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Galatic Warfare

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Posted 17 May 2007 - 09:10 PM

It was edited because this forum is inactive, not because it was an attempt to spam, if i wanted to spam, i would do a better job than that, Jesus Christ who do you think i am? Some forum noob?

anyways, i've made a small forum for this in case you're interested, just go to http://z7.invisionfr...alactic_warfare , register, create your race and you'll be able to play.

basically each person has their own solar system, race, home planet and whatnot. You can advance your tech and build spaceships(or your magic, if your race travels by opening portals/rifts to other worlds) and discover other planets in your system, colonize them/harvest minerals, enslave/war with any other intelligent life that is living on those planets (that's up to you however) or just expand your territory, and later on discover other solar systems and civilizations made by other people.

Universal signs would be:

Raising hands/waving them in the air: Unarmed, "I mean you no harm", parley sort of deal.

crouching down/on knees bowing: Servant/slave position, "Don't kill me"

nodding one's head/upper body bow: showing respect/peace

Shaking hands/appendages: Peace/cease-fire or to show you want to propose an alliance/treaty of some sort.

QUOTE (moneta @ Apr 18 2007, 09:01 AM)
but kori, how do you determine who wins a battle?
obviously everyones gonna vote for him/herself

Thats why it helps to have a sort of game master tongue.gif And its quite possible to go for several encounters with no win or loss as one side counters the other. Basically whoever can outsmart the other triumphs. tongue.gif Most battles are decided in between 'posts' or meetings if you're doing this IRL with friends.

BTW, if you want to start up something like this with your friends, go for it tongue.gif You can scale it to whatever you want, usually one of these three. Also, these are just rules I'm suggesting, you can do whatever you want.

1. Planetary Warfare - You all share the same race, or at least similar races, advance your tech, and try to win without destroying the world.

2. Systemic Warfare - One planet per person, all orbiting the same sun and confined to the system. Everyone chooses the same race, but also designs their homeworld and tries to conquer the other planets. Think RISK. No more than a two person alliance. You can also win by attrition, since your planets resources are limited.

3. Galactic Warfare - already explained. You get a home planet, and there are other free planets around you. Optionally, neutral races can hold the planets. You can win by crushing your enemies or by forming an alliance (in the end, at least half the players have to have been eliminated)

4. Universal Warfare - likewise explained. You each control a system or galaxy customized the way you want, with your custom race. Eventually only one will survive, but at some point in the game a major event will take place creating a new threat. For added challenge, the event will focus on the best armed forces more than the weaklings, so you have to decide wisely when to destroy someone and when to let them live so you don't all 'wipe', with the added complication of people who aren't a threat being able to upgrade and develop during the chaos while you're busy fighting.


Universal is a bit too big to start with so I'm thinking Galactic.

Hows this sound:

-Approximately 50* systems in the galaxy
-2-10 planets per system depending on the size of the planets.
-You can customize whatever planets you claim, but the 10* remaining systems will have 5 generic planets with whatever resources the controller needs, in moderate quantities.

*I might up these, depending on how many more people join in.

-Design your race. Things to consider:
--Lifespan, size, strength, ability to survive without atmosphere, diet
--Technical style (magic, mechanical, biological, etc)
--Strengths/weaknesses. For example, if your guys are ethereal spirits with incredible magical and energy-based powers and are nearly immune to physical damage, but they have no physical strength, and are vulnerable to things that can manipulate either such as other psychics or certain technologies. You may need to amend this part later.

-You customize your entire system and planets next.
--Start with your home planet:
---Resources, size (on a 1-5 scale of tiny, small, medium, large, and massive)
---Try to keep it balanced. IE if your planet is overflowing with metal ore and rare minerals, then its going to be pretty much a barren rock with little organic resources. However, that might not be a bad thing if you're a race that doesn't use organic resource for food.
--Depending on how large you made your homeworld, you can then make another 1-9 other planets. Try to keep it as rounded-to-ten as you can. (2 massive planets, 10 tiny planets, 5 medium planets, 1 massive with 5 tiny, etc)
---Resources on these planets aren't quite as plentiful. Home planets have A LOT of resources, and shouldn't run out until several weeks into the game.
---If you place neutral hostile races on the planets, you can give them more resources. The downside is that you have to conquer them first, whereas other races can simply start building, mining, whatever on them as soon as they can travel between the two.

-Once this thing gets going:
--We all get to plan our stuff. We'll take a while until everyone's ready. You can modify and change everything except for your race's style until we're ready to start, so that the last person to post doesn't get an advantage over everyone else, knowing what they're up against.
--Try making your plans for your own race, not so much try to counter other races. This goes a lot faster on a forum than just talking it over before school and at lunch tongue.gif It'll take much less time if everyone doesn't start trying to adjust their characters to make sure that so-and-so will never be a threat.
--Once things get going, you must remember that only so much will happen per day unless everyone involved is present. Otherwise people who are here all day would have a major unfair advantage over everyone else.

