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The History Of Nuneworld

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#721 J-Christ



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Posted 20 September 2011 - 04:13 PM

Oh man, dude, I haven't seen you in probably three years. What's new, brah?

(Yes, I know he posted over a month ago. And that he probably won't see it. But I give no damns.)

#722 trigunkilla


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 02:23 AM

i got my own age and no one knows it was me still. and you will never know. i want to come out and say it was me. i do. but the mystery adds to it.

#723 _TJ_


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Posted 15 February 2019 - 10:55 PM

After all these years, one thing is still clear. Bottlecap > Spork God :P

#724 Lord


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Posted 16 February 2019 - 09:35 AM

The Boring Age
--Date unknown

Once upon a time, Lord was bored and created a forum... little is known about this age, since there were little members. One fact that scientists have concluded is that it was boring (hence the name).

The EHoP Age a.k.a The Golden Age
--Date unknown

After NW had gotten more members, the EHoP (Evil Horde of Penguins) age had started. The AIIA (Aaron's Imaginary Intelligence Agency) was responsible for stopping EHoP and AIIA consisted of many storied members such as Aaron1339, Etile, Tzobell, and Rat Racer550. Eitle and Evil Lord ("El") were the supporting cast. Eitle was Etile's clone, and I have been asked not to reveal his true identity. Evil Lord was another "joke account" made by the same person. The original topic for EHoP was named "Ehop and dancing Llama Societies". This was closed after weeks. Attempts to revive EHoP failed miserably. The topic names of EHoP revival topics were "Cookies", and "AIIA". Currently, a revival topic is being made about a classic villain in the EHoP series, Evil Lord, or El, with Willy Wonka. The name of this new thriller: The Oompa Loompas. (which is now dead.) There is another revival topic in session now, called S.A.E.B.


Aaron's Imaginary Intelligence Agency

Evil Horde of Penjuins


This one follows the traditions of the originals with a bit more serious attitude as well, If your wondering about the whole Bottlecap and Spork thing, i reccomend checking out the "Spork God and Bottlecap Age"

The Original EHoP and Dancing Llamas topic: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1151
The "Cookies" revival attempt: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1877
The "AIIA" revival attempt: Lost Over Time
The Oompa Loompas: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=5959
S.A.E.B. topic: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=8287

The RuneScape Age
--Date unknown

This age was when our RuneScape forums were popular to many. The most memorable time of this age was when ReturnedFromHell, a ch00b, pretended that he (UPDATE: RFH came back and turns out to be female) was The Old Nite (the leader of overall skills at the time) and that he was level 156. He was later busted (what took them so long?) . The RuneScape forums attracted the majority of members, but since then, the popularity has gone down.

RFH topic: http://www.spynets.c...p?showtopic=895

The Spam Age 1
--Date unknown

Spammers had overtaken NuneWorld in this age. The most famous spammers were dew, and AngelOftheclouds. Angel went away for months, until coming back, which led to his banning. Dew has calmed down now, but still spams once in a while. This problem was later solved with the Pointless Chat forum.

The Beer Age
--Date unknown

The beer age has gone by and lasted for the history of NW. Every topic ended talking about drinking beer. In the beer age, Lord brainwashed everyone because he secretly worked for a beer company and was disguised as an admin of NuneWorld. Everyone was brainwashed and received frequent brain waves telling them to drink the beer. Lord recently tried to brainwash us with an optical illusion, but we foiled him.

The Brainwashing topic: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1029
The Optical Illusion: http://www.spynets.c...showtopic=4267

The Pointless Age
--Date unknown

The Spam Forum was created. The first historical topic was called "Posty Post Posts Posts!", where all NW members united to reach 1000 posts, the first topic to reach this historical milestone. I got the most posts, and the 1000th post. Many other memorable topics have been created after this one. The Spam Forum was renamed Pointless Chat shortly after it was made.

