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End Of Times: Earth

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Posted 07 November 2006 - 12:21 PM

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The world of man has always been plagued by jealousy and want. Man since time immemorial has divided himself into nations, has created familes and brothers and enemies, all arbitrarily. Nations rise and fall, though some times are more conducive to change then others. The mighty nation of the United States had enjoyed growth and expansion since it's birth, fighting for what was right and good. But now the world was shrinking, there was no more untamed West to conquer. Some realized how many people and cultures their had subjagated to get to be so powerful, and lost faith in their nation. Yet the US managed to keep it's swagger, and always was involved in foreign affairs, always looking out for their own welfare. Meanwhile, across the sea, The European countries that had banded together continued to gain prominence and respect. A brotherhood of nations, they began to set out goals, and to act in a more organized and coherent fashion. The middle east had the same story of war and death, for God and for power. North Korea, in a stunning show of diplomatic maneuvering, has managed to keep delaying decisive U.N. action while increasing their nuclear arms program. Africa continued with it's patches of turmoil, the stories of Rwanda and Darfur repeating themselves in new guises.

The year is 2017. The United States is about to have their new president take the lead, the previous one having a mediocre 8 year term after Bush's reign was done. Britain's Tony Blair resigned in 2013, after losing the support of Parliament, who thought he wasn't serving with Britain's best interests in mind. The new Prime Minister has less supportive relations with the United States as a result. China is is growing in financial power, slowly but steadily, and is suspected of helping Iran's nuclear program.

Possible Characters (aren't limited to these):
The President of a nation
Civilians, either religious or not
A soldier deployed in some military action
An angel doing God's work on Earth (most likely on a benevolent mission, must have a rank in the Angelic Hierarchy, see Heaven for a link)

Note: Before starting, check the latest posts on Here for any updates.

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Posted 09 November 2006 - 04:21 AM

Name: Wang Kuanzhen
Race: Chinese
Position: President of the People's Republic of China

Sitting alone in his lavishly furinshed office, President Wang(heehee) propped his feet up on the desk. This desk... This desk had seen the ancient days of China, with feuding warlords. It had seen the times of squalor and foolish capitalism. It had seen the Revolution, and the revamping of his beloved land. It had seen the Great Leap Forward, and his people being pushed into the present. It had seen the unbridled growth of China, kept in a spare warehouse. It had been discovered, given an age, and placed in here to witness firsthand the acension of China to the place it so rightfully deserved. Leader and superpower of the modern world. Swirling a glass of cognac in his hand, Kuanzhen considered a laugh. It was cliche, to be sure, but laughing now seemed so right. So he did. He leaned back and let out a loud barking laugh, showing his scorn for his enemies and allies alike, reveling in the prosperity to be found in China today. Things were looking up for the Mother country, after all.

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Posted 09 November 2006 - 08:26 AM

OOC: I thought Russia was the motherland :P


Name: Yuzu Renji
Race: Japanese
Position: Supreme Commander of the Japanese Fleets.
Description: 43 years old, experienced commander and younger than many of his underlings. Rose through the ranks with astonishing speed due to his flawless strategies and ruthless tactics.

"What is it Yamachi?" Renji asked from behind his glass of British gin. If there was one thing those Brits knew, it was how to make a good drink. "North Korea has reportedly tested another missile, it has more than enough distance to reach any part of our country. I can even reach most area's of the United States." Renji thought about it for a second, ever since the weak democratic government was ousted in the coup a year ago, and America's forced constitution was burnt publicly, America and Japan's relations had not been good. It was necessary though, with nuclear tests and missile launches happening in a hostile country right next door, how were we to defend ourselves if not with nuclear weapons of our own? Well we nearly have that capability now, 3 successful nuclear tests have been preformed in the last 2 months, their capabilities exceeding even our highest hopes. "How is the stealth delivery system coming along Yamachi?" "no new reports have been released this week sir, I will demand them ASAP". "See that you do, and get back to me; Dismissed."

Watching Yamachi leave, Renji took a deep swig of his gin and placed the glass aside. He would have to get the government to make some kind of a public announcement regarding this new missile test... something to get the world more on his side. The government was mainly puppet, the military controlled most everything behind the scenes, and he was in control of the military. "Yes, this will be a good day" Renji said aloud as he poured himself another glass.

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Posted 20 November 2006 - 04:27 AM

OOC: Well, I find myself back on the Nuneworld RP forum from like... a year... and a bit... ago. Yeah, might as well get started.


Name: Goes by Exagir Ete (Real Name Unknown)
Race: Caucasian (Specifics unknown)
Position: Religious Extremist, member of the radical group known as the "Holy Crusaders".
Description: Looks to be in his 40's, though in reality is most likely in his 20's. Exagir is not an easy man to look at, but not because of the various scars he has on his face and body, or his constant look of unending servitude and tiredness, but because to those who look in his eyes see only passion and loathing for those around him. The unpure.

Exagir's face contorted with disgust as he looked down at the man with the bullet in his side. "God shall have his wrath apon you, heathen." A third shot rang off into the night, following the two earlier which had both found themselves in the man at Exagir's feet. The third was no exception.

Exagir spun around looking at the others in the room. One of the new members of the Crusaders was shaking, his face pale. Exagir's eyes blistered down on him as he cringed from the gaze. His voice was calm and understanding, but harsh. "Do not be afraid. You shall join the redeemed in heaven and you will be rewarded for has happened here tonight, and what will happen. This..." He spat, "Man, was not a follower. He deserved nothing more than death." The man slowly nodded, still shaking. He had joined the Crusaders not seeking the killing of others, but the redemption of others.

