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Character Creation

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Posted 22 January 2005 - 12:02 AM

This is the topic to create Role Play characters you will be using to spar with other users who are interested. Helpful links for new players would be the RP guide created by a former moderator here, and the rules for RPB, which is here...

Feel free to post the characters you will be using when you spar. You can make a new Character at any time, just post it here and inform your opponents of which one your using. (* Also, if you are done with using a character and would like it to be deleted from this topic, PM a current moderator...)

This is the character set up (* which everyone needs to use: also, make it clear, understandable and detailed. This is a character you are creating: much more than a list of chosen options...):



Title(s): (Only a champion may hold a title. * Titles are earned in multiple winnings here, or in the Tournament Arena when it is running.)

Reputation Title: (* Create your own: possibly contributing to your class and magic use?.. e.g. aggressive, feared, spoofy wizard -- whatever you'd like...)

Class: (Your warriors occupation. * e.g. Theif, Random Blob, Dragon Rider, etc...)

Alignment: (* e.g. Good, Neutral, Evil...)



Eye Color -
Hair -
Build -
Height -
Weight -





Style: (Your fighting style. * e.g. Stealthy, sniper, head-on...)

Techniques: (Optional. * e.g. Techniques used by character during battle: RPB Player 1 aims to use elemental abilities to stun victim, then attack head on...)

History: (Optional.)

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Posted 22 January 2005 - 12:01 PM


Name: Marth

Age: 27



Title(s): None (yet)

Reputation Title: Few who have fought him since his full power was relased have lived to spread any info about him

Class: Master Psyonist


Magic:No 'spells' but his psyonist abilities give him spell like skills. Amongst these are (keep in mind that the sevarity of most of these are determined by the other player):
Sleep-Tires the target, may cause sleep
Confusion-Messes the targets mind up, might make them miss often or hurt themselves
Voices-The target starts hearing voices in his/her head, difficult to cast spells when people are messing the words up, right?
Dillusions-Target sees things that aren't real
Mind blast-Target gets hit by a blast of psychic energy, knocks them backward
Mind bomb-Target's mind is struck with mental energy, big headache

Appearance: Wears a long black coat with loose blue jeans. A pendant of a sword and dragon hangs around his neck.

Eye Color: Brown that occasionall shimmers with a silver color when battling hard

Hair:Shaggy black hair

Build:medium build, kinda lanky

Height: Above average height, but just barely

Weight: Average


-Torso: Black coat, black t-shirt, sheath across back
-Legs: blue jeans
-Arms: A simple watch
-Feet: Simple shoes
-Other: a necklace in the shape of a sword,

Personality: Queit, confident, almost arragant, grim

Psychic Attacks- allows him to attack a concousness directly
Psychic forming-can form solid objects out of psychic energy. only simple objects
Mental Fighting- Allows Marth to direct psychic energy for attacks
Psychic Mastery-This is the real power stuff, allows him to lift/throw/grab/heave and otherwise move things with the power of my mind (think Jedi)
Psychic Rift-My manipulating the fabric of time and space, allows him to make small portals, fluxuate time in a conrtolled area, teleport and even make small black holes.

Weapon(s):He has a sword with a soul in it (still can only do what a sword can do

Style: mainly psychic attacks but does know some hand to hand combat and sword fighting skills.

Techniques: Nothing he does regularly, he generally makes stuff up.

History: After the death of his parents, he thought to undo things. He learned his psychic abilities while looking. Giving up he changes his mission to one of revenge. After several years, he finds the one who killed his parents. Before the killer died, he reveled that Marth's parents weren't his own, that he was a gov't agent that had been sent to kill the three of them and that his parents were ex agents. he also mentioned marth's brother, giving him yet another reason to keep going. As he travels, his powers excel at a rapid pace. upon breaking into the gov't lab and trying to rescue his brother, he finds the mastermind behind the whole thing and tries to kill him, almost succeeding at avenging his parents murder, the mastermind kills his brother and flees. Marth, seeing his brother dieing, quickly thinks of a way to save his last family. Taking a sword from a fallen trooper, he directs his brother's soul into the sword and now takes it with him in order to restore his brother and kill the one who caused the whole ordel.