The Aaron Age
--Date unknown

This was a very sad age. The age where Aaron went away. RAt Racer550 has been looking for ways to contact Aaron. But they haven't looked bright. Aaron left after he had his baby (his fourth one) and he was looking for a job. Aaron Corcoran is in his mid-20s, and has 4 kids. He was last spotted in Portland, Oregon, and he may still be looking for a job. If you have seen Aaron Corcoran, call 1-800-FAKE-TV. Not long ago, Lord came into contact with Aaron's wife. He is currently working at a bank for very long hours. He barely has time to eat and sleep, let alone get on the internet. -Rat Racer550

Baby topic: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1633
Aaron1339's Profile: http://www.spynets.c...hp?showuser=526

The "Everyone and Their Mother Becomes A Mod" Age
--Date unknown

Since Aaron's departure, things had gone terribly. NuneWorld had been deprived of it's greatest member (in some eyes). Lord felt it was time for a change, and went on a "mod spree" where everyone bcame a mod, hence the name. Names included Jbod, Count Seamus, thunderleaf, L30, Dogfighter, Shinobi_Artist, and even me became mods in this age which lasted for a few months. New global moderators were Tzobell, Etile, Rat Racer550, and me. One theory of why Lord made all these people mods was that he brainwashed himself with his optical illusion, was drunk for months, and went berserk.

Blue, Rat Racer550, Tzobell, and Etile become Global Moderators: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=3851

The Dark Age (also known to some as The Jason Age)
--Late February 2004 - The Peace Age

The Dark Age was one of NuneWorld's worst moments, if not the worst in history. A member named JasonXNothing came and terrorized every forum of NuneWorld. He liked Hardcore music, and hated rap. His opinions conflicted with others and this led to flame wars, which led to locked topics. His most famous appearance was in an Evanescence topic where he argued with the likes of evanfan1117, etile, Jago, and madcowdisease. Many of the "arguers" came from RuneScape Hall, a RS board. He was banned, created a new account (Waffen-SS) and recently has been unbanned. This was considered by some to be the 9/11 of NW.

Jason's most famous arguments: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=3015 (Evanescence)
http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=4431 (Rock vs. Rap war)
http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=4458 (Rock vs. Rap war)
RSH people unite to flame JasonxNothing: http://www.dabu4u.co...bcd8bb9fdd9320e

The Spam Age 2
--Date unknown

Yes, spammers had overtaken NW once again. Spammers (most notably, Renegade, Seymour, and trigunkilla) spammed up the Free General Chat. This led to many criticisms targeted at the admins for sucking. All the spam topics have now been locked and admins are still looking at a way to solve this spam problem.

The Peace Age
--Date unknown

Lord finally banned JasonxNothing, once and for all this time. Jason had insulted a member for the last time. Jason's banning was followed by many disagreements by Jason's friends. Some of Jason's friends may have left because of this banning. Jason, or Drew as some of you may know him, was on NuneWorlder's minds for a while after his banishment. Sightings of Jason back on NuneWorld have been recorded near July 20. His (they may or may not have been his) new accounts were Jason Nothing and King Nothing. Friends of Nothing quickly notified us that he was in fact, NOT the real one, only an imposter. (edit) And now it turns out that he was the real one. Ho hum.

King Nothing's Welcome Topic: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=5942

Boring Age 2
--Date unknown

Obviously, with Jason's banning, it took away days worth of posts. Jason had averaged a whopping amount of posts the last days of his "life". NuneWorld post production was going in a downwards spiral, and was showing no signs of going back up. The amount of posts were consistent: low. The leading "post-per-day-person", Anime Forum mod, Maester Seymour, also quit soon after, due to Rat Racer550 putting him on Post-Watch.

Recovery Age
--Date unknown

After having a huge downfall of posts, and the two leading Post per Day members gone, NuneWorlders were desperate for a savior. Someone... to put them back in their prime. Well, their prayers weren't answered, but they got some good out of it with some new, active members, and some new members that didn't post much, but still did help, since any amount was a bonus for Nuneworld. And Drew (JasonxNothing) was creating new accounts to post on. After two, he was unbanned, and able to post normally again.

Currently, NW is probably at the best it has been in months.

--Date unknown

Shinobi_Artist and evanfan. Mike and Ana. Tzobell and the Spork God. What do these pairs have in common? They are all participating in "softcore" online "cybering". Shinobi_Artist (Brad) and Evanfan1117 (Sara) revolutionized this by posting about how much they loved each other, and eventually got to a marriage that never happened.

And next came lrklspfss (Mike [McMahon]) and ChaosSatinAng3l (Ana). They have been constantly going at it for a few months now. They do most of their posting in "Posty Post Post Posts", the most legendary topic to ever hit Pointless Chat. "Mike" now goes as "sexieeeeeeee stranger" to Ana. This is the most annoying thing to hit Nuneworld since... well.... nothing.

Tzobell and the Spork God. 'Nuff said.

