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#95973 Neblina Records

Posted by !obloquy! on 16 January 2005 - 07:57 PM in Rap Forum

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FREE DOWNLOAD Full EP | Individual tracks
A special gift from Neblina to help you bring in the New Year....

1. Chapter 13 The Rebirth Remix | Produced by Rashid Hadee
2. K-Hill Da Instigator Remix | Produced by D.O.X.
3. Young Valentine (of Chapter 13) I'm Lazy | Produced by Yound Valentine
4. Skinny Kenny ft Rashid Hadee (of Chapter 13) Do The Math | Produced by Rashid Hadee
5. K-Hill The Diesel Go-Off | Produced by DJ Resident
6. Medinah General Dreams Instrumental | Produced by DJ Resident
7. Troy Knight AKA Bone Peep the Status | Produced by Chopy Chop-e
8. K-Hill Intro Of A Dream | Produced by 9th Wonder
9. Obsidian Blue Solo Flight | Taken from the album Freon

Definition. The Hip-Hop Compilation | Out Now
Fear & Loathing: Riding with DJ Resident | Coming Soon