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A Guide For Newbs

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Posted 20 March 2004 - 12:29 AM

The Official n00b Guide to NOT being a n00b

To start off, being a n00b is perfectly normal, and expected of everyone in the beginning. Being a n00b is a learning process, it is a time to be accepted and make yourself somewhat known throughout the forum. This time can be a painful time for many people, considering many n00bs suffer from the endless ridicule of many a forum veteran. Even I have been known to flame a few n00bs for various n00bish acts, as has everyone. But something very important to realize is, n00b is as n00b does. This guide is intended to teach you what and not to do in order to earn some level of respect on these forums. Remember, being a n00b isnt just about that little n00b title under your avatar, it's about how act and treat other memebrs, and how other members treat you. Let's get started

Step One: Learn about the features

I've seen many n00bs get flamed simply because their lack of knowledge of the features this forum is provided to you. I will give you a brief introduction to some of the key features
The first thing you will notice in any post that you may see on this forum is a blue bar at the top of each post. In this bar a few key things.
On the far left, you'll notice the screen name of the individual making the post. If you click on this, you can find all sorts of information about the user, as well as obvious and easy access to some other features. This is called the profile. If you are logged in under this name, when you access your profile you will get access to a few extra features, including the ability to edit your avatar and signature *I'll stress the importance of this in a later step*.
On the far right you will notice another button, the quote button. This button is important if you want to reference a post for use in your own post on the same topic. If the post you are viewing is your own, you will notice the edit button. This button is of extreme importance if you wish to avoid making a simple mistake that causes a lot of grief and agony on the forums...double posting *ominous thunder in the background*, also please note if you double post in the Open Topics Forum, SixTeenStone will use your a** for a fryer. By using this button, you can add comments, edit mistakes, or update your post in any other fashion you wish. DO NOT DOUBLE POST!
Just below the name of the individual making the post, you will find their avatar, and a list of information. Here, you can quickly find out this person's post count, title, member number, joining date, and how many stars he/she has. More squares usually means more respect.
Just under the information actually being posted is this person's signature. This pretty much is a means of expressing yourself on the forum, and can be changed from the profile.

EDIT: On a side note, it's a good idea to remember to log in BEFORE you post, lol

Step Two: Create a Signature and Avatar

This is far more important than many people think on this forum. Entire hate clubs have been started because of people feeling a need to steal others avatars and signatures and claim them as their own. It is always a good idea to create as original an avatar and signature as you can, because this avatar and signature will be a symbol of you to everyone on the forums. It is the proverbial face that everyone will revognize you as, so it's in your best interest not to f**k it up.
For example, I myself have gained a great deal of popularity because of a dancer in my signature. It's original, it's sexy. If you're lacking in original ideas, ask a respected member of the forum for help. But usually, it's much much much easier just to google for some funny pictures, throw in a few quotes, and call it a signature and avatar. Be original, Be creative, Be yourself, and you won't be flamed quite as much.
The first step to creating your avatar and sig is to open the respective editors. Usually editing these things is liken to editing a post. You can use various simple html scripts to edit colors, add images, etc. There are many buttons to assist you with doing this, and most image hosting sites will offer the scripts neccesary to place your image in a signature or post.
If you really feel you need help though, simply PM a member on the image forum, and ask him politely, theres bound to be somebody willing to help you there.

