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Zelda Princess


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Posted 26 September 2005 - 02:32 AM

To enter the 2nd RPB Tournament, you must read the Rules {link} then fill out this form. The whole form must be filled, but if you have a blank space for history, age, ect, that is acceptable. Please read the rules even if you have done this before and believe me, I shall know if you have or not.

This topic will be open for entries until September 30th. No one may join afterwards.









Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:









Eye Color:







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Posted 26 September 2005 - 02:45 AM


Name:Gorman Duclose







Date of Birth:Forgot.

Place of Birth:Zeltennia

Magic: Force

-Can send a force wall, knocking off feet
-Can move very fast once in awhile
-Can pull things
-Able to send out a wave of energy from himself, blowing off anything stuck to him.

Personality:Nice guy, values women above all else. Would sell his grandpa to slavers if a woman asked him to.

Abilities:Rapid Strike - Hits you four times for every one of yours.
Leap - Leaps high in the air, and comes down with pin-point accuracy.

Weapon:Spear, has one-and-a-half foot broadsword strapped to waist.

Items:Smoke bombs, flash dust

Style:straight, to the point.

History:Born in Zeltennia, he left home at age 15. Wandering about the continent for the next twenty years, he bettered his skills, while becoming rapidly out of touch with reality. He has made his first appearance in years to show up for the fight.


Eye Color:Green

Hair:Brown, wavy

Height: 6'4"

Weight:180 lbs

Build:Lean, but very muscular


-Torso:Brown tunic, fairly worn, plate mail sewn in.
-Legs:Brown pants, also worn, also with sewn in mail.
-Arms:Sleeves, less mail.
-Feet:Dark brown boots, no mail.
-Other:Dark brown cloak, hooded.

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Posted 26 September 2005 - 05:59 AM

Name: Serenaphaer Sistine or Pretender as most know her

Age: 20

Race: Human, nearly a hybrid

Gender: Female

Nationality: European but not with the same accent or ways of speech.

Class: Wanderer/Noble in some cities/Fighter/Ex-hunter

Alignment: She is an ex-bounty hunter. After being cast from the chuch, she now helps those in need of assistance on protection whether payed or not.

Date of Birth: Is celebrated October 15, when the nuns found her

Place of Birth: An isolated and unknown island not far from the British Isles.

Magic: The tribal designs that glow a rusty red when activated allow her the gift of speed. A long ago vampire enemy and love, Kainsken, imprinted a piece of his own essence into her so he may always be a part of her and know she was alright after leaving for good.

Personality: Solemn and serious when left with herself but she has a soft spot for children of all races. Smiles come and go but sincere ones are rare to bear happiness in her clouded expression. Anger is controlled and hate is an energy not wasted.

Abilities: The usual abilities of any human female. Naturally that is.


Over time Pretender may be able to perfect herself in the copy cat art and begin to even harness not only another's face and personality but their powers as well. This is beyond the ways of anyone who would call this the ways of a chameleon. The mask can become an armor plate for the face to be protected behind by almost anything even if it is an incredible impact. It is made of some of the two strongest metal known in the universe which is Adamantium and Vibranium in extraterestial Wakandan form. With as much energy as it stores it become almost invincible and the more energy, the tougher it becomes because the energy reinforces the molecular bonds. The ways of its shapeshifting to mold with the wearer's face and as well change the whole being of the person who has it on is because it was made by not only an alchemist but also the very essence of a shapeshifter.

For now she controls the art of being someone else but when it comes to changing into a beast, Pretender may harness their biological abilities. It was given to her from the order once she went into hunting down the werewolves and vampires. They as well gave her the Sun Sword after being told years before that is was destined to be her's by a stranger who put it in the sanctuary's posession.

Sun Sword (created and written by Tim Rasgado for Pretender)
It is a weapon known by bounty hunters and others races a like, a weapon bestowed upon the young woman long ago but only for the last month or two has Pretender began to learn its ways, so she still has much to learn about its power and its full potential. The Sun Sword is the second most powerful weapon of the planetary set but since she only knows how to use to of its abilities and only so much, the Sun Sword shouldn't be much of a problem to enemies of Pretender.

The Sun Sword is a weapon that controls all the other planetary weapons abilities and when used at max power its attack cannot be block or countered. (But we won't need to worry about that!)