This is how Mike and Ana's online relationship started: http://www.spynets.c...o...ost&p=67893
Official-Mike-and-Ana's-happy-fun-time thread: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=7323

The Spork God and Bottlecap Age
--Date unknown

During one of his short-lasting, but powerful "hyper sprees" rat racer550 started PMing everyone in sight. He sent multiple PMs to Tzobell, saying that the Spork God "Sux". Soon after, he and tzobell changed their avatars and signatures to their "leaders". For Tzobell, the Spork God, and for rat racer550, the Bottlecap. Soon enough, Pointless Chat was filled to the brim with hate threads directed at the Spork God and Bottlecap. (but mostly from tzobell at the bottlecap.) A few annoyed members later, and this dilema was put to an end by the very person that created it, with a few locked topics and all related posts confined to a single thread.

Another important, yet unrelated thing worth a mention is the "Ana dilema". It is assumed that Ana (ChaosSatinAng3l) has posted a picture of porn. This was the same picture posted by [insetnamehere] (see below) Blue was the first to be blamed, of course. But, it is highly unlikely. Ana is now denying that it was posted by her, and it will be set straight when lord returns. (He has not been on in a few days (when this was posted)). Since [insert] broke the same rule, and was banned, Ana's banning is probable, and Mike is deeply sadened. 4.gif

Creation of the Spork God: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1151
Creation of the BottleCap: http://www.spynets.c...amp;#entry68310
Related threads:
The thread to close all threads: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=7718
The official Bottlecap/Spork God thread: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=7746
Ana Fs up: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=7684

The Downer Age
--Date unknown

There is no particular incident that started this age, rather it slowly evolved over time. Tensions slowly started to build over time due to problems mostly off the site. Halo had been banned from Rat and Blue's site namely. A few members were depressed in their real lives and it showed on the forum, ect. As weeks started to turn to months of this building, things only got worse, small arguments were becoming more frequent and involving more members. the Main people involved at first included HaloD MC, CTC (drew), and Amphere. Tensions started to get a bit lower finally when HaloD MC made a post apoligizing for his recent actions to most members (drew excluded), however, tensions do not lift overnight and although building down, one small spark could still easily set off the explosion..

HaloD MC's apology

And that spark came in the form of a topic made by Drew. Apparently he had created a topic detailing how to avoid arguments with him and reccomended it be pinned. Evanfan decided that she would pin the topic, in hopes of giving people tips on avoiding arguments. However HaloD MC and Imcoolyournot took offence to the pinning and general posting of this topic and went on an all out offensive contantly flaming Drew and Drew of course retaliated. The argument escalated into no hold back flame wars spanning several topics. This was the start of the whole mess that is still continuing as i write this.

Drew's *sparking* topic (Deleted)

Lord banned Drew, deleted a large amount of topics regarding this argument and there was a massive public outcry of why nothing was done to the other two major participants, HaloD MC and Imcoolyournot while Drew got banned. People were angry at what they thought was unjust. People were angry because the topics were deleted, and people started to leave. RatRacer550 decided to leave the site again, but "go out with a bang" so to speak. He brought lrklspfss back and they intentionally started a huge flame war together, Lord had no choice but to ban the both of them.

x CTC x (Drew)

Left the site:
Evanfan1117 (later returned)
Count Seamus
Amphere (has returned on occasion using a joke account)

Contemplating or were contemplating leaving the site:

Argument topics (starting with the instigating post or the first reply to that post, most arguments proceed for for a number of pages, you will just have to do some reading):
Halo & TJ
Halo & xRadioxPianox & RatRacer & TheOneSephiroth
CTC & Imcoolyournot & Halo & Naylord
Charlie & TJ & Amphere
Naylord & TJ & Imcoolyournot & Halo & xRadioxPianox
Naylord & Halo & xRadioxPianox & Lord to some extent
Imcoolyournot & xRadioxPianox & CTC
I get the impression most of the deleted topics were somewhat like this one ^
(the rest of these topics don't have to do with the Drew incident but rather just general arguments from the tension)
Gazell & metroid_dragon & Naylord
Naylord & Gazell & Niggy
Naylord & Halo & metroid_dragon & rick hard & dragonmatt5 & theonesephiroth

Again, alot of posts and topics have been deleted. There was even a decent amount of arguing in this very topic.

