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Ragnarok : The Last Hope

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Posted 21 December 2006 - 01:19 AM

ooc: I am kind of changing the mythology a little and adding some new addition.

As the battle of Ragnarok was slowly approaching, Odin had a vision. He foresaw the Jötnar calling a very strong force from outside the fabrics of space and time to destroy everything. Knowing that this action will lead the Jötnar in overtaking the Æsir and the rest of the world, a large scale meeting was called in Valhalla. The decision was an attempt to call on the very spirit of space and time, Acara, to assist the Æsir in stopping the plans of the Jötnar. A group of special warriors from Valhalla were chosen to go down to earth and light the 5 altars set up to worship Acara.

Status: (How long character has been in Valhalla)
Appearance: (Basic general appearance)
Equipment: (Just specify if anything has a function)
Abilities: (Magical or Physical if any)

Here is mine:

Name: Ivan
Status: New Addition - 2 Weeks

A young addition to Valhalla Ivan is experienced with the highest level of magic, borrowing the power of the gods. His exterior however is quite simple, a blue dragon stone earing on his left ear, greenish blue boots, gloves, robes, and a large dark blue long robe. Between the belt and long robe, lays the mystical staff Star.

Head Upper: None
Head Mid: Blue Dragon Stone Earing - 25% chance of reducing magical damage by half.
Head Lower: None
Left Hand: None
Right Hand: Star - Mystical staff which is able to channel high level magic through and the ability to block up to mid-level physical attacks by 25% chance.
Garment: Simple Long Robe
Foot gear: Simple Green-ish Blue Boots

Breath of Garm - Releases an cloud of freezing air to freeze and stop projectile. SP cost: 80
Shield of Valhalla - Summons an unbreakable shield to stop magic attacks. SP cost: 120
Water of Yggdrasil - Restores an ally to half of his maximum energy. SP cost: 280
Blade of Surtr - Unleashes an blade of fire unto a target. SP cost : 25
Wrath of Hel - Sends waves of fire and death around the caster SP cost: 50
Balder's Light - Removes effects of enemy spells or skills. SP cost: 20
Spear of Odin - Releases a spear that never misses and hits the enemy with the strength of a spell previously used on the caster. SP cost: 100
Flames of Sol - A twister of flames appear around the user and allows him to disappear and reappear in a nearby location of his choice. SP cost: 10

ooc: we need around 2-3 more people. Any suggestions of adding anythign are welcome.

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