Sun Sword - Fire Element, with the wielding blast of the sun it can cause blindness just by the light coming off of the shining steel.

Mercury Shield - The only shield in the galaxy with the ability to block the attacks of any weapon, explosion, or energy. This weapon can even protect the holder against the most dangerous weapons like radiation or nuclear blasts.

Venus Dagger - The size changing weapon. The venus dagger has the ability to change size of itself as well anyone that the older wants. It is the best weapon the yield if you held the Jupiter gloves.

Earth Cape - This weapon is the strangest of all, just by wearing this item anyone in its long cloth could disappear within thin air, it turns the person inside invisible. (I just noticed that the movie of harry potter (let me also inform you I'm not a fan of it, I hate harry potter but I have a house full of two sisters and a nephew) but believe me, I made this item way before harry potter even came out, this was about three years before it even came out on book).

Mars Scythe - The firey slash of the mars scythe can slash through any item in its path, it was used to cut through the haunting souls that wandered the home world of the planetary bounty hunters.

Jupiter Gloves - This item has the ability to change the wearer into any she or he feels like. If she/he feels scared she can shrink down to the size of an molecule which could be related to going to another demention.

Saturn Mask - This mask has the ability to see whatever you want, although that has to be specially commanded. If you don't know how to use it then it will surprise you by showing you things you would never want to see.

Uranus Chain Mail - lets the wearer become whatever he or she wants into any form he or she pleases. You could even become a Rubicon Beast.

Neptune Bottle - The unendless bottle containing poisons and acids that can eat away anything accept sacred metals like that that form the planetary weapons.

Pluto Ring - Lets the wearer cause an blast powerful enough to knock someone across the world.

So far she can only use the abilities of the Saturn Mask, the natural abilities of the Sun Sword when it comes to wielding the Fire Element, and the Mecury Shield but only to an extent. It is held in a black leather sheath which is strapped to her back.

All of them are hidden in her sleeves, on her thighs, and boots.

Items: A small gold crucifix on a gold chain around her neck.

Style: Quick, usually hand-to-hand.

History: Being raised by the church after her father 'disappeared' and her mother died giving birth to her, the divine order took in the baby and raised Pretender to be the new huntress of the condemned. Since sixteen she has been the reaper of many werewolves and vampires int he name of God. Later it became simply a pityful excuse and Kainsken had helped her to see that just as the church had showed Pretender she was replaceable.

For a time, life was good. Adventurous but still secure and a comfort in eachother's arms, Kainsken and Pretender had grown from grudging respect and debt to a deeper passion. But all good comes to it's own end. The hunter, Sulvic, a blood thirsty new hunter the order took in was now on her scent and it lead straight to Kainsken's home. Wishing nothing upon the only honest person in her life, Pretender bid farewell and lead Sulvic to the island's coast before killing him. It was from then on she decided the mask was always to be worn for peace and escape from her past never seems reachable. It was back to bounties, underground rings, tournaments, whatever exercised her abilities and brought home a meal ticket. But since growing a heart, Pretender fended anyone in trouble where ever she went.


Eye Color: Brown and cinnamon with flakes of gold.

Hair: Brown, tied back into in chest length ponytail.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 135 lbs

Build: Curve and muscle in the right places. Body-wise, she is attractive but still bearing enough muscle to show she isn't exactly someone to make of unless you can handle the out come.


-Torso: Black tank top that bares a bit of her mid-drift
-Legs: Black thigh highs, metal knee pads, black jean shorts, daggers strapped to thighs
-Arms: bandaging wrapped around her fore arms with sheathed daggers over it
-Feet: Steeled toe boots especially made with durrible but soft soles for silence, daggers hidden in boots
-Other: Necklace, sword on back, mask worn on face at all times, usually has on a hooded trench coat as well

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Posted 26 September 2005 - 05:54 PM

Name: Rook

Age: 22

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: European

Class: Thief

Alignment: Rook is a thief but donates most of his valubales to the poor

Date of Birth: N/A

Place of Birth: Hidden Cave somewhere in Scotlands mountains

Magic: Has an aray of magics from destruction to illusion, the art of magic is called the charter

Personality: Rook is emotionless at times, he has a great sense of humour and jokes around even at serious times