More planet design info:

Note: Size-scale ratio is roughly like this.
1 - tiny, something like Mercury.
2 - small, around the size of earth (which isn't that big compared to other planets)
3 - average, something in between earth and Neptune.
4 - large, something like Saturn.
5 - massive, larger than anything in our solar system.
(Note, if you have a size 5 planet, its probably going to be less dense than a smaller planet could be. Otherwise, it would end up turning into a star)


(Using my own race as an example)

Name: Miara (Me - are - ah)
average lifespan: Takes about 18-24 months for a embryo to develop, females give birth to about 2 children at a time. Child enters adolescent stage around the age of thirty, and becomes a young adult at the age of 100. Average lifespan is about 400-500 years.
size: adults can vary between 5 1/2 - 6 feet
Technical style: Adept users of water and ice-based magic, able to manipulate bodies of water. Can also expend large amounts of magic in order to give a body of water features and create an elemental, able to fight or complete basic tasks and orders, mainly used as guards or warriors. Some Miarian sorcerers are also able to manipulate the weather, creating magical rainstorms that can last weeks at a time.

point system: (using 30 points total)

Mechanical tech: 3
Organic tech: 8
Magical tech: 15
Psi tech: 4

Mechtech specialty: ability to meld crystals and other uncommon substances
Biotech specialty: adaptation, underwater specialization
Magitech speciality: Ice/water elemental spellcasting, summoning portals, enchanting
Psitech specialty: Telekinetic powers

-Miarian people are Fish-like bipedal humanoids. They do not have eyes or a nose, instead using a small tendril on their forehead that contains a bulbous shape at the end, filled with a biological fluid that emits a faint glow. It has both the senses of sight and smell, and also serves other purposes, such as allowing them to focus their mental energies and project them onto others, allowing them to communicate via telepathy and strengthening their magical abilities. There are gill-like slits on their cheeks, allowing them to easily breath underwater, as well as on land. Small fins on their wrists/ankles, skin color varies from turquoise/light green to a navy blue color. Medium build, strong legs and feet, sharp claws with skin folds in between fingers and toes. They have a small dorsal fin that is located on the top of their heads, it varies form person to person, like hair, but they are all generally for the same purpose, and function as such. They also have a small tail for balance and for better pivoting underwater.
-Diets consist mainly of fruits and underwater plant life. They also consume large amounts of fish, hunting it in mass amounts, it is considered their main source of food.
-Extremely intelligent beings, choosing to plan things out and use complex strategies rather than depend on brute force, they prefer working in groups, taking down much larger foes that would otherwise have no trouble devouring the relatively small humanoids. They inhabit a large portion of the planet, although only 20% of their population lives on the land, having various cities spread out among the many shores. Instead of having many large/medium sized cities spread out, they have one massive capital city located in a wide strip of ocean which is located between the two landmasses that exist on the planet, followed by a few small cities spread out, whose purpose is to gather food and transport it to the large capital city.
-They are very capable of living in outspace with the aid of a magically concentrated orb of compacted water, used to present the individual with enough oxygen to last up to a 24-hour period. They would be well adapted to moving in zero gravity areas due to living a majority of their life underwater.
-Living a majority of their life underwater, they have very strong legs and arms, helping to push themselves through the water with the aid of the fins on their bodies. This gives them excellent endurance and the ability to run at very fast speeds on land, a top speed of about 10 mph, and 25 mph underwater.
strengths: very agile, adept swimmers, intelligent (fast thinkers), ideal magic users (prefer water/ice based magic), can breathe underwater and withstand extreme conditions, but prefer wetlands/moist areas. Quick reflexes and good hunters. They can survive unpressurized in space, the zero-gravity would still be at home for them.
Hunter-gatherers: Although not as common as the caster versions, this type of Miara has a longer trail, sharper/larger teeth, and small fins that protrude from their shoulderblades. They are also more muscular, but have a smaller appendage on their forehead. Although they have the ability to use magic, their magic is considerably weaker than that of the casters, and they prefer not to use it at all. Being more muscular and slightly larger than that of their magical counterpart, they are much more agile underwater and tend to use a spear/staff shaped weapon fashioned out of crystals and hardened coral.
Caster: The much more common type of miara, they have shorter tails and larger appendages on their foreheads. Being skinnier and slightly smaller, they prefer to use their magical powers instead of resorting to weaponry in combat, although they prefer not to fight entirely.
weaknesses: prefer to work in groups (unable to survive/defend oneself), very succeptable to electical energy based attacks; if not, they would probably be vulnerable to energy overload. Live underwater more than on land, not nearly as good at land-fighting.