The Recovery Age 2
--Date unknown

Between Rat's banning and the Charlie ordeal, Nune World suffered greatly. Waves of spammers and flamers were pouring in, Nune World was at one of it's lowest lows in history. After rat was unbanned and Charlie, the reverse, Nune World started to show improvement. Gradually, the spams and flames slowly diminished. After Lance was removed from the RS modding position, scammers and spammers have been breeding in the RS forums. This problem will shortly be resolved with the possible addition of one to two moderators. Once this takes place, and assuming no other large issues are created, Nune World will surely be at it's best within several months.

Update: With this recovery age lasting for incredible amounts of time now, the site has constantly gotten more and more active, old members have been returning, much more new active members, and now the only problems remained to be solved are the general lack of activity by the local admins. New moderators are finding it increasingly harder to get postions on the team due to Lord not being as active as he once was. This is very probably no fault of Lord's as we know he has a life outside of the forum, although it is still a shame to see so many administrative issues left undone. However it has been rumored that Invisions next update will allow for more security features to allow Gmods to have more rights and hopefully the site will have a regularly active semi-admin once that happens. UPDATE: This update never did happen.

The Chaos Age
--Jul 17 2006 (first day the forum was back up after about a week of downtime) -

NuneWorld was hacked. By a figure using the alias of "i4n".

The forum was offline for a short period of time and when it was back up, it was discovered all Global Moderator accounts were permanently deleted, forcing Tzobell, Etile, Evanfan1117 and metroid_dragon to re-create accounts which were renamed back to their original names by Lord. All Gmods' posts were no longer associated with their new accounts (they are still intact however), but Lord applied a rather arbitrary 3000 post count onto all Gmods. metroid_dragon and Etile had that number increased back up near their original number of posts (approx; 4,400). Shortly after the hacking this topic appeared:


It was created by "Boisterous Ben", a friend of Charlie's. After a lot of debating and arguing, accusations flew that Charlie was indeed the person to have hacked the forum. Others were sceptical; they believed there was a possibility that the forum had been hacked by Charlie, but they thought it more likely that he'd "hired" someone to hack it, like a sort of hitman.
Some people were less tact about handling the matter, Tzobell (on his new account) posted The Official "charly Is A Gay Wad" Topic.
Quite a number of people didn't agree with the topic, but most everyone didn't exactly love Charlie either.
Charlie then used a newly created account, called "charlieforabit" and posted;

this topic.

After a lot of discussion and confusion, Naylord helped to clear Charlie, whether it was intentionally friendly or not, by posting:

Charlie Did Not Do That Hacking

The Official Hacking Announcement:
Forum Hacked
After being shouted at, abused, flamed and sworn at, nothing could link Charlie to the hacking. As for his involvement, it still remains a mystery, and quoting Charlie: "And it always will."

Afterwards, there was considerable debate as to whether Charlie should be allowed to re-join the forum. Many members wanted to see him be allowed back, many wanted nothing to do with him anymore, especially after the latest incident. This debate was never fully resolved and eventually faded as weeks passed of debating and there was no move to actually allow him back to the forum. It was eventually accepted that the answer was "No".

The Crackdown age
--Late August - mid September
Maester Seymour banned, Yunie suspended, HaloDmc suspended, MasterBlackTop suspended, TrigunKilla Suspended and placed on post watch.

Maester Seymour + Yunie + HaloDmc incident - Flame Wars, the down and dirtiest type of debating you can do on the internet, involved childish insults thrown both ways instead of factual points, involves personal attacks instead of disproving opponents claims, involves heavy punishments. Relations between Maester Seymour (NW's top poster at the time), Yunie and HaloDmc have never been great, but with a few simple insults started by Yunie and Maester Seymour, these three flew into a flame war not seen since the Dark Ages. Racial attacks and slurs, childish name calling, and moronic points being argued worsened this and it grew larger and larger until Etile had to step in and close down the topics involved. Yunie and Maester Seymour were served over 40 days of suspension by Etile while HaloDmc was served 40 hours of suspension. This decision did not go over well with all moderators seeing as the difference in punishments was so sever. While it's true that Maester Seymour and Yunie were much worse and the aggressors, a number of mods still supported harshening Halo's punishment. Tzobell then jumped the gun and banned Maester Seymour's account after hosting a week long poll to support or decline the ban, however not all Gmods or any of the admins gave input into the decision. Some more accounts signed up and suspiciously started acting like Maester Seymour and Yunie... go figure. But nothing could be proven as to whether any of the accounts belonged to either of them*. Evanfan1117 then decided to unban Maester Seymour and another, more official poll was made and a second inside of Free General Chat. Both polls gave support to the banning of Maester Seymour becoming official.