Abilities: Rook can jump unusualy high and can blend in with the shadows, he is a master with blades

Weapon: Has a long blade hanging at his side and has an aray of shortblades and throwing knives concealed in his clothes

Items: His family chain lay around his neck, it has a hidden power. He also has some flash scroll that can be used 10 times without being recharged

Style: Quick and usually stealthy, he can fight well close range with a blade

History: Being born in a cave was not the best thing that had happened to him, he was trained from when he could walk to sneak and fight close range. His father after completing his sons training left him to fend for himself, something he had not forgiven him for. He turned 18 and turned a thief, he has been living on his own fending for himself never trusting anyone since his father left him


Eye Color:Blue with a tint of grey

Hair: Short black hair

Height: 5'8

Weight: 8 stone

Build: Muscular and thin


-Torso: Black over-jacket with a black tshirt underneath
-Legs:Black jeans for easy manoeuvrability
-Feet: Black boots
His clothes are black so his clothes are not seen when he is in the shadows

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Posted 26 September 2005 - 09:33 PM


Age: 27


Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Class: Knight

Alignment: A former soilder.

Date of Birth:Unknown

Place of Birth:Unkown

Magic: She can controll the basic elements.

Personality:She keeps a serious attitude, but can be funny at times.

Abilities:Ismene can controll a sword very well and can be stealthy at times.

"Red" She sets her sword on fire then strikes her enemy.

"Sugar Rain" Ismene rapidly stabs her enemy.

"Falon" Ismene Creates a blizzard sweeping the enemy away.

"Pheonix fire" A more advance version of the skill "red" Ismene jumps in the air and flings fireballs at the enemy.

"Slam' Ismene jumps up in the air and slams the enemy with her blade.

"Shockwave" Ismene slams her sword into the ground creting a small shockwave.

"Ray Of Light" One of Ismene's special abilitys, she shoots a small type of laser from her finger harmong the enemy.

Weapon: A long Kantana, used to be her father's.

Items: Medicine and other items used to healing.

Style: Close ranged.

History: She was born in a small town. At the age of 18 her father pushed her to become a soilder, when the wars had ended she lived and cared for her parents. Being braught up as a soilder has left some emotional scars and such from seeing what happens in a war.


Eye Color: Very light blue.

Hair:Long red hair.


Weight:102 Lbs.

Build:Thin and tall, muscular.


-Torso:White heavy body armour-Legs
-Legs: Thick and heavy metal blue pants.
-Arms:Black goves.
-Feet:Heavy brown boots.
-Other: N/A

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Posted 26 September 2005 - 10:06 PM

Name: Trinity(not like Neo and Trinity....shes a...yah)

Age: 17

Race: Human/Regenator

Gender: Male

Title(s): (Only a champion may hold a title.)

Reputation Title: Demonic Slayer

Class: Gun slinger.

Alignment: Holy.

Magic: Regen


Eye Color: White

Hair: Short, Spikey, White.

Build: Medium build, strong legs.

Height: 6'8

Weight: 156 lbs


-Torso: (I assume this means chest) Wears a very tight black leather jacket, his stomach area has belts covering it. The part that goes down past the legs is split in half(verticly). He is often seen with a hood up(from a sweatshirt underneath).
-Legs: Baggy black jeans, with a belt.
-Arms: (look to Torso)
-Feet: Wears large black work boots, shoe strings VERY loose(but his shoes never fly off).
-Other: Often seen smoking ciggerettes(spelling?), and flicking a gold zippo open and closed. He also wears a sky blue pendant.

Personality: Calm, Cool, and very happy. He is often seen in chapels praying.

Abilities: He can jump great distances and hang in the air for a long time due to his pendant. He can also heal almost any wound as long as his head is still intact.

Weapon(s): Dual .45 1911 Colts, modified with a 12 round clip, lighter load spring, gold slide, the trigger is gold, the hammer is gold, and in the middle of the grip is gold, all the rest is black(his right pistol is the exact opposite two tone wise). Both guns have compensators on them, and also his bullets are blessed with holy waters, and made out of a silver cross he found and melted down. For those damn demons, and vamps.

Style: He likes to sneak up behind his enemies and shoot, but if it comes push to shove he will fight face to face.

