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Unreal Tournament 2004 Cheats

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Open console by pressing ~ and enter in these codes:

behindview 0 - 1st person view.
behindview 1 - 3rd person view.
allammo 999 - Ammo For Every Weapon.
addbots # - add the numbers of bots specified
loaded - All weapons.
allweapons - All weapons(not full ammunition)
stat audio - audio stats.
FOV # - changes "Field of View" to specified number (in degrees)
setname (name) - changes player name.
setres WxHxD (example - 1600x1200x32) - Changes resolution to the
specified values.
switchteam - changes team.
suicide - commits suicide.
stat all - displays all stats.
quit - Quits game entirely.
exit - Exits the game entirely.
playersonly - freeze time (type again to unfreeze).
stat game - game statistics.
god - Infinite Health.
killbots - kills all bots.
stat net - network play statistics.
open (mapname) - opens specified map.
setgravity # - set amount of gravity.
setjumpz # - set height of jumps.
setspeed # - set speed of gameplay.
stat fps - shows (Frames per Second).
slowmo # - slow motion.
summon xweapons.redeemerpickup - spawns a redeemer.
summon xweapons.assaultriflepickup - spawns assault rifle.
summon onslaught.onsavrilpickup - spawns avriL.
summon xweapons.bioriflepickup - spawns bio rifle.
summon xweapons.flakcannonpickup - spawns flak cannon.
summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickup - spawns Grenade Launcher.
summon xweapons.painterpickup - spawns ion painter.
summon xweapons.sniperriflepickup - spawns lightning gun.
summon xweapons.linkgunpickup - spawns link gun.
summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickup - spawns Mine Layer.
summon xweapons.minigunpickup - spawns minigun.
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup - spawns rocket launcher.
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup - spawns Shield Gun.
summon xweapons.shockriflepickup - spawns shock rifle.
summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickup - spawns Sniper Rifle.
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTank - Summon a Goliath.
summon Onslaught.ONSPRV - Summon a Hellbender.
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup - summon a instagib shock rifle.
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike - Summon a Manta.
summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft - Summon a Raptor.
summon Onslaught.ONSRV - Summon a Scorpion.
togglefullscreen - switchs between fullscreen and windowed mode.
walk - turns fly off (you will fall from the sky).
stat none - turn off stats.
ghost - turns off clipping and gravity for the player.
fly - You character can fly through the air as if you were in "flyby" mode.
teleport - You will be teleported to the location on your crosshairs.

Hidden Vehicle - The TC-1200!
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSGenericSD

Hidden Voice Command
In an offline game, say "* Dance" in your headset, replacing * with Alpha, Bravo, Everyone, etc., and that person will start to jump around and dance

Hidden Voice Commands
Speak the following using a mic to make the named bot perform the associated action:

[Bot name] Suicide Named bot will commit suicide
[Bot name] Dance Named bot will dance
[Bot name] Jump Named bot will jump up and down
[Bot name] Taunt Named bot will taunt opponents

Unlock secret characters without beating the game.
Open up your User.ini in the system folder. Press Ctrl+F and search for "Total", you should see "TotalUnlockedCharacters=". After the = sign put Malcolm;ClanLord;Xan. It should read: "TotalUnlockedCharacters=Malcolm;ClanLord;Xan" This is case sensitive.

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