Some topics with the flame wars or related to the situation:

Halo 3
For All You Cool People
Super Spam Brothers
Maester Seymour's sig remade!

Etile's Announcement regarding the flame wars:

Seriously Important:, about the recent flaming

* Yunie did own up to creating most of the accounts and his friends creating the others, however there was speculation that he was just covering for his brother Maester Seymour since Yunie proclaimed he was "done with the site" anyways.

MasterBlackTop - was found to be plagiarizing dozens of poems in the Literature Forum and very likely dozens of other posts around the forum as well and claiming them as his own, he was given one month suspension.

TrigunKilla - Posted a picture of his bottom; received one month suspension.
Etile's masterful representation of the picture done in paint: link

The Inactive Age:
There was no one incident that caused this age to start. It was moreso the gradual decreas in active members due to people going off to college/work/whatever. There was also a decrease in the number of new posts and interesting things to say. Thought given the world is in the middle of a giant recession, you would think there's more interesting things to say. But alas, the age continues. There have been numerous attempts to solve this lack of regular posting such as the nuneworld revival project. But while it did work for a little while, it didn't stick. The forum was also updated with some of the less active forums being made sub forums instead. Also, the Free General Chat area of the furm was moved above the Games forums as theres were more active.


Incidents & Honourable Mentions

NuneWorld has had it's share of strange, and interesting occurences. From Pinebush, to Tabris. From hating blue, to [insert name here], the pages of NuneWorld history are filled with humor, perversion, beer, and mysteries.

The Pinebush Incident

The Pinebush Age is named after the most famous member that had less than 50 posts. Pinebush. After etile posted a post that was "wrong", pinebush left. There has been a cursed placed upon anyone that posts a topic in the new Members forum. If you post a topic introducing yourself, you will never come back, due to Lord's mastered brainwashing technique. Less than 1% of the members introducing themsleves survive the curse. No one knows how they get brainwashed, but the two top theories are that the ghost of Pinebush shows you a mental picture of how the members (or specifically, etile) act, or Lord's brainwashing might be linked to this. This curse is now known as The Curse of Pinebush (TCOP). In an additional twist, blue created an account with the name "pine_bush" and framed rat racer550 of making this monstrosity! See more in the I Hate Blue Incident.

Pinebush's Introduction Topic: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1034


Tabris was a very mysterious young man. What made him so popular within NuneWorld? His "*sigh... *" 's, included with other strange actions. If you looked at him, you'd probably say "What a loooooooser!!!!!!", but if you got to know him, you'd see that he was a very... good guy. He played RuneScape, and was in JROTC, along with other things. Very little was known about him... which qualifies this as an unsolved mystery!

UPDATE: Tabris recentally appeared again, apparently lead back here by charlie. Although has yet to make a steady appearence, he has shown signs of being relativly active overthe last week or two. EDIT: His reappearance didn't last too long, and is long gone once again.

Tabris' Profile: http://www.spynets.c...p?showuser=1300

[Insert Name Here]

He posted a picture of porn. The End.

The porn post: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=1379


On twoseperate occasions, people had started to join forces, and hate blue!

The first was when he had posted a link to a fake vision test. When you finished the test, a bloody woman would pop up and start screaming. People started piling on, and flaming the hell out of blue. The haters included Imac, thunderleaf, Rick Hard, Tabris, and my personal favourite, I HATE BLUE. Blue had posted a public apology (pah) later on. A topic was later made where ReturnedFromHell asked for the site, and you can find the link there.

The second was when he said that rat racer550 was pine_bush. Blue photoshopped a picture that showed that rat and pine had the same IPs, but blue was actually pine_bush. The list of haters wasn't as huge this time around. This incident is still going on, as we speak.

Original Topic with scary woman posted: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=2859
Link to original vision test site (WARNING: SCARY WOMAN AT END! BE PREPARED. AND I RECOMMEND YOU MUTE THE VOLUME.): http://www.liquidgen...on_sabotage.asp
Public Apology (pah) : http://www.spynets.c...m...f=21&t=2982
ReturnedFromHell asks for site: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=5897
The " complete proof" that rat racer550 was pine_bush: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=5993
Blue's confession: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=6005
-Black's beef: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=6000

Drew... why must you be so persistent?

King Nothing.
Krew Soldier.
x CTC x.