Techniques: Impureifacation. This is something Trinity hates, once on a nightly watch over his London city he found a demon feeding on some farm animals, normally not caring about animals, he decided to kill this demon anyway. In the battle he was deeply cut across his chest and before the demon died he told him that his spirit forever will have a demonic power(this is why he is in churches so much). When he is injured and VERY angry he unleashes his demonic form where as his guns nearly become one with him and he gets twice as strong, and ten fold as fast.

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rat racer550

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Posted 27 September 2005 - 12:33 AM

Name: Hiroski "Hiro" Yamaru

Age: 24

Race: Half-elf

Gender: Male


Class: Mage, Assassin, Mercenary (not necesarily fighting all the time, just doing whatever people will pay me for.)

Alignment: I work for anyone, or kill anyone, as long as there's something in it for me.

Date of Birth: August 31st, <year?>

Place of Birth: Dargoria (made it up)

Basic: take a short time to cast.
-Water: Blast of water emits from hands
-Fire: Blast of fire emits from hands
-Rock: the ground below the opponent cracks and jaged rocks attemp to cut the opponent
-Vines: vines emit from fingers
-Wind slash: a slash of wind is thown at the opponent
-Chill: extreamly cold air is shot at the opponent, and if it shot for long enough, the opponent freezes solid.
-Light ray: A blast of light is shot from his hands, hinders the opponent's eyesight for a while.
-Dark blast: A blast of dark energy emits from his hands and may stun the opponent for a time.
-Heal: Heals me or someone else
-Life leech: steals health from an opponent
-Mana leech: steals mana from an opponent
Medium: Takes longer to cast, but more powerful.
-Drench: A larger stream of water emits from hands.
-Burn: A stream of fire emits from hands
-Earthquake: Earth around opponent shakes and opponent may fall down and be stunned.
-Lightning: A weak bolt of lighting comes down and strikes the opponent
-Freeze: The air around the opponent becomes extreamly cold.
Advanced: Takes a long time to cast, but much more powerful.
-Wave: A large wave of water comes down on the opponent
-Incinerate: A huge fireball is thrwon at the opponent
-Explosion: Creates a large explosion anywhere within eyeshot.
-Thunder strike: A large peal thunder sounds and numerous bolts of lighting strike the opponent.
-Cyclone: A cyclone forms around the opponent.
-Blizzard: A small blizzard forms around the opponent.

Personality: Very cold. He has no problem with killing innocent people, or working for evil-doers, as long as he is payed handsomly. Otherwise, he is somewhat nice, especially to women.

-Mind Hand: Telekinesis. Can grab ahold of light objects and move them around with his mind.
-True alignment: Can see the difference between enemies and friends. Especially useful to find out if the person he is working intends to pay him after the deed is done. And also in wars he has been employed for, to catch traitors.
-Agility: Just what it sounds like, he becomes more agile.

-Dagger in a leather holster at his waist (used only when the opponent is to close to hit with magic.)
-Short sword in a sheeth also fastened to his waist (used mainly to block/counter attacks.)

-Health potion: duh
-Mana potion: restores mana, which is needed to cast spells.

Style: Magic. Only uses blades when mana runs out, or the opponent is too close.

History: When Hiro was about 10 years old, there was a war going on. The opposing side invaded his village and killed his father in front of Hiro. Hiro had not yet entered into magic school yet, but all elves and half-elves had magical potential in their blood, and when feeling strong emotion, it runs wild. Well, hiro was certainly feeling a lot of emotion then, his father being killed right in front of his face... Hiro's magical potential unleashed itself upon all the invaders, he killed one right after the other, until his mother tried to interfere. She couldn't bear the sight of her 10 year old son killing all these people. Hiro, being out of his mind temporarily, pushed her out of the way, yet she persisted. He finally grew so angry at her interference that he killed her. He temperarlily gained his saneness back, and saw what he had done. The fact that he had done this drove him over the edge. He started killing randomly, detroying everything, untill the entire village was gone, and he slowly regained his composure after he had run out of things to destroy.

He roamed his country for many years, doing whatever peoplw wanted him to do. Not many people would hire a young kid, so on his more desperate days he even killed those who refused to hire him and took their money. Until one day he had enough of this uncontrollable killing and tried to control his magic powers. After years of training, he began to kill less and less, and the older he got, the more work he could find. His odd jobs progressed slowly from heavy lifting, to hunting animals, to hunting intelligent beings... humans, and elves, and those in between. This is where he gets his cold personallity, he still has these urges to kill randomly, he just knows now how to control them.


