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How HP crap support response on Vista issues installed on HP computer

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Posted 15 April 2009 - 01:25 AM

Customer : Problem with the Nvidia network driver (and maybe HP support will be faster - waiting 30 min on site already)
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Rubel .]
Customer : ok, progress
Rubel : Welcome to HP Total Care for desktop support
My name is rubel.Please give me a moment while i review your issue description details.

Customer : you can check prev, form
Customer : as well if you want
Rubel : Do you have the acticity id ?
Customer : no
Rubel : Not a problem .
Rubel : Customer could you please elaborate the issue so that i can assist you in a better way.
Customer : k
Customer : computer update from microsoft updates
Customer : after restarting and installing the updates (3 of them)
Customer : the network driver did not work
Customer : when you click repair
Customer : it say that the drivers is issue on nvidia eternet cart
Customer : I did not update the drivers they are original from from HP
Customer : Now, questions (couple of them)
Rubel : In order to assist you in a better way
May i have the product and the serial number of the computer please?

Customer : Model Name m9580ch
Product Number xxxxx
Software Build xxxxx
Serial Number xxxxx

Customer : NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Customer : that is the problem
Rubel : Was the ethernet card shipped with the computer ?
Customer : yes
Customer : you have the configuration in HP site
Rubel : Okay.
Rubel : Customer Goto device manager and check under network adapter what option do you get?
Customer : NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Customer : and 802.11n Wireless
Rubel : May i know if you are using Vista 64 or 32 bit?
Customer : Vista 64
Customer : did you receive the system information? (it was requested by the HPsite)
Rubel : Yes i have the specification pulled up .
Customer : k
Rubel : I am providing you the lan driver please install it in the computer.
Customer : they are original from HP udate?
Customer : *update?
Rubel : yes.
Customer : already donwloaded
Customer : tell me they are updated driver or they are same as the recovery drivers
Customer : in the computer?
Rubel :
They are original nvidia drivers.
Customer : ok, same question, on the HP site the drivers are newer that on the original drivers on the this computer? (send from OEM -> HP)
Customer : second question: did HP test the computer if they are working properly with the preinstalled OS on the computer?
Customer : - personaly I dont believe, if HP test the OS on this configuration, will never sell this computer in the store.
Customer : 3. Why, Vista? Why vista need to be preistalled OS? Why no chooise?
Customer : 64 bit is XP as well.
Customer : * they have
Customer : Vista is known by bugs and not proper drivers.
Customer : now, what should I assume - the OS is issue (drivers) or the hardware in this computer?
Customer : can you please comment?
Customer : Rubel, still on line ? smile.gif
Customer : ok, thanks
Customer : For you information, this conversatio will be published in couple of web sites (hardware. software)
Rubel : Yes.
Customer : Have a nice evening , see you, and thanks for your help
Rubel : Customer did you try to get the driver from recovery manager?
Customer : yes I did
Customer : and I donwload the driver from HP
Customer : that was my question what is newest
Customer : HP site or recovery driver
Customer : or they are same?
Rubel : Both are the same.
Customer : k
Customer : then why the driver date is 8/1/2008
Rubel : This is the date when the drive was installed in the computer.
Rubel : To get the driver from the system itself is easier so we reommend to install it from the recovery manager however you can try to install from the Hp site also.
Customer : ok,
Customer : I will try to solve the problems, and I know that they are comming due to fact that his comp is using vista .... alfa version smile.gif
Customer : original OEM, but still alfa
Customer : thanks!\
Rubel : I apologize for the inconvenience caused Customer.
Customer : yea, please send me the xp copy
Customer : and I will accept 4.gif
Customer : with this I will spend my time chating with custome support for hardware
Customer : when they cannot help me too much
Customer : However, is HP fault if the computer does not work as per expectation
Customer : becouse, HP sells the computer with pre-installed OS
Customer : therefore, HP should take the reponsability for the hardware and SOFTware installed
Customer : agree?
Customer : do you have costumer complain site?
Customer : you should have, I work in multinational company , all of them has.
Customer : you can re=send copy of this chat to them
Customer : and MAYBE they can solve the further problems with this computer.
Customer : ok, you ignore me, now copy paste "thanks for contacting HP support, we wish you a nice day"
Customer : anyhow, again thanks for your help, I really appreciated for your time
Customer : Still waiting for HP usual closing of conversation.
Customer : .........
Customer : ok bye

Now, what should I do? Easy, format C: install XP. Problem solved.
Microsoft = you own me couple of houndreds $$ for your crap OS.

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