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The Oompa Loompas

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#1 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 23 July 2004 - 05:45 AM

Long Long ago in a far away place their lived a man named Evil Lord, also known as El in the Nune world bible. In this long forsaken story, El did try to take over the world with his evil horde of Penguins, he did fail miserable, the AIIA (Aaron’ss Imaginary intelligence Agenci) did stop him in his tracts and he was defeated. While records show he was dead, he is in fact alive. After El was defeated by AIIA, he did retreat into the wideness and did go into hiding. After months of desperation he became delusional, he had no mind, he had no self mind. He sat out in the desert thinking about his failure to take over the world, and hated him self miserable. Why could not his army defeat the world and give him all power and glory for him to love and cherish forever as long as he shadowed the world with his ever dominating glowing power. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a sucker he had been saving. He slowly unwrapped in and savored at its beauty with aw. “Its so Beautiful and sexy,” he thought to him self “I want to mary you and bread an army of half human half sucker people to take over the world.” He was crazy, he popped the sucker into his mouth with regret thinking he way have just given up an other opportunity to take over the world. But of course this was not possible, he would forever be a failure, a tyrant of his own destiny. He long for the days he could be with his pet belly dancers that had once enticed him at his will. The future was hopeless. Or was it?
As he sat in the hot desert heat he looked up into the sky- there was a storm coming perhaps he would be saved with the water from these heavenly clouds from above. He could see the clouds coming in closer he anticipated with vigor for the tiny drops of rain to sting his scaly lips and sink slowly into his mouth. But as he looked closer he noticed these clouds were an odd green color. Was the spork god going to rain acid on him so he could be rid of him once and for all? Or was this a blessing waiting to arrive to him? But then he saw the other part of the could, it was a funny mud color brown with the to white dots. He was absolutely a lunatic, the lack of water had caused his brain to fizzle up into oblivion. But the weird shaped clouds continued to approach him. The clouds picked him up to his amazement and said “Hello strange friend, we are the oompa loompas, we have come here to save you from the scorching sun” they were a short people with lime green hair and tree bark colored skin. They wore plain white overalls, and white slippers. They poured water into his mouth, and they picked him up and took him to they den that was dug into the ground several miles away. When they got to their den, the head of the Ompa Loompas came forward. “Hello strange man, we understand you have experience in the art of war craft.”
El thought to him self, yes he did, he remembered a time in which he was king over all that he desired and could take over a settlement with the littlest ease. But that was so long ago, he though even though is had really only been a year in a half it felt like a life time. Each month in the desert seemed like a life time, and he truly believed he had been in the desert for 50 some odd years. He spoke softly to the ompa loompas “Why yes, I do remember at one I was a master in the art of war fare. But I have been out of the ‘war seen’.”
“ We need you El, we need you to help us. Long ago, my people we taken captive by an evil man known as Willy Wonky. He made us slaves, we worked all day making a foreign substance we were told was called candy. Wonky treaded us poorly, we were given no food, no water, he raped the women, he tortured our children and gave us little more then loin cloths to wear in the middle of winter. Then we were rescued by a yong boy, his name was charily, he gave us these fancy cloths and freed our people. But unfortunately Wonky tortured Charily, and his parents, together they watch each other burn in agony to their death. But now our people have been are being attacked once again by Wonka with an army of radio active bubble gum that has came to live due to large amounts of radiation. We need you to fight with us.
El thought to him self, he could help these people get passed Wonky and then he could continue to once again take over the world.

#2 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 24 July 2004 - 09:21 PM

Why I read this... I know not.

Good job, nevertheless

#3 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 24 July 2004 - 09:29 PM

ooc: sorry for double post.
*odd sound check noises in background

Hello? hello? testing 1... 2.... um.... ok, that's good enough, start the feed

QUOTE( AIIA radio transmission)
This is etile, new subleader of the AIIA (under only Lord). I make this unencypted transsmission to ALL agents. There is a new threat in the world, and it is up to us to put an end to it.... mostly becaue NO ONE else will believe it, but oh well.

Anyways, all members, are to report here ASAP. We are currently accepting new members. Over, under and out

#4 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 03:15 AM

why yes etile the I have just been informed of a new information reagarding Willy Wonka. Aparently Willy Wonka is scitsifenic, he is dangurouse, we must take care of Willy befour we deal with El.