Eye Color: Brown

Hair: silver, long, usually tied in a pony-tail while fighting

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 140

Build: thin

-Torso: dark red shirt, long overcoat tied with a sash around the waist
-Legs: loose, black pants, like a ninja would wear
-Arms: black beaded bracelet with strange engravements that aid in spell casting
-Feet: Black shoes with red stripes on the outsides.
-Other: Tie that keeps my hair out of the way while I'm fighting.

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Posted 27 September 2005 - 06:22 AM

Name: Bill Rhialto

Age: Twenty-four

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: Caucasian

Class: Paladin

Alignment: Holy/Life

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Minath Elion


Dragon Breath/Evocation - Fires a large stream of white-tipped fire from fingertips to form a cone of fiery magic.

Blizzard/Evocation - Sends a large wave of frost and biting cold winds from the fingertips to shatter various objects.

Thunder Storm/Evocation - Calls long, streaming bolts of lightning from the sky to strike down.

Hilt of Rugar/Evocation - Magically powers the sword from the grip up to a large beam of energy; devasting for slashes.

Recover/Incantation - Recovers wounds of target partially.

Holy Cross/Evocation - Sends up a large cross of energy from underground and fires up around the caster for a staggering blow.

Fire/Frost/Static/Life Blade/Conjurations - Magically raises the sword from the hilt up glowing aura corresponding with the spell cast.

Saint Rugar/Evocation - Fires a large beam to destroy the area in front of the caster from the fingertips, beyond.

Sword Rain/Conjuration - Four swords copy themselves from a selected template blade and dance around it for a limited time. The spell hardly bungles, but has been known to.

Personality: Protective and quiet, Bill gives off a cold attitude to those he has hardly known. Although his usual silence tells nothing of him, he is always willing to fight in the frontlines and his bravery is unmatched. His hatred towards Demons is shrouded in his past, and his love for life is obvious in his fighting style.


Lance - Sends a piercing thrust foward, along with a tingle of magic to give the thrust an edge; can usually pierce Mithril and DSM.

Weapon: A large two-handed sword, Bill wields it with only one hand. The blade is a shining silver, a glossy material it was crafted from called Sheroun, a slab usually extracted from dragon heart cores. The sword's grip is wrapped in green elven leather and the hilt has a gold ring around it. Overall, the sword looks fairly new.


Exiler Potion - Restores Mana and recovers most wounds in a single gulp; carried in a emerald glass bottle with a ruby incrusted cork.

Potion of See Invisible - Heightens all senses greatly, hardly allowing anything unseen or unheard.

Style: Melee, tremendous blows from the sword.

History: Bill was one of the youngest Paladins ever to be offically Knighted by the King of Minath Elion. He was only seventeen at the time, but his triumph of Garignor, a dangerous Death mage, was even celebrated by some of the older members of the Paladin's Guild. His parents reside in a kingdom far-off, so Bill rarely sees them, but he still is in touch with them. He owns a small cottage out in a forest on the outskirts of Minath, but it was soon destroyed by a gang of crude goblins. Seven years later, he still trains with the Guild and is considered one of the Elite, although he is modest of his strength.


Eye Color: His eyes are a ocean blue, resembling whirlpools. Although his eyes are usually hidden by a helmet and such, they are quite alluring.

Hair: Bill's hair resembles a pile of gold coins; gleaming and desirable. While his hair is usually messy, it is still very shiny and naturally straight.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 147 lbs

Build: Light


-Torso: Wearing steel platemail over his torso, it extends to past his shoulders and down to his thighs. The platemail is unusually durable and is very protective. Over the middle of the platemail is a large, yellow cross; a true sign of a Paladin.

-Legs: His platelegs are also steel, dark gray as his Platemail. Very flexiable for such strong metals, the joints and while worn in and very comfortable.

-Arms: Over his wrists are a pair of Wrist Wraps, made from steel also. On his ring finger of each hand are silver, mithril magic rings, both raising his physical power deeply. To protect such precious magical artifacts, Bill wears gray Gaunlets of Power over each hand, extending down to his wrists. He also carries a steel shield with a yellow cross over it, matching the rest of his armor.