As if hearing his voice, Exagir turned away and responded, "You may think it... wrong to take a man's life. And it is. It is terrible sin, and we shall be punished for it in the eternal hellfire. But what we create is a world with one less evil man, one less crime against what is good... what is pure." Exagir growled, shaking his head. "We must go, there are more to cleanse."

((Just a note, he's in Britain atm.))

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Posted 22 November 2006 - 09:51 AM

(( OOC: Yay, awesome profiles so far. Now take time to post, be creative, flesh out what you guys want out of this. If you need to make more characters, go for it. If you need anything from me, feel free to ask. I may go on another RPer-recruiting spree soon, but for now have fun with this))

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 06:36 PM

If this RP is dead, feel free to kill me.
Name: Aragor Drell
Race: Demon
position: Satan's eyes and ears
Description: He is a shapeshifter, and has no basic form. When he is not disguising himself as a human or an angel, he looks pretty gruesome and grimy. He enjoys playing with people like puppets, changing into different things to find out what they are thinking.

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Posted 09 December 2006 - 12:03 AM

((OOC: No no no! We're NOT dead >.< Anyways, you guys gotta keep posting. I want to throw a big plot event at you guys, but first I want to see some more of what's going on with y'all. I may make a character to help keep things active, too.))

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Posted 10 December 2006 - 07:34 AM

Name: Pope Linus II
Position: Head of the Roman Catholic Church.
Age: 63

A rather short man whos youthful features & appearance seem unatural for his age, almost as if they were preserved by God Himself. He walks with a pronounced step that gives him authority at first glance. His words, which cover 6 languages, English, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French are spoken like a native to each. over fourty years of devotion to His Holiness has shaped his life around the Church. In his right hand, he hold the Papal Staff which is encrypted with Linus II's coat of arms. On his left hand is the Papal Ring, underscoring his devotion and servitude to God.

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Posted 20 December 2006 - 10:13 PM

((OOC -- Posted in Hell, may as well post here.))

Name -- Robert Tyson
Race -- African-American
Position -- Soldier in Africa (for America)
Description -- A tall, built young man. A man pressured into the turmoils of war by peers that sought to end all self-righteous battles for reasons they knew not of. His body was a hard, toned slab of human flesh that had been shaped over time to endure these hard-pressed times and keep him moving in both war and peace.

Breathing was heavy. Was it the unsuitable position of a gun to his companion's head, or the adrenaline pumping through his system at the havoc caused around him? If he knew, the situation would be resolved. His ears were being pierced by the loud slams and explosions of bombs against shelters, the ground, human beings. Gunshots rang out as if they were as common as the sounds of vehicles in New York City. Robert's eyes widened slightly, a shot heard both in his mind and his heart. His companion stared at him, slumping down to the ground. War-torn Africa was killing off what he had left of his humanity; this instance was no different. He had seen men die in battle, watched them roll over and breathe their last breath. However, in all of his experience, he had never physically witnessed an execution such as the one before him.

The man now standing above the corpse was a tall, rather focused individual. He spoke in a tongue that Robert could not understand, but the smile upon his face told this soldier that he was being mocked. The gun in his hand had been discharged of all ammunition, and he only carried a sidearm. What was Robert to do? All he could do was stare into the eyes of the murderer before him. The gun he held dropped to the ground, crashing into the blood-stained dirt at his feet. The heavy breathing had slowed, but was still more than audible to Robert, blasting in his ears to echo against the bombings and gunshots. A finger pressed into the trigger of the gun before him, the one pointed at him. Three rounds discharged, slamming into Tyson's chest. The pain overtook him, and silence tortured him. If anything could make him more vulnerable, he wished never to witness it, for as this moment felt like his last, he very well thought it would be.

Body armor could only pinch off the pain and make it temporary, though all the more alarming. The man that had shot him took six small steps forward, overlooking the man now clenching his fists and biting his bottom lip to endure the shocking feeling reverberating through his body. An expulsion of air brought spit he didn't think his dry mouth could muster. The silence rang out, his eyes slowing their progression of the land before him, of the man trying to murder him as well. His eyes widened one last time as another three shots tore into his body armor, slamming into his body like a cement truck, driving themselves against his chest. Although they were close, and they hurt, five of the six shots fired were caught by the body armor. The sixth, however, was enough to go through. Blood rushed from his wound, and his eyes began to close from the pain. The last image in his mind was that of the man standing over him being pushed out of the way, fire and debris slamming into his body, whipping him in one direction.

Robert lost consciousness, unaware that what had killed the man was a grenade fired from a companion's weapon. It had blown away the side of the shelter beside them, and the debris had fallen on top of Robert, chunks of rock raining down from the sky, fire erupting to cause a more savvy explosion. He was bleeding, covered in dirt and rock, and was unaware of his situation. Would he be found by his soldier companions, or killed by the enemy in this small village of hostility? As the buildings around him took to flames, he was lost in his own mental game, talking to himself, dreaming of things that wouldn't be relative to the current situation. He was a lost cause at this very moment, lost within the inner dwellings that were Robert Tyson. And here he could not hide, he could not deviate, and he could not do anything but face himself truthfully.

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