Has battled a powerful half demon and due to a strange incident that soul has fused to his brother's and now remains dormite in his sword.

(sorry if the history is long and tell me if something is too strong or not explained well)

* Your history is fine. Most people have included "History: unknown" in their profiles anyway.

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 07:07 PM

Name: yama hiroki

Age: 36

Race: human

Gender: male

Class: assasin

Alignment: neautral

Magic: turn invisible for short time, cast green fire


Eye Color: brown

Hair: short brown



Weight: light


-Torso: baggy black shirt
-Legs: baggy black trousers
-Feet: soft shoes
-Other: head mask, with band over(red)

Personality: quiet, fearlessness, sensible( knows when truly beaten

Abilities: accuracy

Weapon(s): kitana, shurikens, and nun-chucks

Style: ninja

Techniques: speed

History: member of the ancient talon chi clan he learned the moves to perfection, and became an assasin like all his clan he is honour bound and honest

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 04:48 AM

Name : Illidan Stormrage
Age : 20
Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class : Ninja
Rank : Jounin
Height : 5' 5"
Weight : 125 lbs
Built : Quick
Alignment : None
Magic Type : Chakra
Missions : Rank D - 30
Rank C - 20
Rank B - 20
Rank A - 1
Rank S - 0

Clothing : Head - Head Protector
Body - Tee-Shirt, Jacket for scrolls and such
Arms - None
Legs - Black Shorts
Feet - Black Boots

Personality : Quiet, rarly speaks

Weapons and Items : Shurikens - star shaped projectiles use for slight damage
Kunai - a dagger shaped projectile for close range combat and for throwing
Scroll - (currently) a scroll of jutsu he has mastered

Blood line - (Uchiha Clan) Sharingan

Techniques : (Unique) Sharingan - has ability to copy ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. Allows user to see through illusions (such as Kage Bunshins)
Chidori - user gather chakra in one hand and strikes at the enemy
(Special) Rasengan - the user sets a specific amount of chakra into the palm of his hand and thrust at an enemy. (requires training in water walking and tree climbing)
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clones) - creates clones of one's self
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch) - switches your body with that of an nonliving object to prevent damage to the user
Thousand Years of Pain - involves the user using his first and second fingers (excluding the thumb) and injects them into the opponents's rectem
Hakkeshou: Kaiten - user releases chakra from all the chakra points in his/her body to deflect most attacks
Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu) - the user uses his/her blood as a "sacrifice" to summon a beast from another plan of existance. Illidan summons a Giant Snake.
Konoha Repuu (Leaf Spinning Kick) - the user uses his leg to trip his opponent and then spins to create wind that blast the enemy away from the user

History : He was raised by his uncle, and he went to the Hidden Leaf Academy. He was not a very bright student but not the smart ones either. His sudden improvement seems to amaze everyone.

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Posted 08 April 2005 - 01:02 AM

Information for me..

Name: Sesshoumaru

Age: 714

Race: Yokai

Gender: Male

Class: Swordsman/assasin

Alignment: Evil, Aggresive, only cares about himself.

Magic: Whip of light, Sijanki, joinyklo, tojinu, after image, and whirlwind.

Appearance: (Looks like sesshoumaru from anime)

Eye Color: black/red

Hair: Silver

Personality: Evil, Careless, hatefull

Abilities: Agility, Fluffy

Weapon(s): Tojinki, Tensauaiga

Style: quick, aggresive

History: UNKNOWN

Tada...Time to go battle..matrix.gif

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 12:44 AM

Name: Johnston


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Sniper

Alignment: Good

Magic: None


Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown, Short

Build: Heavily Muscled

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 215

-Clothing: Mostly Camo and armor
-Torso: Long sleeve black shirt, covered with bullet-proof armor
-Legs: Camo

Abilities: Has yet to miss a shot....