-Feet: Steel boots.

-Other: Wrapped around his waist is another magical item, a girdle of power. Tied onto the girdle is a golden sheath for his sword and a few pouches carrying other things.

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Posted 27 September 2005 - 09:43 AM

While i dislike using the same character repedidly, i like this one so i will. I also couldn't remember everything about the guy i used at the last tournement

Name: Marth
Age: 27
Title(s): None (yet)

Reputation Title: Few who have fought him since his full power was relased have lived to spread any info about him

Class: Master Psyonist

Magic:No 'spells' but his psyonist abilities give him spell like skills. Amongst these are (keep in mind that the sevarity of most of these are determined by the other player):
Sleep-Tires the target, may cause sleep
Confusion-Messes the targets mind up, might make them miss often or hurt themselves
Voices-The target starts hearing voices in his/her head, difficult to cast spells when people are messing the words up, right?
Dillusions-Target sees things that aren't real
Mind bomb-Target's mind is struck with mental energy, big headache

Appearance: Wears a long black coat with loose blue jeans. Carries a short sword

Eye Color: Brown that occasionall shimmers with a silver color when battling hard

Hair:Shaggy black hair

Build:medium build, kinda lanky

Height: Above average height, but just barely


-Torso: Black coat, black t-shirt, sheath across back
-Legs: blue jeans
-Arms: A simple brown watch
-Feet: Simple shoes
-Other: a necklace in the shape of a sword

Personality: Queit, confident, almost arragant, grim

Psychic forming-can form solid objects out of psychic energy.
Mental Fighting- Allows Marth to direct psychic energy for attacks.
Psychic Mastery-This is the real power stuff, allows him to lift/throw/grab/heave and otherwise move things with the power of my mind (think Jedi)
Mind Blast-Psychic attack directed into others' brains. distorts and hurts like hell
Mental Rift-My manipulating the fabric of time and space, allows him to make small portals, fluxuate time in a conrtolled area, teleport and even make small black holes.

Weapon(s):He has a sword With a soul in it (still can only do what a sword can do but sometimes...

Style: mainly psychic attacks but does know some hand to hand combat and sword fighting skills.

Techniques: Nothing he does regularly, he generally makes stuff up. knows a few sword techniques

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Posted 30 September 2005 - 06:54 PM

Isnt this the 3rd tourny, seeing as i was runner up in the first and this charicter is an enhanced vershion from the second that eventually i diddnt enter

The extra bits have been added and the grammer tuned up a bit

i would have posted this earlier but iv been far too busy for my likeing


Name: Brin Milo (ushally reffered to simply as Milo)

Age: 17

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality:Was reluctant to tell, but his accsent shows hes defanately Foreign

Class: Hunter

Alignment: Good, streaght kill

Date of Birth: Reluctent to tell

Place of Birth: Reluctent to tell


Magical enhansed wargear, what they do is explained next them
Power crystals powerd with phychic energy (see items)

Personality: very calm, was trained up to be skilled and though that he is, he developed a militery sort of attitude, so now when concentreating he is very stern and stubborn. Nevertheless he is still thorght of as practiclly everyone who has met him to be too relaxed about everything, not in an overcomfident way, it is seen more as a lazy/uninterested sort of way, he will look toatally unfoucused but be hard focused on something. This is something he delveloped himself so no one rearlly knows why or can be bother to think about it, due to his easygoing attitude he is seen as good company and a diverse individual


Agile- Brin has a lot more speed that a normal person
Sneaky- Using his Camo-cloak and a slight bit of phychic energy Brin can reduce the visabilaty of him makeing him praticlly invisable and impossible when moveing fast to spot to the naked eye and absolutely any Phyckick awareness sweep allthough people with a sharp sight can sometimes see a slight blur, this dosent work if hes staying still
Blast smash- Powerful kick whitch can smash bones on idle things, very fast and has a burning tint to it
Piper- Playing tanith pipes (a shrill, slightly calm chilling sounding woodwind instament) intimadates foes and brings thair morall crshing down