Step Three: Get a feel for the forum

It is important for you to understand the mood and tone of the various aspects of the forum before you can really begin to post anything of any substance. For example, one doesnt create a thread such as "OMGLOLZ MY DOG IS FUNNEH!!!!!!11" or else you can and will be flamed, ignored, disrespected, or target of a hate club with a whole hoarde of people boasting a line in their signature in its honor, or any combination of those things, and many other things I have neglected or forgotten to mention. This can be easily avoided, just spend some time actively participating in discussions on various aspects of the forums. Don't make new threads yet, simply post in already exisiting ones. There is a thread for everybody on the forum. If your looking for the other kind of stimulation, check out the the belly dancers that I gave to Etile.
Then, after you have made a couple hundred posts and have earned the acknowledgement and respect of some of the forum members, you may start creating threads. But try to make them have some level of purpose, a topic that you are confident that will attract a number of people's interests, rather than just a !@#$%^&* spam thread designed to raise your post count (if you do want to do this there IS a SPAM forum but your post will not increase) . Just, overall, try to have some level of respect for the forum atmosphere, in all of it's disrespectful glory, rather than commit sophomoric acts just to try and get attention. Use common sense, although many people on this forum lack it, when it comes to posting, and just try to have a general respect for things. You can be funny, you can be smart, you can be a flirt, just don't be a general pain in the a**.

Step Four: Learn to love and respect the mods

This is an incredibly important, but incredibly simple step. Just don't go and piss off the mods like you would any other forum member, because they can and will burn your a** at the stake. Here is a brief introduction to some of the more frequently seen mods (I don't even know all them really yet, and I will probably be adding more information in the future, as it seems theres at least one new mod a month, and I really don't know all these mods that well)

Lord- (Admin) His name is enough to be said, he's the administrator along with Black Dragon

Etile- (Global mod)The forum pettifile, is attracted to Tifa to the extent that he may indeed one day rape his computer screen

Tzobell- (Global mod) Oversees all worship to the Spork god, most of Tzo's posts will be about his fork shaped idol but respect other members beliefs, no matter how daft they sound (All praise bottle cap!)

Evanfan1117- (Global mod) A female member who is usually involved in most of the rubbish that goes on in pointless chat, knows a lot about her strand of music and a very friendly character

Metroid_Dragon- (Global mod) One of the most unbiased gamers i have met, MD is very trustworthy and him and Evanfan would probably give the best advice of asked

Lance- A runescape forum mod, also attracted to Evanfan

Rick Hard- A games moderator, Ric is more laid back than most members and comes from island, i dont know how there doing in the six nations but its better than us

_TJ_- A fellow brit and a comic and wrestling fan

x CTC x- Dont worry if he dislikes you, he hates anyone that's happy but remains popular by being the only one who makes the board interesting

iMac- That's me, i probably own the most obsessive mind here and the worst spelling

l4zy l30- A very down to earth member who holds his ground, often involved in arguments but i think he's yet to be wrong

Charlie- For a short time was known as rhubarb, goes to my school and was brought here by Turnips who was brought here by me happy.gif

---Past Members---
maybe these guys will come back someday

Aaron1339- He's a dad and a great member of this forum, so popular in his day that futile efforts are still made to bring him back

Blue- A GM until he left with Rat, Blue was responcibe for most of the nonsense posted which was quite fun although sometimes landed him in trouble

Ratracer550- A GM until he left with Blue, another lively soul although not quite as extreme, he always had something to say if someone stepped out of line

Master Spammore- Iv actually forgotten what the real spelling of this guys name was but this is a classic case of a spammer, spamming, falling out with everyone and the insulting them, DO NOT end up like him
(The real spelling was Maester Seymour, from FFX)

Slain_Of_Tomb - The writer of this post, he had been here a very long time

In conclusion, all you really need to do to be a welcome and accepted member of this forum is learn to have common sense, and to have some level of respect for your fellow forum members, and be yourself. There are an outstanding number of members on this forum, chances are, at least ONE of them will like you for who you are. Most of us try to treat each others as friends, and sometimes family. I treat everyone here like a group of friends, sometimes I cut up and be funny, sometimes I get serious and ask for serious advice. This forum is my online home, and it can be yours too if you simply poke at that proverbial pile of dog poo that we like to call a brain a little.

Please leave comments and things that I have left out and should be added, I will gladly update.


This post has been updated with iMacs new list of members, things i added are in blue, i also fixed a few of the spelling mistakes for people's names.

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