Weapon(s): Sniper rifles, H&K M60's, Uzi's... .45 Beretta
user posted image

Style: Stays hidden, snipes the crap out of you when you get in the open

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Posted 24 May 2005 - 03:32 AM

Name: General Grievous

Age: unknown

Race: Kaleesh

Gender: Male

Class: Half Alien/Half Droid

Alignment: Evil

Magic: none ( can't call upon the force)

Appearance: Large robot, often coughing

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair: No hair

Build: Heavy

Height: 7'0" (approx)

Weight: 450 lbs (approx)

Clothing: Armor

Personality: Evil,

Abilities: Can wield 4 lightsabers at once, nearly invincible, can survive in space,

Weapon(s): Lightsabers(4)

Style: Spins sabers to keep from getting hit

Techniques: Spinning Sabers of Doom (watch star wars 3, you'll understand)

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Posted 01 June 2005 - 01:17 AM

Name: Grey Makkes


Race: Human

Gender: male

Class: Mage/ Ranger ( Marine/Army... GI joe type of dude...)

Alignment: All for the side of goodness...

Magic:Summoning, a few middle class spells, weakens after using only a few numbers of spells.

Appearance: Hunched over to fool the casual person, But tall and scrawny.

Eye Color: Bright Green

Hair: Black


Height: 6'5"

Weight:175 lbs

Clothing: Robes, but armor and camo beneath

-Torso: body armor.
-Legs: covered by robe.
-Arms: no sleeves.
-Feet: combat boots

Abilities:Summoning, very skilled marksman, very very strong. Also a swordsman. Can "clone" himself with magic

Weapon(s): Two swords (think Legolas), an M60 sub-machine gun, grenades: flashbangs and frags, various herbs and spices...

Style: Very bold, in close quarters...

Techniques: Self-Clone: Grey clones himself several times... Only lasts so long, though.
Summoning: Calls up demons from other worlds...

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Posted 15 June 2005 - 08:22 AM

Name: Dark God Deity or simply Death.

Age: 25

Race: Human at some point.

Gender: Male

Title(s): (Only a champion may hold a title.)

Reputation Title: Cruel

Class: Dark Warrior

Alignment: Evil, to the next degree.


Shadow Flare: Using shadow energy as the template, manipulates it to the point where it can cut upon physical objects like a knife.

Shadow Scream: Using shadow energy pulsates it to cause eruptions in sound wave; ultimately creating a screech that could turn one deaf if they have not trained against it.

The Tears of the Gods: Leaps into the air, then comes crashing down with his fist, causing a flash a dark energy around him, depending on atmosphere, could easily vaporize the enviroment around the user.

No rest for the wicked: A series of swift blows to the target, the fist glowing purple moves at incredible speeds.

Omega: The user shall use energy to cause an eruption of the area around him. A large bubble of pure darkness surrounds the user, and then explodes around him/her as a Super Nova.

The Pharaoh’s Last Command: Energy begins to form in the users palms, when released, causes a large, gold energy beam to shoot out and destroy anything in its way.

Battle of the Tiger and Dragon: Using two swords, the user goes into a frenzy of power, a rush of fury, and a kamikaze of energy, all while surrounded by a white aura.


Eye Color: Grey

Hair: Spiky, dginified black.

Build: Muscular

Height: 6’5

Weight: 189 Lbs


-Torso: Black suit jacket, silky and very fancy.
-Legs: Matching black pants, still soft and luxurious.
-Arms: The sleeves of the black jacket.
-Feet: Black, leather shoes. Stringless, shiny, simple.
-Other: Black “Gangster” hat. (Think of the 50’s Gangsters)

Personality: Cold, unforgiving.

Abilities: Extreme swordplay potential, Shadow and Darkness Magic, Fast for his size, Double-handed; able to wield two swords at once while being equally skilled in each one.

Weapon(s): Two iron broadswords, both sporting a skull at the end of the hilt.

Style: Own style: No Mercy


Unforgiving Lion: A burst of rapid slash attacks using both swords. Hard to block and counter.

