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The Ehop And Dancing Llama Societies...

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#226 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 26 September 2003 - 02:31 AM

dew- lol!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAH! DID u not forget im the original human being and that my emagination was manifested to bring the world that we know!!!! Now die!!!


#227 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 26 September 2003 - 03:39 AM

etile: ah!!!!!!! you do not understand, do you?!?!?

dew: um.... what?

etile: don't you get it? this is narnia, or plothole land, or whatever!!!!! I'm a fricken schizophrenic!! I have multiple personalities, and you are one of them!!! don't you think i recognize you??? now, die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*etile shoots dew with a Glock

etile (talking to scantily clad woman): YOU, ME, TUB, NOW.

#228 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 26 September 2003 - 03:50 AM

dew- lol hi etile im back!!! And im not leaving. I dont know what part of indestructable you dont understand (points his finger at the girls in the hot tub and flicks his wrist)

Etile- ahhhhhhhh, you turned them into fat old hary gay men!!!!

Tzobell- lol!!! laugh.gif
slain- lol laugh.gif
aaron- lol laugh.gif

Angle of the clouds- oh boy, iv been wanting some hary old gay men for some time now *hops in hot tub with them*

TRzobell- its time to unlesh the power of the spork!!!!!!!! *takes spork out of his pocket jumps 50 bazzilion feet in the air and comes straight down aims the spork right through dews head but missesd*

Etile- darn *pulls out his gun and starts fireing away*

Dew- *doges the bullets, then jumos in the air taward etile and kicks him*

Aron- nooooooooo *he is suddenly driven off by dew*

*suddenly the huge amounts of tropical penguins come out of now where attcking the rest of them while dew runs away with Aaron*

#229 Aaron1339


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Posted 26 September 2003 - 06:23 PM

Aaron: (being carried off by dew) What do you want with me, despicable fiend?!

dew: ...

Aaron: (sees his friends get swarmed over by horde of evil penguins) Let me go!

dew: ...

Aaron: (the other are no longer in sight) I said let me go or else face the consequences. The spork fears no spam!

dew: (stops running and sets Aaron down) Sorry about that.

dew: I mean, I'm really sorry.

Aaron: Yeah, I heard you the first time. No need to double post.

dew: No, I mean I am sorry.

Aaron: (whips out spork) Enough with the spam!

dew: All right. I came here to offer you a deal.

Aaron: A proposition? Wh-

dew: No, a deal.

Aaron: Yeah, that's what I sai- nevermind. What kind of deal are you offering?

dew: Well, as you can see, my powers defy all imagination and no fears anything more than my mighty spam. But, my powers have their limits.

Aaron: Go on...

dew: I want you to lend your spork to my cause.

dew: I need you and your spork.

dew: I want you to join me.

Aaron: Stop it!

dew: Sorry. So, will you join me?

Aaron: Why? And why should I?

dew: Well, the spork is the one thing than can defy my mighty spam powers. Not even the spoon or fork can hold out for long. But the spork...
As for yourself, with all my powers I can offer you anything you desire. Anything in the world.

Aaron: Hmmm... will you babysit my kids for me while I go on a date with my wife?

dew: What?

Aaron: You heard me. I want you to watch my kids for me for a couple hours.

dew: That's it? That is all you desire?

Aaron: (shrugs) Yeah. For now at least.

dew: Consider it done!

*3 hours later...*

Aaron: We're back!

Josiah, Mason, and Carter: Daddy! Mommy!

Aaron: Were you boys good for Mr dew tonight?

Josiah, Mason, and Carter: (giggle) Of course, daddy!

Aaron: Okay, then you guys go back home with Mommy. Daddy has some work to do still. See you later!

Josiah, Mason, and Carter: (hugging Aaron) Bye bye daddy!

*Aaron's kids leave with Aaron's wife after many hugs and kisses goodbye. Aaron's wife slaps Aaron as a warning against taking any "liberties" with the many women popping out of the plotholes before kissing him once more.*

Aaron: Hey, dew! Where are you?

dew: (babbling like a maniac) Who, ah, what did you, uh, get out of there! I mean, uh, NOT THE DRYER!

Aaron: (opens laundry room door to find dew huddled in a corner) Uh, you okay man?

dew: Hooo-hoo! Ummm... are they gone?

Aaron: The kids? Yeah.

dew: Good. (dew passes out)

Aaron: Sweet. It worked!

*Aaron ties dew up using a chain that has been manufactured completely out of sporks.*

Aaron: His spam powers have no power over these sporks. Now to get my friends.

