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#241225 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 26 March 2007 - 05:18 PM in RP Forum

He twitches. 'You've only seen a fraction of my powers. By the looks of things you were trying to kill me, which i've no choice but to kill you too, myself.'

It was all down to business, phoenix had declaired and targeted skye for his next kill, and without any doubt, he went straight for it, though a little bit of time would take place to prepare, he couldn't think of anything more fitting than a female like her to screen in absolute agony as she will slowly get killed.

His frictionless sonic wave of energy was apparently blocked by her 'matharian magic' no longer did he care, he wanted this over and done with, there was no more play time, so then his eyes started glowing, and his armour turned more pale than ever, he combined the powers of his gravity manipulation, telekenisis, and most of his tesla energy to begin generating tiny raindroplet sized negative spheres.

Everyone had an indestructable object to their arsenal, and for phoenix, this was one of them, not only were they invunerable from being destroyed, but they too were frictionless, the spheres had a surrounding atmosphere where nothing exsisted, for addition, since phoenix were the founder and the creator of these tiny orbs, he had the insurance that only he would be able to control them. And so, the preparation started, hundreds upon hundreds of spheres generate from thin-air, as if matter was taken from the atmosphere to build these objects, shaping them, using his gravity maniupaltion to make sure each and every one of them are perfect, equal-sized spheres, not one of them he created were imperfect.

Soon the battle feild's atmosphere were littered with these tiny colourless orbs, phoenix only stood there with a huge amount of tesla jolting and surging from him as he'd growl from the severe concentration he's putting into the attack.. this time, he thought, would be her last chance to ever see the sun or formulate a plan to avoid it. 'You're dead' He simply said, to threaten her.

#241223 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 26 March 2007 - 04:55 PM in RP Forum

He missed, his flying heel had missed completely dispite it's efforts and use to have the levatiation ability put into use, he fell to the ground, turning his head allowing the second set of orbs slide along his head (The other set of eyes guyvers have) to observe what she was doing while his back was turned. 'An instant death move.. Are you looking to kill me, woman?' He stood and turned then slowly stepping back gathering up plans to avoid it. His mind would find a single solution, rather than dive roll to dodge it, he'd give the aura live bait to chew on instead of himself. He'd make gargling noises, blood would gush from the joints between each peices of his guyver armour. Squelching noises were heard as he seperates from his human host. The guyver growls and the human screams in pain.

The seperation finishes with the human host falling to his knees and in the way of the aura, taking it, while the guyver (Phoenix) quickly moves out the way. He stands to witness his old human host be destroyed by the magical aura that was meant for him, blood stained his armour from head to toe, and would soon dry. Looked to skye 'You are rushing the fight, and exposing too many of you're powers.' He bent his right forearm, allowing a high-frequency blade to shunt straight from his elbow, he crossed that arm across his chest and had all the gravity gyros spun, so that he'd throw the arm across from his chest and out to the side of him, using the 8ft long elbow blade to slash through the air within and instant blur of speed, he'd create a sonic wave that would rush toward skye at wasitlength. The wave would cut through the air, and being that it's close to being frictionless, theres hardly a chance that it can be stopped. If this dealy attack were to hit it's target, the target would be simply cut in two or anything that would get in it's way and wouldnt slow down till it reached the distance of 400km's.

#241000 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 23 March 2007 - 12:41 PM in RP Forum

He was kicked from her landing on him while spinning and kicking him back to where he came. He uncurled and landed on a two feet and a flat palm to support his landing after he had fallen, he stood and tilted his head backward to look upon skye. His gravity gyros spun, using this ability he given himself the gift of levatation, it had him raise from the floor by a few inches and to follow her while she'd still be in mid-air.

He flew towards her gaining speed, he no longer used the gyros by this time and had thrown himself toward her direction with an extended leg planning to plant his left heel into her stomache.

#240998 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 23 March 2007 - 12:32 PM in RP Forum

Without any effort at all, he finally got what he wanted.. A worthwhile fight, he canceled his mega-smashers quickly to only have himself on guard for the incoming skye who placed to catapult her fists to his face. While she was in mid-air, he intended to join her, he crouched low then kicked leaping for her, the leap was strong enough he sent himself flying to her, curling into a ball, he had his back near enough to her fists near enough to the time she had wanted to put his face in.

With him curled while leaping, he performed a summersault that would have his curled back to her, of course he was guyver and didn't care if she smacked him on the back, he didn't worry so much he used his back as a weapon, which he hoped would injure her fists and possbibly go straight for her also, so if it wasn't her fists, it was her, and if this counter-attack had missed, he would be sent flying, only to land in the distance standing with his back turned to her.

#240996 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 23 March 2007 - 12:18 PM in RP Forum

He frowned seeing he back away. 'You will regain you're honour and fight me like a warrior matharian!' The tesla stopped pulsing, his brainwave patterns became phoenomenal, the psychic abilitie used for his speeched turned out to be a well developed weapon of desruction, he used to to manipulate his guyver abilities far beyond that what a guyver with high potential could never acheive.