Monkey’s Joke: Wraps arm around opponet’s neck as puts pressure on, choking the opponet and causing pain in sensitive point; before releasing and throwing a considerable distance with both hands.

Rhino’s Rage: Tackles the opponet, if connects, stands up while arms are wrapped around target’s waist as the user throws them up into the air. As the target comes down, the user runs and shoulder-tackles in mid-air at the opponet, sending the enemy flying into the enviroment.

Dinosaur Remorse: Grabs target by neck and holds them up as the other hand grabs their waist. Begins to spin around rapidly before throwing the target at high-speeds into desired direction.

History: (Optional)

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Posted 31 July 2005 - 04:22 AM


Name: Trinity(not like Neo and Trinity....shes a...yah)

Age: 17

Race: Human/Regenator

Gender: Male

Title(s): (Only a champion may hold a title.)

Reputation Title: Demonic Slayer

Class: Gun slinger.

Alignment: Holy.

Magic: Regen


Eye Color: White

Hair: Short, Spikey, White.

Build: Medium build, strong legs.

Height: 6'8

Weight: 156 lbs


-Torso: (I assume this means chest) Wears a very tight black leather jacket, his stomach area has belts covering it. The part that goes down past the legs is split in half(verticly). He is often seen with a hood up(from a sweatshirt underneath).
-Legs: Baggy black jeans, with a belt.
-Arms: (look to Torso)
-Feet: Wears large black work boots, shoe strings VERY loose(but his shoes never fly off).
-Other: Often seen smoking ciggerettes(spelling?), and flicking a gold zippo open and closed. He also wears a sky blue pendant.

Personality: Calm, Cool, and very happy. He is often seen in chapels praying.

Abilities: He can jump great distances and hang in the air for a long time due to his pendant. He can also heal almost any wound as long as his head is still intact.

Weapon(s): Dual .45 1911 Colts, modified with a 12 round clip, lighter load spring, gold slide, the trigger is gold, the hammer is gold, and in the middle of the grip is gold, all the rest is black(his right pistol is the exact opposite two tone wise). Both guns have compensators on them, and also his bullets are blessed with holy waters, and made out of a silver cross he found and melted down. For those damn demons, and vamps.

Style: He likes to sneak up behind his enemies and shoot, but if it comes push to shove he will fight face to face.

Techniques: Impureifacation. This is something Trinity hates, once on a nightly watch over his London city he found a demon feeding on some farm animals, normally not caring about animals, he decided to kill this demon anyway. In the battle he was deeply cut across his chest and before the demon died he told him that his spirit forever will have a demonic power(this is why he is in churches so much). When he is injured and VERY angry he unleashes his demonic form where as his guns nearly become one with him and he gets twice as strong, and ten fold as fast.

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Posted 24 September 2005 - 08:01 AM

im just reposting my old char so people dont have to look for him

* They can find your character by scrolling up to the second post of this topic, or by clicking here..

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Posted 20 October 2005 - 02:09 AM

May as well get this over with. By the way, this character is four years old, which is why he starts off as slightly powerful, but I've also toned him down a bit to fit so I'm not powermodding.



Name :: Red Sanze
Age :: Unknown
Race :: Unknown
Class :: Warrior/Bounty Hunter


Appearance :: Dark, jet black hair cascades the sides of his face, a few bangs spilling over his ice blue eyes. On occasion, his hair is spiked, the length usually between half an inch and an inch. His tan complexion is accentuated by his opal clothing, which consists of tainted mythril armor over his chest and gauntlets over his hands that stretch halfway up his forearms and are padded with mythril armor in their interior, but are fingerless, leaving Red's fingers and palms open. Dark, baggy pants held up by a crude black sash drop a little past his ankles to hide a bit of length of his black boots. His build is of someone that works out simply to stay in shape.