What do all of these accounts have in common?

They all belong to Drew, the terrorist of NuneWorld to some (see "Dark Age" for more info about him). He kept making new accounts to be able to post normally, and actively. And almsot everyone was "flaming" him for being so persistent in the attempt to become a normal member. Lord kept banning IPs, but Drew kept coming up with ways to get around that. He was eventually unbanned.

Probably the most informative post that you will find about this: http://www.spynets.c...?showtopic=6685

NuneWorld's succesor

Recentally RatRacer550 and Blue (see January 17th, 2005 of important dates) have started their own forum which is dedicated to following the traditions of Nuneworld but with any improvement they think are neccesary. Any who wish to relive the days of blue and them are welcome to come to this new board and reminisce the old times are free to stop by and sign up. Blue, and RatRacer550 are the current administrators of this site while _TJ_, Comebackkid, and metroid_dragon are individual forum moderators.

EDIT: the link has been removed due to unforseen circumstances.

UPDATE: While never being a very active place, The Bomb shelter (the name for the forum) is long dead at this point in time

The Honoured Members

a Few of the most valued members of Nuneworld that have left over the years have been the recipients of the title "Honoured Member" This comes with no cash prize, just the feeling you will be remembered in the hall of fame. The Honoured Members of Nuneworld include:


-Title removed after his return and subsequent banning, and then unbanning... Rat is now a regular member who still posts regularily.



The Charlie Incident
--June 19, 2005 - end of June 2005

Charlie posted a picture of Tubgirl. After he saw that people's reactions were negative, he removed it and denied that he ever posted it. Most people were against Charlie, but the few that thought he didn't do it came up with some really stupid arguements, like that it wasn't even there and people were just conspiring against Charlie. Rat defended him for a while too, saying it could have been his brother, who came about a month before this happened and the way he acted, he seemed like he was the kind of person that would do something like that. Charlie got into a flame war with Neiko (and maybe some other people I'm not sure) Meanwhile, the mods were dicussing it and Sara showed Charlie some posts from the Admin's and Mod's forum. Charlie blackmailed Sara and said that he would tell everyone that she showed him those pics if she told anyone he was coming back to do something to the forum. (which is odd because it was in his sig, profile, and a few of his posts: "I'll be back") So, Sara told MD and TJ about it and, you know... blackmailing isn't exactly good. So, that turned MD and Sara (who were supporting Charlie) against him. Which basically got him banned. That's pretty much it.

the starting topic is here:
LINK - does not contain tubgirl

A few of the argument topics were:
Did he do it?
Lets pull charlie out of NuneWorld
Charlie Click Here
You Guys..
If I go

The Truth

History of the Final Fantasy Forum

TheOneSephiroth has compiled a list of links and short summaries about events and situations that have occurred over the years in the Final Fantasy Forum.

History of the FF Forum

Sexiest people on Nuneworld!

Since July 21 2005, Nuneworld has in progress a sexiest man and sexiest women contest, these have been progressing for awhile and the voting for the men is already underway, while the women's are still a bit short on participants.

UPDATE: Naylord was the winner of the Sexiest man on Nuneworld. With Halo and Tzobell not far behind.

Forum Update!
--Feb 8, 2006
Lord came online and did a recent update to the forums with help from suggestions the moderators put forward. Changes include: Removal of inactive moderators while J-Christ was made a member of the Games Moderators group and BreakTheReflection was made a moderator of the Movies and TV forum.
Deletions: World of Warcraft forum & Lyrics corrections.
Mergings: Strategy Games Forum (and it's subforums) into Games Open Topic. Action Games Forum (and it's subforums) into Games Open Topic. RPG Games Forum (and it's subforums) into Games Open Topic. First and Third Person Shooters forum into Games Open Topic. Simulation Games Forum into Games Open Topic. Nuneworld Survivor 2 Forum into Pointless Chat.

The Clone Wars
--Approx. June 18, 2006 - early July 2006

Member after member, account after account. Nearly every active member of the forum had a clone of them being created by other members. Even though it was technically against the rules, they were waived for the time being, probably because a number of mods had also created secondary accounts with the intention of impersonating another member of the forum. These accounts tried to be identical down to the signature, avatar, name and anything else that would make them look like the original account. Most members saw it as harmless fun, however some members took offence to their clones (namely Maester Seymour and Vintage) and their clones had to be put down.