The gravity gyros spun wildly, creating a vast darkness about the battlefeild, by using it, he'd break every law of physics there was. He had his arms cross and to slowly grip the inner edges of his chest plates. They glow and pulse, for a guyver, it would take less time and just to simply rip open the chestplates and fire out the blast. In Phoenix's case, he was planning to achieve total destruction, he was building the energy, supplying the mega-smashers with his tesla supply to gain the extra ability to obiterate an entire continent off the face of the earth.

The edges around his eyes had glown a bright blue colour, and all around the edge of his chestplates had glown a purple with random jolt or two circulating. 'If you don't fight me now, i'll destroy you're home' Indeed he may be dishonourable, but a fight he will get. He wanted this, not only did he want it, but he needed it.

#240992 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 23 March 2007 - 12:00 PM in RP Forum

He held his arm at his side, he frowned and twitched silently, a couple jolts of tesla sheilded him from dust which often turned to flames by combusting in thin air. He'd keep his appearence from all view, as he didn't want his face to be seen by anyone, not even if it were for the honour of the battle.

'No, i'm sure you've fought a guyver before me. That certain someone was stuck dead in a temple I broke into to repair my medalion. That guyver was my son.' Hoped that had cleared more things up, he couldnt recall her story of who killed his son in the little village she dwelled in like a noble.

#240989 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 23 March 2007 - 11:51 AM in RP Forum

He stood there, a disappointment to come indeed.. He had come to nothing, only to see zar's plan fail, it was obvious skye had been beaten up to much which is why she was leaving, he frowned in disappointment. He didn't reply to any of her comments or question, only to turn and point in her direction. 'Coward.' He said in utter bitterness, anyone who walked away instead of fighting him, he'd always call them a coward, then later left them to dwell of their misery for such an act.

'I came here to fight, I didn't come to hear of you're ventures with other males and giving them as many children as possible.. If you're not going to fight like the martharian warrior you are. Fight me like you did my son!' Again in a bitter tone he stood still.

#240909 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 22 March 2007 - 02:46 PM in RP Forum

He twitched and watched closely, observing the movements within the muscles of her limbs and body, he began slowly to follow to keep up, when she said she'd leave a large outburst of energy surrounded him, he merged himself into a cloud of energy, a lightning cloud. This lightning cloud struck the ground infront of her and particles of energy formed Phoenix. The Phoenomenom was complex and difficult to handle, but phoenix mastered such a technique, it done by using the gifted control over kinetic energy he had aquired and built up over the years.

He stood directly infront of her in his solid form till she would either stop or bump against him, his height dwarfed hers by a couple more feet.. well he was a mere 8ft taller than her. 'You obviously like the sport of creating children.. But you're time is with me now, don't make anymore excuses." he said, then answered 'You might be right, actually.'

#240907 Once in a life time battle.

Posted by Рноεпιх on 22 March 2007 - 02:33 PM in RP Forum

A distant roar can be heard from far over the horizon, an explosive burst his heard then a massive energy wave explodes into the surface dead ahead of her, creating a massive explosion. This was to stop her from walking away any farther. In the distance, phoenix was tearing up ground, fragments and chunks of earth scattering either way from him, he had been flying, manipulating gravity to his own will to achieve such a speed reaching over 1,350mph. He stopped a few seconds after he had closed the distance between them, an effect of a large gust passed him from traveling such a speed, whirling straight past skye and he had took his time from levitating in the air, slowly to allow his feet to set on the ground, and there he was, stood in phantom white armour, onyx eyes which had a gaze that could peirce into the hearts of his challengers.

He stood motionlessly after rushing across the earth just to get here, the blast wasnt intentional, but he had to do it to stop her, and his entrance wasn't intentional either, it would of took him a couple more hours to get here if Zar hadn't of vanished off like that without a trace, for the exception for a few cuts on skyes body. Tesla energy surrounded his entire being, each jolt circulated his armour, occasionally zapping the surface of the earth leaving small burns.

#240904 Character Creation

Posted by Рноεпιх on 22 March 2007 - 02:22 PM in RP Forum


Name: Phoenix Shadowheart

Title(s): None

Reputation Title: The first purebred guyver.

Class: Fighter, assilant, guardian.

Alignment: Neutral

Magic: Kinetic energy, ambient energy.


Eye Color - Onyx
Hair - White (Guyver: None)
Build - Muscular & Toned
Height - 13ft 11inches
Weight - 450kgs

-Torso: None
-Legs: Snake-Skinned leather plants
-Arms: Fingerless brawling gloves
-Feet: Metal studded boots

-Other: Guyver armour covering him head to toe, once transformed

Personality: Aggresive, short tempered, saddist

Abilities: Gravity manipulation, kinetic electricity manipulation, & all other basic guyver abilities

Weapon(s): Tiger fang (Crested dagger shaped like a tiger fang)

Style: Head on, strategic.

Techniques: Uses basic attacks to advanced then strongest.

History: History known only by friends, has no clear memory of his past.