Amount of planets: 4 (1 massive, 2 earth-sized, 1 tiny, home world being the 1 massive)
Home world description:
Name: Keljroth
Resources: Plentiful in organic materials, few rock minerals and ores, but very scarce.
Planet description: Very humid, warm atmosphere. The entire planet is almost completely covered with lush forests, jungles, swamps and wetlands, although there is a few deserts, which are very small in size. The planet is covered in 80% water, with the rest of it being land, although only 13% of that land is solid ground with no trees or loose soil. There are only two continents that exist on the planet, both are located somewhat near each other, leaving a large strip of ocean in between the two. The coasts that line this strip is where the majority of the on land Miarian population exists. Average temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Earth-size #1
Name: Khallas
Resources located slightly closer to the sun, this planet contains large deposits of crystals, ores, and other valuable minerals, no vegetation exists on this planet.
Planet description: Due to the extremely harsh weather, along with a thin, and in some areas nonexistent, atmosphere, this planet is almost completely uninhabitable. The planet is 30% water, although the small oceans that do exist on the surface are boiling hot springs that would scald one's skin upon contact. Because of the hot air and stronger gravitational pull, it is quite common for areas near volcanic springs to create mass amounts of diamonds and other crystals and gems. Average temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Earth-size #2
Name: Shedan
Resources: Water, no organic material or mineral ores.
Planet description: Farther from the sun, orbiting outside of Keljroth, this planet is almost 90% water, although most of it is frozen solid, creating a barren, frozen wasteland. the planet's axis is positioned in such a way that one half of the planet is perpetually day, while the other is in constant darkness. The half that is permanently day time houses the planet's only lake, which is very small and it's waters are slushy and filled with chunks of ice. average temperature is around -300 degrees Fahrenheit

Tiny planet
Name: Neshier
Resources: moderately distributed portions of both minerals and ores as well as organic materials such as trees and water.
Planet description: Closest too Keljroth, this planet has a fairly similar atmosphere although not nearly as humid. temperatures average at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a balanced amount of resources.

Diplomatic information
-Eager to come in contact with new races, would accept alliance proposals, but any hostile actions made against them would nullify any alliance propositions, labeling them as an enemy. Neutral races are species that have come in contact with the Miarians but have made no indication as to whether they are hostile or docile.





Because they survive underwater, their seclusion protects them from unwanted land predators. And due to the lack of minerals located on the planet such as iron and copper, they rely almost entirely on magic, as well as corals and underwater crystals, to craft homes and other buildings, as well as create a magical shield around their cities, which forms a protective barrier against underwater predators. Large crystals are attached to certain spherical objects containing air pockets which hoist the crystal up to a certain height, depending on the length of a plant-based rope which would hold the crystals and the air bubbles. These crystals would form the diameter of the magical barrier, which permits only Miara who are wearing a special amulet (A small crystal necklace which acts as a key to allow the wearer to be unharmed by the effects of the shield. All citizens are issued one of these, and are required to wear them at all times.

Due to the limited amount of resources, and the possibility of it becoming useless if kept underwater for a semi-long period of time, they resort to using a coral/crystallized based material for crafting weapons by using magic to shape and enlarge portions of the diamond hard mineral. Creating magically-confined air pockets to create dry areas where forges can be created and used to superheat, thus strengthening the weapons even more.
They choose not to wear any heavy forms of armor other than plain clothing as to not slow them down underwater. They would rather depend on their sharp wit, as well as their agility and speed, than depending on armor to protect them.

Because of their inability to develop advanced technologies on their home world, they focus primarily on magic, using its massive powers to create rifts in their dimension and transport them to wherever they see fit. This process, however, takes a massive amount of resources and cannot be used constantly, requiring a group of several participants to properly construct a portal, and then more who are willing to travel through it. Their understanding of such powerful magical capabilities is well known, and their ability to safely construct these portals with little possibility of failure or deaths occurring due to mistakes is unlikely. This proves convenient to the Miara if they were to ever encounter a hostile race, as no traces to where the portal came from, or the location of the home world would be provided, keeping them safe from a home world assault. it would take small resources and 3 men to open a portal to places within their solar system, and depending on how far away, more men/resources. People are physically/magically drained for a few days after doing such portals, and have to rest for like, 2 days or so afterwards (the ones opening the portals, not the ones going into them)

They maintain a capitalist economy, using small, multicolored crystals as currency. Items that contain the highest value are normally magical and have been made so by artificers or enchanters, whom reside within special buildings in large quantities, developing stronger artifacts and learning to increase their knowledge by doing so.

Although contact with another race has never been recorded, they have been able to chart, and loosely claim, the three planets within their solar system, opening magical portals that connect the two, and sending a scrying orb, a magical ball that can relay anything it is currently 'looking at' to a surface which has been magically designed to portray any image that the ball is observing, through the shimmering vortex to document and observe the planets surface, as well as any inhabitants that may be living there. So far, they have not discovered any other sentient beings, but have discovered a small planet with living conditions much like their own. A few small settlements have been previously erected, but nothing on a large scale.
Upon discovering another intelligent life form, immediate interest would be shown, and efforts to communicate would quickly be instated. Unless they race was determined hostile, in which case the explorers (or orb, depending on if they could be sustained by the planet's atmosphere or not) would escape through the portal, which would then close, and document their discovery, and move on to another planet. If the race was friendly, or neutral, terms of an alliance might be instated and an attempts to learn more about the race would be conducted.

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