List of clone accounts and who they were impersonating:metroid_dragon - metriod_dragon
rat racer550 - rat_racer550
Maester Seymour - Master SeeSaw
Vintage - V!ntage
Naylord - Naylard
Tzobell - Tzobel
Imac - lmac
Break the Reflection - Break the Reflecton
HaloD MC - HolaD MC
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--September 7, 2006 - for about a week

The original topic that started it all:..
I Love...

And the following topics created (not in chronological order):
I Love
I Love Lana Lou
I Love J-Christ
I Love
In Response To The Upsurge Of Love Topics....
I Love
I Love...
I Love...
I Love Batman

The First ever Nuneworld Member meeting!!!
<b style="">One of the members from Nuneworld Traveled around the world and met another. Yes thats right, the first ever member meeting. Rick Hard was staying in New York for a few months and decided to get a train across america from New York to Seattle. It took about 4 days of travelling on a train but he got there in the end. Then a bus journey to Vancouver was the next step. When Rick arrived in the bus terminus in Vancouver, Metroid Dragon was there to meet him. Rick stayed with Metroid for a few days after which he went and stayed with another friend who also lived in Vancouver. Good times were had by all in the accompaniment of plenty of booze. Rick left Vancouver about a week later and made his way back to New York (by plane). A great first meeting by all standards. <br style="text-decoration: underline;"></b>

Important Dates in NuneWorld History

Date of Creation of NuneWorld is currently unknown to mankind. And womankind for you smart alecs out there.

June 29, 2002 - Admin Black Dragon signs up for NuneWorld

December 5, 2002 - Admin Lord signs up for NuneWorld.

March 17, 2003 - Legendary Member, Aaron1339 signs up for NuneWorld.

April 1, 2003 - 100 posts or more is created by Slain

May 1, 2003 Global Moderator, Rat Racer550 signs up.

May 10, 2003 Global Moderator, and post leader, Tzobell signs up.

May 20, 2003 - Global Moderator, etile signs up.

July 24, 2003 - The EHoP and Dancing Llama Societies is created.

September 12, 2003 - Global Moderator, Blue signs up.

October 9, 2003 - EHoP ends with a final post by Aaron1339.

December 5, 2003 - NuneWorld Awards Ceremony is done on NuneWorld's anniversary.

December 22, 2003 - Last Post By Aaron1339.

May 26, 2004 - Spynets Survivor begins.

July 31, 2004 - Spynets Survivor ends, Evanfan1117 rising as the winner, over BrunoX.

September 11, 2004 - Possibly the most hated member, Maester Seymour is put on Posting Probation, and opts to leave because he can no longer get his post count up, "to get an admin job".

October 24, 2004 - Seymour returns, this time using the name "Motoko". He is quickly banned by rat racer550. EDIT: It seems that it was Not rat racer550, but someone else. But who? EDIT2: ... Alright, apparently it was Rat.

November 7, 2004 - Seymour returns once again with "Rosette Christopher" He has been put on postwatch sometime since then.

January 17, 2005 - The Most Active Global moderators, Blue and RatRacer550, decided together than they would leave nuneworld forever. They will be missed by many. Metroid_dragon and Evanfan1117 took their places as Global moderators.

June 27, 2005 - After a lengthy period of time posting on the site in secret as "poopinabox", former Gmod
rat racer550 issues a formal apology for his actions and vows to become a better member. rat's account is unbanned shortly afterwards and has been givin another chance which he has used to once again become a respected member of our community.

July 10, 2005 - Maester Seymour has returned again under his old account and is a regular poster now which has not had any major spamming issues yet.

August 21, 2005 - Survivor #2 ends with HaloDmc as the winner.

Jul 17, 2006 - Forum back up after recent downtime due to hacking.

August 21, 2006 - Local Gmod Etile goes vegitarian.

August 26, 2006 - Local Gmod Etile abandons vegitarianism.

September 13, 2006 - Etile's RP The End of Times announced

September 20, 2006 - Maester Seymour (officially) banned.

September 28, 2006 - metroid_dragon finally does a major update to the History of NuneWorld.

December 5, 2006 - metroid_dragon and Etile, are promoted from Global Moderator to Administrator

April 23, 2009 - Rick Hard (apparently) comes out of the closet.

Mid July 2009 - Nuneworlds first member meeting - Rick Hard traveled across america and up to Vancouver, Canada to meet Metroid Dragon.

