powerful country any more ??).And at the end the include third player GLOBAL LIBERATION ARMY. That is nice more opponents more fun, The graphic it self will be 3D that gives more flexibility on playing. What they say in the logo for this game "Prepare your forces, Commander... it's time to engage in the next generation of 3D real-time strategy -- Command & Conquer Generals." Features:

Let we see the features for this games ( according the publisher and developer and several reviews what I have read - we haven't luck to have a beta version to tested and make a review:( )

Modern Warfare - Wage war on land or in the skies with modern military weaponry on the bleeding-edge of technology.

Command Your General - Select from nine powerful Generals, each with special strengths and a unique vehicle unit. ( Like in War Craft 3 we will have a Hero here but not with the spells he will be equipped with Kalashnikov smile.gif

State-of-the-art 'SAGE' Engine - Experience C&C in unprecedented detail as you battle it out in full 3D on urban cityscapes, rugged deserts and frozen wastelands. ( ok already know)

All-New Units and Tactics - Assemble your army with top-secret Aurora Strike Fighters, Angry Mobs, Paladin Battle Tanks, skilled Hackers and over 60 other distinct units. ( hm, 60 different units look nice)

Multiplayer Mayhem - Wreak havoc online, either cooperatively with a friend or go head-to-head in all-out global domination. ( best part and standard for the newest games, it's impossible to think now to make a game and not include the On line Multiplayer)

Like normal they have postponed the realize date of this game again. Now they expect to have the game Released - Scheduled for Feb 2003. Let we see it's worded to wait for this game. When we have it we will make a review.

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Posted 26 November 2002 - 07:01 AM

oooh i used to play C&C Red Alert and the second one (forgot its name) a whole lot, it used to be so fun on the playstation then they didnt come out with anymore, hope this one's better than Tiberiam Sun smile.gif

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Posted 27 November 2002 - 09:06 PM

The first one of this serial was Command and conquer. After that he has lot of unofficial realized.( just a scenarios )> Tiberian Sun was official continue but he has small success. The Red Alert 1 and Red Alert 2 has a major success. When Westwood sow that they have good selling of RA2 they make a official expansion pack of RA. Yuri revenge. But this game Command and conquer - Generals has lot of improvements. 3D graphic, heroes smile.gif more units what was not the case on the previous games ( they looked all the same just the story was different)


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