But yes we need help on this important mission all People are accepted to join us on this new and important mission. Please, may the spork god be with us.

#5 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 03:24 AM

ooc: I'm thinking of actually drawing pics that will be like levels. maps of places. etc. that way we can run around with a little more sanity. I'll elaborate later

*enters the conference room

I have been informed that there are certain data disks that will help us on our mission. The informant was anonymous, but there's at least a 15% chance that they are not trying to kill us all... Anyways, I'm going to use a satellite uplink to get a map of the area... I belive it's an old EHoP lair in Antarctica

#6 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 03:38 AM

Wait etile, it think some members may be confused about this whole thing. We need to elaborate on what the AIIA is.

The AIIA is a secret Agenci deticated to stoping people who threaten the peace of our world. It was formed years ago, while it is widly unknown they have had more influence over our lives then any other group ever. When you join the AIIA to help stop El and Willy Wonks from takeing over the ommpa loompas you commit your heart and soul to make sure they are stoped.


back to story at oompa loompa hut

Meanwhile El is back at the oompa loompa hut discuseing further plans to stop Willy Wonka

El- we must stop this, this, evil of nomanity, we will destroy the vengence out of Willy that his intestisnes will be cut from there intermost core and be dispursed amoung the face of the world for all man kind to partake of his blood

Cheif OL (oompa loompa)- wow! Befour you take over him you must first take my back skin

El- what!!?!?!

Cheif OL- yes you must so you will be one of us

El- *sees cheif rip of his shirt and hands him a knife to signify that he must cut off his back skin and eat it. El dose it with pleaseure. When he is done he feels that power of the skin sorge through him like hot steam he feels that power of the almighty skin and over talkes him to an extent that makes pass out beyong death but not yet dead, he was diffetrent he had gain something untangable he was it. The almighty it. *

#7 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 03:39 AM

Satellite Uplink: COMPLETED

I have gotten the exact location and the map. It does appear to be an old EHoP base, as suspected. Although I commanded the EHoP for a short time, there were many renegades that choose to stay in their homeland. These penguins are very hostile, and equiped with a variety of weapons.
I am going to that location to start fighting, and am leaving a map with you all. Please read it carefully, and realize that the red zones are indicators of possible enemies.

*leaves conference room

user posted image

#8 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 03:47 AM

*reaches the base in Antarctica

Hmm... computer, statistics please

Temperature: -20 Celsius
Entrance Proximity: 30 Meters
Expected Enemies: 30-200
Weapons: Two Glocks, 4 grenades, two knives, 1 spork (only in case of emergencies)
Survival Probability: Unknown

Thank you, computer

*turns on Radio

Guys, I'm going in... Some back up would be nice

*busts through doors

#9 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 04:17 AM

ooc: Gaia a wee bit lazy today, isn't it. Oh, wait, no one is one besides me...
After busting through to doors, he hears shots being fired at him before the dust even settles. Seeing 10 or 12 penguins shooting at him from the end of the hall, he quickly throws a grenade at them while diving outside, out of their weapons reach.

"Crap... it was a death trap... can't leave though, there might actually be a data disk down there"

After hearing the explosion, he runs through the hall, into a room with columns in it

"Alright, let's get busy"

He pulls out his two guns, and shoots at the penguins that pop out from behind the columns. Clips empty, he starts reloading...


He hears a solid cement door crash down behind him

"No way out..."

*Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep.... Beep*

After hearing a slow beeping sound that is getting progressively faster, he thinks, 'Damn, the whole room is probably rigged!'
He finishes reloading, and dives, rolling behind the wall for safety.... accomanied with about half a dozen peguins

Beep... Beep... Beep..


He kicks the first one down, and it tumbles, knocking over another one.

Beep... Beep...

Then he shoots at the others, taking time to throw a grenade into what appears to be the next room, which has a few more enemies

Beep Beep Bee-Bee...


A deep boom is heard as the rigged room explodes, the wall he took cover with toppling over. After his grenade explodes, he dives into that room, killing those who are still alive

"God, What a way to end the week..."

