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Posted 24 July 2009 - 12:12 AM

I'm sorry Azmaria but from what you have posted I have severley lost the smallest bit of respect that I had for you.

Having an inbred child is unfair. It has been proven that it creates genetic defects and the fact that you are ok with that is not normal. Why would you want your child to have to go around with a disability because of you?
Ever heard of the "Habsburg Jaw"? Probably the most famous genetic defect. The Habsburgs were a powerful family that owned alot of land and were very influential. They kept everything within the family, even when it came to breeding. This is because they believed that no one else was good enough. It didn't end well.

Of the many attributes identified with the Habsburg dynasty it is the hereditary over-grown jaw (mandibular prognathism) that captures the most attention.It is clearly visible in many of the increasing natural portraits of the family from the Renaissance and after, and also is seen on coinage of the period. What we do seem to see from the surviving portraits is that the deformaty developed and increased with the age of the victim. Sometimes so serious as to inhibit talking or eating, and often linked to a lack of mental sharpness, the problem never interferred with hereditary succession.

The fact that you don't care about inflicting this kind of thing on a child says something about you.

That's just my two cents.

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