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RPB Rules

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Posted 19 November 2006 - 04:02 PM

Here is a short guide to the rules for Role Play Battle, which is an activity branched from Role Playing. Most rules for RPing apply here, such as preferably using third person; writing in paragraphs to portray the lastest movement; playing fairly; using character for each post made (because it's more than a computer game); and flawless characters shall not be welcome.

* The first rule is the obvious: no godmodding is allowed here. Godmodding is when one deliberately takes control of another player's character and states how he/she reacted to a move one has made. You are simply to make a move and await the reaction of your opponent.

* You may not injure your opponent. You can swing your sword or fire a bullet in their direction, but it is their responsibility to accept the attack and state the injury taken. If you do not accept injuries during the battle, a moderator will gladly do so for you... Note that some attacks can be blocked. Use your head, common sense, and imagination...

* Try to be active and respond to your battles.

* Challenging characters:
- All challenges can be made via Personal Messages (PMs) to battlers with profiles posted in the Character Creation Topic.
- The person who challenges a player creates the battling topic.
- Upon creating a topic, include the physical environment you shall be battling in (ex: Forest, desert, coastline; raining, clear, etc...), and be sure to briefly introduce your character.
- The entering post (where the environment is explained) cannot be used to place an attack on your challenged opponent. Wait for the opponent's arrival and note that it is optional for them to attack in their entering post. Expand if you'd like: use dialouge...

* You can create as many characters as you wish. Characters from movies or games are permitted. When using a pre-made character, do not expect others to know exactly what you're talking about. Include as much information as possible for all unoriginal characters.

Create a character here.
- and when finished with a character, ask a moderator to delete the post in which the warrior is included.

* These spars are for fun and no prize is included with victories. Be sure to enjoy yourself; check the RP Forum regularly; join other RPs; create and spar in multiple battles; and join the RPB Tournament when willing to compete competitively. Role Playing is a literate and intellectual art.

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