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In Topic: The Flaming Moe

29 March 2005 - 02:51 AM

Dogfighter runs into the room cackling bwahahahahahahahahahahaha and opens his jacket and presses a button on his stomach.




a nuclear explosion wipes out nuneworld.

In Topic: The Resistance!

25 March 2005 - 03:59 AM

OOC: umm the Viertals are below horizon, whichs means they are very far away and you cant see them because they are beyond the horizon, thats why the strike teams are being assembled.

OOC: i enjoy being a theme/IC/logic watchdog (hence my name Dogfighter). just do whatever you want if you want.

In Topic: The Resistance!

25 March 2005 - 03:03 AM

OOC: join the strike team damn it

In Topic: The Resistance!

24 March 2005 - 11:26 PM

OOC: human's position was already given away when the hovercraft bombed the bunkers and trenches, also it would make sense that Viertals would have satellites in orbit looking down on Earth

OOC: it would also make sense that Viertals would attack from orbit.

Resistance forward observors have reported that the Viertals have set up artillery batteries below the horizon (OOC: if one is standing at the trenches he wouldnt see the Viertal's artilleries because they are too far and beyond the horizon) and preping for a saturation artillery attack as Infantry and armours continue closing in on the human position. however their speed has decreased, apparently regrouping and waiting for their artillery attacks to do most of the destruction.

Human artillery and rockets have rolled into position as well, their weapons slowly raising to the attack angle. after a short moment of silence, the first artillery in the row fires, and the rest fires in rapid sequence one after another. thundering cannon roars and clouds of smoke fill the trenches. after years serving in the Res, Kon still watches in awe as rows of artilleries spit out fire and smoke and clusters of rockets take to the sky, trailing bright flames and dust behind them.

however the Res commander does not want the battle to become a long range duel, because as time passes, human forces will only get worn down by Viertal artilleries. he orders to assemble rapid strike teams and charge towards the Viertal line, carrying out hit-and-run tactics and attempt to take out high-value targets as the Viertals are still regrouping.

small attack hovercraft and buggies are moved out from the underground garage to assemble the strike teams. they can only ask for volunteers, because it's essentially a suicide mission, though with a great cause.

OOC: guys join the strike team!

In Topic: The Resistance!

24 March 2005 - 06:38 AM

Kon pauses before running out into the trench carrying a stack of .50 cal ammo cases and looks at Jessica.

"hmm," he reads her ID tag on her shirt (OOC: do you even have one?) "you're not with the Res, shouldn't you have some business with us since you're standing right here?" Kon questions and glanaces around as soldiers and engineers weave in and out through the trenches, patching up the line of defense as much as possible.

"ok," Kon looks Jessica in her eyes and says, "i dont know where you're from; you dont look like a soldier, but heres what you do." he piles the stack of ammo boxes on her arms, "these are ammos for the .50 cals, those machine guns are kinda outdated but we still keep them around for times like this. you are going to be paired up with a machine gunner, and be his spotter. basically you make sure his gun has a constant feed of ammo, and point out pririoty targets to him."

Kon turns around and grabs a young soldier as he runs by carrying a .50 cal machine gun on his shoulder, "kid, this is Jessica, she'll be your spotter," Kon says to the young soldier, who seems just a little over 15.

Kon turns around and starts running back to the armory, just then someone in a distance screams, "INCOMING!!!"

right at the same time a dozen anti-air guns starts firing, the chaotic gun noises mix with people's yelling and shouting throughout the trench networks. 3 Viertal hovercraft flash past over the fortifications, following them are 3 lines of explosions and flying debris. "shiit!" Kon curses and holds onto his helmet and ducks as dirt and rubbles rain down upon them. one Viertal hovercraft is dragging a thick trail of smoke as the squadron flies away from the area.

"here," Kon takes a helmet from a nearby shelf and hands it to Jessica, "wear this. we dont have much time." he rushes back to the armory.