Several Lance sabres (or so he calls them), baseiclly a spear lenthed sword that can be used with one hand or two, a long lunge can only be done with one hand but it wasnt desinged for dueling so it normally dosent rearlly need two,wherever he got them is a mystery beaing its perculioraty a lot of people think its a rather daft and clumsy looking thing, but milo seems to use it well. If needs be one can be hurled and sutch a speed (whitch seems to have been practiced a conciderable amount) that it can clash with and shatter just about any airborn object that it comes into contact with. Hes never been known to have thown all three

Knife, quite long for a dagger but very light, wherever he got this is a mystery beaing its perculioraty a lot of people think its a rather daft and clumsy looking thing, but milo seems to use it well

Outher Gear:

Camo Cloak- Reduceing visabilaty
Tanith Pipes- Played every now and then
Power crystals- To be thown, a pmall but concentraited electricle exploshion results to impact

Style: A sort of Strike and dash technique

History: Brin Milo grew up near the forest as his father was a lumberjack, beaing the second boy in the family he knew he would not inherit his fathers buisness and part of the forest so went for the travleing lifestyle at 15, later after he got the knack for fighting he decided to become a bounty hunter. Hed seen many things in his life and has had to fight though most of it to survive, hes no stranger to action. Brin is often short of cash between jobs and enterd the tournament for publicaty and maby even financial benafits.


Milo diddnt bother filling in this section and simply scribbled something semi legible about it beaing pointless.

No one that has anything to do with the tournament has looked close enough to see his eyes
He has Very thick, dark brown hair
He is about 6"
and quite a thin build but bulks himself out slighty so that he dosent appear too thin with he cloths


-Torso: Thick camoed leather and mesh uppergarment bodyarmor
-Legs: Camo trousers, tougher than ushal cloth and milo has had them phyckickly enhaned to stiffen in any area where they are about to be ripped apart, that also goes for his upper bodyarmor
-Arms: The torso carrys on down his arms, also has a single bangle
-Feet: Heatproof choes no doubt alterd to be like that, the match with the rest of his cloths
-Other: The Camo cloak can be parshally or completely engulfing his body, he also has a hat for that bit of snazz

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Posted 02 October 2005 - 04:16 AM

To answer your question iMax: This is literally the 3rd Tournament but the most resent Tourny L4zyL30 created (which was the 2nd) didn't happen. People joined, but then he left after everyone joined. *Shrugs* I'm just calling this the 2nd, because the actual 2nd never started.

Topic closed.

I appologise for going over the date which I set... just.... things came up in my life... so I'm sorry.

Going on with the Tournament, please look for your battles, and begin. You will all be paired up with your opponents randomly, as I put in the rules. I am not to be blamed for who you are paired up with. I had auditions set out and ready for people so you would get a fair opponent, but no one really applied themselves to it.. so I crossed that rule out. All for one owns concern, play fairly. Thank you..

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Posted 04 October 2005 - 01:14 AM

We have one last battler who wished to enter, but was not able to get ahold of a computer during the time the forms were due. I am making an acception, since with this last person we will have a total of 10 battlers, that way everyone will get a round one.

This is Amshu's charcter, all explanations and the form sent to me via PM:

Name: Amshu

Age: 28

Race: elf

Gender: male

Nationality: elvan

Class: black mage

Alignment: good

Date of Birth: 10.09.4031

Place of Birth: elvan city of remora

Magic: fire,water,blizzard,thunder,ultima, % Cbind,blind,silence,

Personality: friendly, but very focused when fighting

Abilities: focus: next spell causes double damage

Weapon: sword of gaia: short but strong sword, made by the elves

Items: 2 x potion, 2 x ether, and a

Style: quick agility and casts spells as often as possible and when the chance arrives ultima and quake are cast.

History: lives in remora until he was 18 and decided to learn the acient art of black magic. has traveled far in search of wisdom.

Appearance: tall and slender

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair: long dark hair, almost silky...

Height: 6 foot 4 inches

Weight: about 13 stone

Build: thin and agile, but still quite strong


-Torso: black robe with short sleves so it doesnt
-Legs: black trousers (although covered by robe)
-Arms: tight brown shirt under his robe covers his arms to his wrists
-Feet: brown boots which support his ankles and reach almost to his knee
-Other: brown belt attached to robe. gold medalion round his neck given to him by his father before he left home.

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