Novermber 6 2009 - Forum upgrade. New forum features installed when the forum was upgraded to Invision 3.0 (i think) by lord.


Nuneworld User Submissions

Nuneworld's user community has become so large it's sometimes hard to keep track of everything that happens, if you happen to think something is needed feel free to write it up and submit it to metroid_dragon and it shall be approved and added to this section.

All entries are the personal opinion of the person who submitts them and should not be taken entirely accuratly.

Runescape Age 2 a.k.a. Amphere vs. Lance

Before Rat Racer550 quit and left NuneWorld with blue and others, the Runescape forum needed new moderators. As usual, Lance complained to Lord saying that the age of spammers and hackers had returned to the RS Forums. He claimed that without any moderators the place was going to crash and burn. Tzobell and blue who were once fellow mods weren't cut out to handle the job. Tzobell had lost all interest in the game, Rat had quit playing RS, and blue was rarely around. Count Seamus, the Books Forum Moderator, was known to help out around the RS Forums and was liked by Amphere.

Lord took him for his word and started a poll amongst the mods to see who would be the top candidates for the job. The main competition was between Amphere and Lance. It was easily seen that Amphere was winning with ease, there was no mod favoring Lance to become one of the new moderators.

Amphere hated Lance for his idiocy and annoying personality, he made this known throughout the forums by insulting him at every turn. Amphere quickly lost popularity when Lance left and blamed Amphere for making him leave. This quickly led into many arguments between Amphere and the whole forums. It was a one sided battle and everyone was turning on him. The people who had voted for him as mod were now saying he shouldn't deserve to be mod and should be suspended.

Rat was still around at this time and persuaded Lance to come back promising him something good. As quickly as he left, Lance came back (He was gone for about 3 days). The fights still broke out and Amphere remained belligerent. He quickly concluded that Rat had promised Lance modship to come back to NuneWorld. Amphere didn't take this kindly and instantly accused Rat of doing so. This started a grudge between Amphere and Rat. Two people who had gotten along fairly well together were now enemies.

Lord had been gone at this time and had missed all the action. Since he only saw the poll showing that Amphere was winning, he appointed him RS Mod. Rat had probably PMed Lord asking Lance to be a mod as well so he got the job too. Amphere is still known to dislike Lance and he is constantly considering the option to leave NuneWorld and take on his full time job as Admin for his Runescape Clan Forums. (Spirits of Runescape)

Amphere has apologized to Lance and others for his actions.

Here are some notable topics that cover some of the information above:

Lance leaving
Amphere arguing with Lance & Rat (Read it all)

If you'd like to find any other evidence proving that Amphere dislikes Lance, search around the Runescape Forums. I guarantee it won't take long.

Rat responded with this:
To get the story straight, I never promised Lance anything. I told him exactly what Amphere posted: that a lot of people were mad at Amphere for making Lance leave, and that Lance now had a better chance of winning modship than he had before, and that he had my vote. Not that he would get modship if he came back.

Submitted by: Amphere

Drew Vs. Sean

When we all thought Drew was acting normal, he started up again. After relentlessly attacking members he attacked one last member, Halo. It all started in a specific topic that we are unable to find. But Drew posted something negative towards Halo. Before he could see it the retired RatRacer550 closed the topic immediately. Soon after they battled it out through PM's but one one knew about it yet.

Later on Drew made a topic in pointless called "Face/Off". It is proven that they had an argument of who was better looking the "Post a Pic of Yourself" topic. They battled in Face/off for days and days, everyone new about it.

Drew Vs. Junior

Shortly after SuicideKing who was aparently "going out" with evanfan1337 got into a fight about a comment he made in "Post a Pic of Yourself. It had gotten to a point where Junior(Suicideking) took a picture of him self holding his AK47. He threatened Drew that if he ever came to his town he would be shot. Thats when Drew stopped.

A few weeks went by and thats when former Honoured members blue and RatRacer550 made their own forum. Drew joined up and became the music mod. All of a sudden Drew dissapeared at post 400. He rarely posts at NuneWorld anymore.

The Face/Off Topic: Face/Off

[ Drew responds to this with:
QUOTEYo', this is !@#$ing !@#$%^&*. I didn't start that $%^&*; and I didn't stop when junior threatened me. Junior bitched up.

Submitted by: HaloD MC

Colour Legend

rat racer550
Rick Hard


Imagine  - 17 years later .... stll coming now on then and paying the host just I becouse I do not want to destroy this place and memories....

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