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Mass Effect Cheats

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First, enable the console by going to Documents>BioWare>Mass Effect>Config on your computer. Then open BIOInput in Notepad. Find the line [Engine.Console] and under it add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde. Then when playing in game simply press the tilde key (above tab) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat.

Effect Code
enable fly mode. very awkward controls. fly
Give all armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllArmor xs
Give all grenades, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllGrenades xs
Give all human armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllArmorHuman xs
Give all krogan armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllArmorKrogan xs
Give all quarian armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllArmorQuarian xs
Give all Turian armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllArmorTurian xs
Give all Weapons and Armor Mods GiveAllXMods
Give all weapons, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllWeapons xs
Give Super Armor givesuperarmor
Give Super Gun givesupergun
Gives a bonus talent givebonustalent #
Gives all Armors GiveAllArmor
Gives Bio Amps, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllBioamps
Gives Omni Tool, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuer GiveAllOmniTools
gives you everything exept for armor. giveall
Increments or decrements the party's credits. AdjustCredits (plus or minus number)
Move player to location specified by crosshairs teleport
replace # with desired amount of experience points givexp #
replace # with desired amount of paragon points setparagon #
replace # with desired amount of renegade points setrenegade #
replace # with the desired amount of credits adjustcredits #
replace # with the desired amount of talent points. givetalentpoints #
return to normal on foot control walk
Set number of grenades initgrenades #
Sets amount of medi-gel to the number requested. initmedigel X
Sets the party credits to this amount. InitCredits (number)
Super Speed superspeed
Unlock Achievements unlockachievement #
walk through walls ghost

Infinite Paragon and Renegade points
On the Noveria planet, go to the hotel bar, and look for a Turian named Lorik Qui'in. Accept his quest to steal the data from his office. Once you get the data, the receptionist will ask you to get Qui'in to testify. Tell her you will do it, and then talk to Qui'in. Tell Qui'in that he should testify (top left option). When he refuses, select the Charm option (top left) for Paragon points or the Intimidate (bottom left) for Renegade points, and end the conversation. Talk to him again, and ask about the Matriarch. When he gets done talking about her, select the "Other questions" option (bottom right). You should now have the option to ask him to testify again (top left). He will refuse, and you will be able to use the Charm or Intimidate option again to gain another 24 Paragon or Renegade points. Repeat this process as many times as desired. You can also easily get the "Paragon" and "Renegade" achievements with the glitch.
Easy credits
In Quasar, bet Y on odd and X on even.
Easy experience points
To gain extra experience from battles, make sure to get out of the Mako for the final hit. You can weaken the stronger enemies from inside the Mako and then get out to finish them off. You will only get 60% of the experience if you kill enemies with the Mako.
Easy Mako repairs
If your Mako is badly damaged and you do not want to or cannot spend Omni-gel to repair it, save your game, and reload it. Your Mako should now be totally repaired.
Weapon that does not overheat
Get a HMWA X assault rifle with Frictionless Materials, Combat Optics X, and Snowblind Rounds X as upgrades.
Saving weapon points
If you are a Soldier, level up weapons so you can use their bonuses and no further. For example, carnage is the shotgun's bonus. By doing this, you will have extra points for a desired weapon and points to level everything else completely out. You do not need the damage and accuracy bonus from the points because when you become a Spectre the best of every weapon becomes unlocked in the Normandy or at the C-SEC requisitions office.
Lethal sniping
Equip any good sniper rifle (powerful and accurate) with High Explosive Rounds (highest level preferably). This combination will kill nearly every normal enemy it directly hits, and severely damage enemies in their proximity, if not killing them as well. For fun, if you shoot at the enemy's feet or the ground he is standing directly on top of, he will jettison into the air. Note: High Explosive Rounds work best only with sniper rifles as they are meant to kill with one shot. If it is used with a pistol, assault rifle, or shotgun, the weapon will overheat in less than five shots (depending on the type of weapon), regardless of upgrades and decency of the gun. This will make yourself vulnerable to enemies.

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