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Blood Pacts

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Posted 26 April 2009 - 01:00 PM

I am totally excited to talk about this with you guys, this topic being a personal favourite of mine. Well the whole purpose of a ďblood pactĒ is to strengthen ones bond with another person or thing. Blood being the strongest of linkages *spiritually speaking* it is the most secure and (least dangerous) of pacts.

There a many other pacts, soul pacts, mind pacts and body pacts. The blood pact is just the most common pact thatís all. The most common reason for the use of a blood pact is to heighten ones friendship with an old chum or best buddy.

Well you could basically just be good friends with the guy really, but a blood pact makes it last forever (or so they say) and is much more official.

The way a blood pact works is simple, you basically cut or slice your finger (only a little bit, we donít want a crisis on our hands now >_<) and your friend does the same. Then you put your fingers together, sharing the flow of blood, hence a blood pact.

I have never done this myself for two reasons, 1. The thought of all that blood simply scares me to no end (I have a very bad phobia of blood) 2. I havenít yet found anyone I think is worthy of me doing a blood pact with.

Also I would basically only make a blood pact with one person and that is the devil, Satan himself. But us having a fear of blood can never do it unfortunately, (I will fight this blood phobia one day) Me being a practicing Satanist canít really say no to it. Itís the ultimate privilege to make a pact with the devil, hence being blood or otherwise. (Itís all good)

I havenít really sat down and had a good talk about this with anyone, (not even my GF)
So you guys are the first (you should feel so lucky) Once again itís an issue you donít really talk about with mainstream society, (itís not as bad as some other subjects but still)
You just donít talk about it, unless itís to the underground, (they accept anything nowdays, their good people happy.gif)

Well anyways... I have been meaning to tell Regena about a blood pact, (not so much doing one, but one all the same) Sheís just as quirky as me (thatís why I love her so happy.gif) So she would totally understand. Till next we meet its bye for now and stay safe everybody.

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