Weaponry :: Red carries with him a one-handed battle sword detailed with demonic writings and symbols. The hilt is of a brandished steel surrounded by a translucent cloth that keeps his hands from being cut. The guard of the hilt curves into spreading angel wings to symbolize his attempt at becoming a heavenly pinnacle of justice. The blade extends a good four and a half feet, cut to an extremely fine width, though the blade diagonally moves toward its center from the outside, and then moves back out to enable a stronger cut. In case of little depth into an opponent's flesh, this allows Red to cause a more severe cut due to the width of the cut, not its depth. Red also carries with him two knives that are in his belt, custom-made to his pleasure. This bounty hunter also wields an extending beat stick, much like policemen of the current age.


Physical :: Red may alter his physical form at times to blend in with surroundings or to alter his bodily form to enhance damage, speed, etc. He may also deal physical damage with some of the offensive magic he wields such as magic of the different array of elements.

Mental :: Red has the ability of telekinesis and telepathy, and so is able to read a few mental thoughts when concentrating. He deters from using telepathy in battle unless to give the illusion of some up-and-coming attack, or the mental anxiety of making them feel a strong amount of fear or the illusion of pain. He simply refrains most of the time to give the opponent a fair chance in battle.

Weapon :: Being that Red is capable of summoning the elements, he is able to bless his weaponry with enchantments of these elements.

Extra Information

Personality :: Red usually keeps to himself, deeply revelling in the thoughts of others when surrounded by them and given the chance to concentrate. He is quiet, but will speak when he feels the time is right. He's not afraid to be blunt and completely honest, simply because he fears very little.

History :: Red is an immortal. Plain and simple. He may be killed, but has yet to be. He has been around long enough to know that empires crumble at the slightest stroke of bad luck, people die at the slightest bit of ignorance, and the world is going to hell in its own little basket filled with goodies. His age is unknown because he is unable to be traced back through the history of authors that have attempted authoring books about him.

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Posted 20 October 2005 - 02:28 AM

Don't mean to double post, but here's another character of mine.


Name -- Brad Webb (Called Webb)
Aliases -- Maniac, Stunt, Devil, Blind, Spyke, Sinister, Blood, and the most recent being Death
Age -- 498 human years
Race -- Unlabeled; appears human
Class -- Bounty Hunter/Assassin
Alignment -- More chaotic evil than lawful neutral

Normal Appearance
Webb stands at an average height of 6'1", weighing roughly around 190 lbs. His muscular build is centered around his biceps and triceps, but the rest of his body is still slightly muscular. His slightly-tanned upper body is usually adorned in a white or a black muscle shirt with the sleeves stripped off, followed by an open, unbuttoned, short-sleeved shirt of the opposite color. The sleeves hang past his elbows, hiding the top of the bandages that circulate up both arms, and are covered by black and white gauntlets. These gauntlets are ridged from top to bottom in layers of mythril, and they leave his fingers open, one strip of this mythril running across his palms to keep them on. The bandages encircle his knuckles, and they keep the gauntlets from cutting into his hands. Two tattoos, ancient hieroglyphics, are on his hands, and shine over his gauntlets and bandages when he uses a spell. Below, he wears a pair of dark, loose, slightly baggy pants that hang slightly over his boots. A belt is wrapped around his waist, the color opposite to his open shirt. Usually, his muscle shirt is tucked into his pants, and this belt keeps them up, an old hieroglyphic becoming the center of this belt. His boots were custom made for comfort, stealth, and durability, and are black in color. Webb's hair is usually spiked about an inch off of his head, a few longer strands becoming tendrils to hang over his face, the tips of these strands white. They hang around his black eyes, which seem to change color during his mood changes (Ex.:When mad, they're black. When calm, they're sky blue).

Enchanted Scythe -- A 7' scythe that has been enchanted to be summoned at leisure. Instantaneous with full concentration, and about three seconds with partial concentration. The body of the scythe is a black leather, and the scythe's blade is a phase of fading white to mainly black, from the tip to its opposite end.
Battle Sword -- A one-handed battle sword that is held in a sheathe upon his back. The sword's hilt is a 1' black leather that allows him to move his hand placement if he wishes, and the piece of silver separating the massive 4'8" blade forms the wings of an angel on both sides of the sword.