Slain: Why are you talking to yourself?

Aaron: Necessary narration to carry the story along. How did you get here?

Slain: We finished off those penguins a couple hours ago. All of us have been watching your kids wipe the floors with dew.

Aaron: Yeah, it is pretty funny isn't it?

*etile, tzobell, & Rat Racer walk up*

etile: So, is dew really Evil Lord?

tzobell: I don't know.

Aaron: Well, we have him pretty well secured. What did you guys do with Angel and [Insert Name Here]?

Rat Racer: Heheheh...

Aaron: Good enough. Well, let's get to work on this one then.

#230 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 27 September 2003 - 12:53 AM

dew- 8wakes up* hello?

Dew- where

dew- am

dew- i

dew- and

dew- what do u

dew- want

Ratracer- ahhh stop it!!!!!!

aaron- um your here so we can killl you

Dew- *grabs begind his face and pulls off his mask*

Tzobell- ahhhh, its Richard simmons!!!!!!!!

Dew- i am richard simmons. The FATHER OF AROBICS!!! *starts doing the work out he dose on "grovin to the oldies" video*

*everyone suddenly becomes in a trance doing the workout with richard*

Richard- muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah

Aslan- come hithar richard. Let those sons of Adam go!
(for those og you who do not know, Aslan is a lion)

richard- never muhahahahaha

Aslan- dont try to hide your self, queen jadis

Richard- *rips off his mask, turns out to be queen jadis of charn* Come hithar aslan and let me smite thee with a curse!

Aslan- let them go!!!! give up, and stop hinding under other people such as richard and evil lord. Evil lord dose not exsist, your the only evil lord!

JAdis- Aslan, how kind of you * strikes him with her wand*

to be continued....

#231 Aaron1339


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Posted 27 September 2003 - 06:39 PM

Aaron: (shaking off the effects of the Richard Simmon's aerobics and holding up the spork chain) Dammit! Who'd have figured that this would fall into yet another plothole?

Slain: (whispering to Aaron) Hey, I think everyone but tzobell is back to normal...

*Both Aaron and Slain_Of_Tomb look over tzobell who is still doing the Richard Simmon's aerobic workout by himself, humming the music to himself.*

Aaron: Nah, tzobell is back to normal to.

Slain: (Shakes his head slowly.)

*Just then Jadis raises her wand to strike Aslan. In the blink of an eye, Aaron grabs tzobell and hurls him through the air at the evil Queen Jardis. Just as the wand is about to strike Aslan, tzobell plows into the regal lion and the wand strikes poor tzobell instead.
A blinding flash of light steals everyone's vision for a couple minutes.
When their sight returned, the five (Aaron, Slain, etile, tzobell, and Rat Racer) found themselves back in the middle of the EHoP base.*

etile: Okay... what the hell just happenned?

Rat Racer: (shrug)

Aaron: Well, I figured that since Narnia is a place controlled by imagination, that one of us must be pulling us in there. I figured it must be tzobell because... because...

Slain: Yeah, I know what you mean.

*Even unconscious, tzobell continues to hum the music from the Richard Simmon's aeobic workout.*

etile: No explanation needed, Aaron.

Aaron: So, I figured that all I needed to do was disrupt tzobell long enough and we would get sent back home.

etile: But what about Jardis? Didn't that lion guy say that she was Evil Lord?

Aaron: C'mon, you know Evil Lord's history. How could Jardis be Evil Lord if Evil Lord used to be a part of Lord?

Slain: Plothole?


#232 dew


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Posted 27 September 2003 - 07:37 PM


now time to party

ha i can party and you cant DUFF MAN OH YEA

#233 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 28 September 2003 - 04:47 AM

Slain- wait a sec!!! Were still in narnia *puts ihand in etiles pocket and pulls out a silver wordrobe with narnia written on it)

Slain- ahh ha!!!!

Etile- wait its not what ya think, dew put in my pocket to lead us to danger

Slain- i think we oh tzobell an apology. Sory tzobell

tzobell- *still doing arobic work out*

Aaron- what must we do!

Slain- could it be that the ultra supernatral forces have been leading us to Narnia this whole time because it is here that we must put an end to all evilness.

*old man, appears out of no where*

Old man- why yes it is my good boy!

Aaron- who are you?

Old man- oh im sory, my name is NAferican

Aaron- well how do u do.