#10 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 06:16 AM

*looks around

"Computer! Give me the ETA for reinforcements!"

Expected Time of Arrival for reinforcements: Unknown

"Oh, come on... Computer, give me a list of the people that have received the briefing"

Agents online: none

"Well, that's just peachy"

He marches on, blasting everything in sight

#11 Guest_metroid_dragon_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 07:00 AM

OOC: ya thats confusing... well i gues i'll give er' a shot.

OOC: i know i may regret asking this, i know a sport is incredibly important, but what does it do?

*Busts in through broken door, triping slightly in the process

"Reinforcements have arrived! Well, i guess im the only reinforcements for now"

*relises that nobody is in the room but corpses and there is no apparent exit but hears many gunshots and explosions.

*notices that one section of the wall is discoloured and looks like a door that has been severly damaged by an explosion

"a well placed gernade should do the trick here"

*places gernade inside of a hollow in the door and pulls pin.


"well that did the trick"

*steps through the rubble of the roomm with coloums and hurries over to what appears to be the next room.

"why hello there Etile!"

*bullets bounce off of the wall behind them*

"things are getting kinda hot around here! im gonna get over to that wall on our right and get those guys behind this wall, cover me!"

*jumps out from behind wall and starts shooting the penguins behind the wall we were behind with a SBP-950

my gun looks like this: user posted image

*after gunning down half of the penguins, the rest duck for cover but are gunned down by Etile as they run off

"well, we got this wall here now!"

#12 thunderleaf


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Posted 25 July 2004 - 09:49 PM

QUOTE(metroid_dragon @ Jul 25 2004, 06:00 AM)
user posted image

You made that yourself?

#13 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 09:58 PM

*looks at Metroid

"Agent, thanks for the help. Computer, I.D."

Subject Status: Unknown
Background: Unknown

*starts trying to take the next wall

"Hey there, care to fill in the blanks?? Are you a new recruit?"

*takes over the next wall, and starts reloading

"Alright, two walls are ours"

#14 Guest_tzobell_*

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Posted 26 July 2004 - 02:57 AM

meanwhile back in the oompa loompa hut the oompa loompas prepare ffor battle whith willy wonka and his army of radioactive bublegum. But El has other plans. While in the brink of night El waked over to Willies candy facory to discuse matters.

El: *knocks at the front gate*

as he knocked willy comes up with a smerk on his face

Willy: I was expecting you to come this way.

El: why yes indeed, we have many things to discuse

Willy: yes we do, i new a man such as your self would be to foolish to go to war with an army of oompa loompas

El- yes i know *they walked inside and say down*

willy- would you like some nerds?

El- why yes

Willy- anyways what exactly did you want to do about this war matter with the ommpa loompas?

El- i think we could possible convice them to see things a different way inwhich they will want to help us.

Willy- and how is that.

El- General's first rule

Willy- whats that?

El- as a war general there are rules, or guidelines, the first one is the generals first rule which says people are stupid and will believe what they want to believe. Now the oompa loompas already know of your radio active buble gum, but i still have some penguine DNA. We could clone a few dozen penguins to go after them. At that point while we they are being attacted we come in with are army of radio active buble gum and destroy the penguins. After destroying the penguins that were attacting the ompa loompas you will look like there savior. At that point you will tell them that these penguins were sent from AIIA headquarters to capture them because they felt that there race was threatening world peace. They will then agree to join with us and our army of radio active buble gum while we concur the world and set out to accomplish the goal of once again re-building the roman empire and their culture. Only this empire will be world wide.

Willy- *smiles at El* i think we will be two very sucsessful war craftsmen.

#15 Guest_etile_*

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Posted 26 July 2004 - 06:52 AM

"Hey man, stay back for a bit."

He motions for him to stay, then goes forth, blasting his way though the foes, weaving between the jutting walls.

"Hmm... this seems easy... almost too easy.."

He shrugs, then reaches a room. Seeing a large gathering of enemies, he throws another grenade, and dives to the side, getting back up to shoot the rest.

Then, he noticed a staircase leading down

"Ooo, a staircase leading down...."

He promptly goes down it, noticing that there is no light down there, and that it could easily be a trap


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