Dictation -- Gives orders without thinking about the consequences.
Dialect -- Is fluent in many languages of the world.
Keen Senses -- His five senses are better and stronger than those of a human.
Telepathy -- Because of his keen senses, Webb can use his mind to manipulate the thoughts of the weak-minded, and can read minds of others.
Telekinesis -- Ability to move objects with his mind.
Dexterity -- May carry several objects weighing up to a maximum of 1500 lbs. without trouble.

Personality -- Outspoken when around people he knows, but when on a mission, he allows nothing to get in his way. He stands by the saying of 'business before pleasure.'

History -- A man tormented by the thought of dying for almost 5 decades. He has lived to become a warrior, an assassin, to benefit himself solely, but on occasion, others. Money is not what he wants; power is. Rising in the ranks of several armies, he became known as 'the one without death,' and so he commanded several before assassins came after him. Around his 300th year on this planet, he became nothing more than a wandering prophet, set there to dictate the demise of nations, villages, and individuals. He has seen empire after empire crumble, and has done nothing to stop the inevitable. His life has been recorded several times, but each time the author would die, and so his life would cease to exist in a book that had no meaning. Death has been plugged for him, and now that he is approaching his 500th year, he plans to allow things to get a bit more hectic. After that, he shall kill off the inhabitants of the planet, and die with them, and allow some strange miracle to allow life to begin again.

Rain Of Tears -- Blood begins to rain from the sky, a torment to the heavens. This floods the battlefield with red, and can impair the vision of his opponent(s).
Child Of Being -- An incredible healing spell that raises the recently dead and heals the wounded within a one mile radius.
Father Of Death -- A form of dark necromancy. The dead rise, covered in heavy armor, wielding variations of weapons. They fight battle for him as long as he wishes, or until they are completely destroyed.
Maniac -- A berserk of strength is charged into his palms and eyes, the strength turning a white color that soon fades to black, but retains small flickers of white light within it. This aura is sent as a blast toward the opponent(s) through his hands and eyes.

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Posted 25 October 2005 - 09:01 AM


Name: Joe "Card" Samson

Age: 22

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Title(s): (Only a champion may hold a title.)

Reputation Title: Mysterious

Class: Soldier

Alignment: Good

Fire: Creates a fireball in the palm of his right hand.
Ice: Swings his left hand along the ground creating pillars of ice.
Aero: Raises his right hand in the air, fingers extended in the sky, swirling his hand and closing his fist, a tornado forms around him. As quickly as it forms it disapates and Card has increased agility and gravity is lowered for him.
Metora: Card stabs his sword(s) into the ground and raises both hands into the air. The sky gets very cloudy around the area where him and his enemy(ies) are. When the sky is at its cloudiest a hole is opened in the sky, the sun shines through the hole and it creates a circle of light around the person/thing. A meteor/meteors come crashing through the sky at the person/thing.


Eye Color: Blue-Green

Hair: Blonde with black underneath

Build: Strong arms, but other than that no big build.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 175 lbs


-Torso: Dark red jacket. The jacket has special qualities that make it bullet proof, and hard to penetrate.
-Legs: Black loose leather pants.
-Arms: (Sleeves from jacket.)Wears black leather gloves.
-Feet: Black leather work boots.
-Other: Card wears a red cape that is torn at the bottom. This cape is enchanted by a greater spirit that has a regeneration ability, when he puts it infront of him, any projectile object that flies at him can go through the cape but as soon as the projectile does go through it instantly disenigrates. The cape than regenerates itself. He also has a sheath for his main sword on his back as well.

Personality: Calm, and doesn't like to fight. But when angeried will react.

Abilities: Able to use his large weapons.