Oldman- *walks over to tzobell, slaps him. tzobell stops doing arobic work outs*

Oldman- yes you were right Slain, for Narnia is the absolute center of this vast universe, and it is here that things are made, destroyed, and manifested unto the worlds around it. For narnia is not imaginary, contradictaning to popular beliefe. *looks at aaron* Things of people minds are manifested here because it is the only place in the universe where where things are created. every living things origon can be trcked back to here, for it is here that all things happen.

Aaron- how do we know your just not our emagination

Oldman- fine! I will nock you all out cold, and you will wake up here! *throws a rock at everyones head, and everyone is knocked out cold*

*72 houres later*

Ratracer- *ratracer regains his mental part* Huh? huh.gif

Oldman- your still all here, so it could not have been your emaginations that sent you here

Ratracer- well what is the center of all evil

Oldman- the danceing Llamas!!!

Ratracer- but how could this be?

Oldman- with in every ehop pengine there lies a danceing llama. Ehop, was just a sub untit used to confuse others who try to stop them.

ratracer- how do we now your not a danceng Llama, or a penguin.

Oldman- go head try and kill me!

Ratracer- *picks up a rock an throws it right at his head. the rock flyes right through his head with out giving him a scratch*

oldman- you must kill him

Ratracer- who?

Oldman- the people here

Ratracer- whos here

Oldman- the Llamas!!!! For here they can weild an evil so great it can consume the entire ultrafleck of radiance into a single constimple fragment.

Ratracer- wow? huh.gif zac_smile.gif

*tzobell, aron, etile, and slain all gain there mentality*

Oldman- you must go!

#234 Aaron1339


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Posted 08 October 2003 - 09:04 AM

Aaron: (sits, thinking for a minute) I've decided that I really hate this place. I keep busting our @$$&$ out of here, and keep geting sucked back in. But if this is how it's gotta be, then so be it!

etile: What are you talking about?

Aaron: All I keep hearing is about how everything has to end in Narnia and that this is a place where your imagination takes substance.

Slain: Yeah...

Aaron: Well, if strength of will is all it takes, then call me the ~=<>!^* Terminator 'cause I'm about to open an indutrial strength can of Whoop @$$ in this joint!!!

*Suddenly, the ground at Aaron's feet grows dark and the air surrounding him begins to lose light. A ball of impenetrable darkness engulfs Aaron's body and starts to expand, enveloping the others who are more confused than afraid.
For what seems like an eternity, there is no sight, sound, or touch for the five young men; only darkness.
Just before sheer terror can claim them, the light returns. Slowly, their new surroundings become clear as the globe of darkness dissapates. Before anyone can get their bearings and take notice of the beauty of the castle in which they find themselves, Aaron's voice grabs their attention.*

Aaron: Evil Lord!

Evil Lord: Huh? What the...? How did you...?

Aaron: I'm sick of chasing after your sorry @$$. If this is where it has to happen, then so be it. Defend your life $#|%!!!

Evil Lord: Evil Aaron Clone! Defend your master!

Evil Aaron Clone: (appears from secret door behind Evil Lord's throne - Haha! no "plothole" this time!) Yes, master.

*The battle ensues:*

#235 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 09 October 2003 - 02:37 AM

etile: i hate Narnia

tzobell: how can you hate Narnia?!? it is where dreams become reality, the center of all that is this universe. it is whe----


(that was the sound of a baseball bat against tzobell's head)

etile: anyone else like Narnia??

dew: Ha!, i'm baaaaaaaack, now i will rule all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dew: Ha!, i'm baaaaaaaack, now i will rule all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dew: Ha!, i'm baaaaaaaack, now i will rule all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dew: Ha!, i'm baaaaaaaack, now i will rule all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm getting tired of this $H!T. Anyone else want some....

*a small army of plotholes appear


etile: ok, i'm done here. frankly, i don't wanna fight evil lord, i don't care if i am the clone of his son, used as an experimental guinea pig, or if i am russian even though i remember being born in Mexico. i'm outta here...

*opens up portal to outside world
*steps into it and dissapears

slain: how was he able to do that?

rat racer: well, since you can wield reality here, he just willed himself back to earth, most likely to a tropical paradise with many scantily clad hot chicks.

slain: oh.

slain: hey? how come you know all this, and why does the explaination sound like something etile would say??

rat racer: plot hole.

(don't you love irony)

Aaron: when will the fight end??


#236 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 09 October 2003 - 04:12 AM

tzobell- it never ends. I think eventually we will forget about this topic and it will become dead

dew-no, il love

dew- this to


dew- v


*back to arons fight with evil lord and arons clone*

Evil lord- the fact is u cant win aginst barthemucandiclthus.