Weapon(s): Card uses 1 sword mainly. But he carries around a 5 foot tall case on his back. When he throws it on the ground/pushes the button it opens revealing 4 other swords. His main sword the "Body" blade is a thick blade/thick hand gaurd/long hilt. Two of his other swords the "Wing" blades. These two blades are curved, the handle is made in the blade. All the way to the sharpened part of the swords are hallow, this makes it possible for Card to slide both blades over his "Body" blade. His longest "Head" blade is serated blade reaching lengths of 5 feet long. When he prepares to combine "Head" to the rest of the parts of the sword, "Head" splits in two and he slides it on both sides of the sword. His last blade the "Tail" is a shorter blade, it is double sided, and a very quick blade, Card uses this blade for throwing at an oppenent. When Card wants to put his "Tail" on the rest of the sword it also splits in half, and the hilt goes up into the blade, the blade than slides down into the hand guard on both sides of the sword. When Card has all of the blades in place it begins to glow with a slight blue aura. The blade is now "Complete Dragon" Blade, it is also 5 times as strong. When he wants Card can launch off all of the blades and use them seperately.

Style: Card uses his swords mainly.

Energy Torrent: When Cards is using "Complete Dragon" Blade he can charge energy into the body and than surge it to the "Head" Blade and swing his sword in a downward slash launching a huge blade of energy.
Rising Dragon: Card takes "Complete Dragon" Blade and uses it in an upward slash, the swinging of the blades tip doesn't reach the enemy, but a tower of fire & ice surges upward below the enemy freezing and burning the enemy at the same time. Card usually follows this with airial attacks.
1000 Wasp Sting: Card uses any of his swords and attacks with piercing stabs 1000 times. Usually uses all of his swords seperatly to do this.
5 Point Dragon Slash: Card combines all of his swords into the "Complete Dragon" Blade and charges the blade, after the sword charges he launchs the blades off of his swords apart. The sword surrounds him, the begin to circle him. He launches forward and the four other blades follow, he attacks with his "Body" Blade, he than flies above his enemy and his four swords slashed through his enemy his extremely charged sword has so much energy in it, he points it down and unleashes a beam of energy over the top. The swords surrounding the enemy, sense the swords are still slightly charged they hold back the explosion.

History: Born into a small village, Card was givin his nickname from being such a great card player. He was born a blacksmith and created his weapons. Gaining his abilities from a great mystic he now seeks out the worlds strongest warriors to defeat them in battle to gain the Title of "Worlds Greatest."

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Posted 20 November 2005 - 09:21 AM

Name: Dart Lee' shin or just Dart

Age: 13 - Of course his age development was much different from the humans. Sort of like dog years, although mostly with youth. Every three years is one human year. Appearance, however is much different. Darts looks are of his yokai age. So, to humans he is older, although to yokai and through his appearance he is still a young 13 yr. old.

Race: Yokai

Gender: Male

Reputation: Aggresive Swordsman

Class: Assasin/Hitman

Alignment: Careless, cold hearted. Aggresive


Dark blue right eye, Light Blure left eye. Long x shaped scar over right eye

Long, Baggy, black jeans (jnco) Thick Black belt. Thin and Really Tight Black sweater. Long black Trenchcoat. Slim laced necklace, with big, thick silver cross. Thick Black combat boots.

-Upper Body- Muscly, Built upper body. Pretty skinny, not too skinny though. Rock hard abs.

-arms- Muscly. Red streaks down forearm.

-Legs- Left knee is made of Metal.

Eye Color: Right eye is Dark Blue, Left eye is Light Blue

Hair: short, black hair with silver(but black tinted) streaks.

Build: muscular, thin.

Height: 5'0

Weight: 100

Personality: Indifferent...hard to tell most of the time..However, Evil.

-Short Fuse Chakra: Claws burn for a shlashing attack.
-Transform - Transforms into full dog form.
-Stealth offense - A series of Stealthy attacks
-Blood Fukimari - Uses his own blood as a poison.
-Big Flash Slash - Raises sword to the sun for a gleam of blinding light.
-Crash attack - Powerful sword manuevers.
-Rewind - Uses a chain to use sword as a whip.

Weapon(s): Cross - Very large, and very long blaided. Skinny and long handle. Thick blade. Engraved with Yokai Praises.

Style: Du' no' yoshi - Yokai Technical fighting.

Techniques: When angry, Dart attacks using hard, aggressive strikes. However, when fighting for any other reason, he is fast and stealthy.

(ill post a history later)

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