Aron- whos that

Evil lord- she is also know as queen jadis of charn or the white witch but now she is barthemucandiclthus, she was broght here manny of thousands of years ago and has brought evil here ever sence.

barthemucandiclthus- lol, feel my wrah!!!!!

*aron stars a a woman with the build of a football player, and that is 8 feet tall*

Aron- um? unsure.gif hello?

barthemucandiclthus- *starts to chant a spell* Blaflacrodus freeantius *suddenly a huhge ball of blue gas comes out of her wand and hits aron and throws him back 10 feet*

barthemucandiclthus- you imbasoul, how dare you challenge someone as great as me!!!

Aron- *runs as fast as he can out of the castle*

barthemucandiclthus- you can run, but u cant hide aron I SEE EEEEVVVVVVERRRRRRRYYYY THHHHHIIINGGG!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *stricks aron again with a blue ball of gas*

Aron- noooo-

Aron *suddenly wakes up, laying down in his bead*

Aron- what happened, where am I *all aron sees is his bead and beyons his bead its nothing but whiteness*

Evilord- *his voice comes out of no where* your DEAD, and this is the end of your exsistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhahahahah!!!!

*back at the castle*

barthemucandiclthus- HA, dead as a door nail!!!!

Evil lord- well done my queen.

*tzobell, ratracer, etile, slain, all come rushing in*

Etile- nooooo, *looks at barthemucandiclthus* you fu&*^%$ son of a b*tc|-|.

barthemucandiclthus- its your turn to join him...

to be continued......

#237 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 09 October 2003 - 06:07 AM

etile: ok, did i just come back from an island paradise for this?

buff football chick: yes, time for you to die!!!!!

etile: look, i'm tired of all this Narnia crap, tired of fighting so many invincible people who are like gods with really long names.

buff muscle chick: but you do not understand, i am----

*etile shoots her

etile: dead. you are dead

evil lord: what the heck, how did----

*etile shoots evil lord

etile: kill you? with a gun, silly. now stop bleeding on the floor

dew: woah, that was so cool, can you----

*shoots dew

etile: kill you? yes, i just did.

Governor Arnold: H----

*etile shoots Arnold

etile: yay democracy. ok, not that i got that done, i'm going to my island paradise to live the rest of my life with the one i love.

slain: belly dancers?

etile: no, even better. love, not lust, my friend.

*slain's jaw drops

rat racer: but, are they really dead??

etile: yes, they are. but, knowing how crazy and dumb the world and people are, something will happen to bring them back. but, hey, i can to this all over again.

*leaves through portal to real world

slain: please, take me with you!!! I must know too!!!!!!!!

#238 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 09 October 2003 - 06:18 AM

Tzobell- geeze, he could have a least called he by her name, i mean barthemucandiclthus isnt that hard to write.

Ratracer- seriosly, hey look the portal thing to pardise is still open.

Salin- im going

Tzobell- me three

*all hop in*

*evil lord and barthemucandiclthus are laying on the groun faking death snickering to themselfs about what ratracer, etile, tzobell, and slain have just done

#239 Aaron1339


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Posted 09 October 2003 - 09:00 AM

Aaron: (stands up and walks over to face the two villains) Did you two really think you had me taken care of like that?

Evil Lord: What?! How did you?

Aaron: Oh, c'mon! Haven't you been reading any of this crap? I am a =~<>|#& bad@$$.

Barthemucandiclthus: Uh ohh...

Aaron: That's right.

*Aaron wills a 50-ton anvil into existence over the prone bodies of Evil Lord and Barthemucandiclthus. Before it even lands on top of the two, Aaron is walking away, toward the portal.*


Aaron: All right! I hope the fun hasn't started without me!

Female voice: And just where the hell do you think you are going?

*Suddenly a new portal appears next to the first portal. Sounds of screaming kids and a dryer can be heard coming from the portal.
Aaron's wife appears just on the opposite side of the dimensional gateway.*

Aaron: I was... uh... just about to come home.

Aaron's wife: That's what I thought. And about time to! Where the hell have you been? We've just had a new daughter and-

Aaron: Honey! Please. I was out here saving the world!

Aaron's wife: Right, like I haven't been hearing that line often enough! At least the AIIA pays you well.

Aaron: Yeah, about that... I'm a rogue agent now. I git fired.

Aaron's wife: You WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron: Oh! Would you look at that! One of our sons has climbed into the dryer again! I'd better go rescue him!

Aaron's wife: No you don't! Get you skinny @$$ back over here! Aaron!!!! AARON!!!!!!!!!!

*Both portals close.*

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