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Character Creation

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Posted 13 January 2006 - 07:41 AM

Name: Marish


Race: Human

Gender: male

Title(s): none

Reputation Title: Master Shinobi

Class: Shinobi

Alignment: Evil

Magic: Has the ability to encase his body or weapons in the aura of the elements making it seem like his weapon was made of that particular element.
Has control over the following elements

Appearance: Short and skinny looking but very strong

Eye Color: swirling mix of all colors

Hair: Hidden behind mask, Parts of black hair can be seen through

Build: Strong

Height: 5'

Weight: 178lbs


-Torso: dark green long sleeve tunic ontop of chainmail chest plate
-Legs: dark green pants covering hard leg protectors
-Arms: Metal gaurds going from elbow to wrist
-Feet: leather shoes
-Other: metal gauntlets

Personality: Loves to have fun with his enemy while fighting but will kill in an instant

Abilities:Can manipulate the elements however he wants
FIRE: blade must be atuned to the fire element
-Ember-creates a small to medium size burst of fire capable of burning things
-Pyre-places blade in ground and summons a pillar of flame within several yards of himself
-Inferno-Sweeps blade across the ground causing a 2 foot wall of fire to appear and stay for a prolonged amount of time. mainly used for defence

WATER/ICE: blade must be atuned to water element
-Surf-Causes cracks in the ground that bring forth water to be manipulated (no offensive value)
-Ice Wall- (used only after surf) Uses summoned water to create a wall in front of marish as thick as amount of water will allow
-Blizard-(used only after Surf) Takes summoned water and freezes it then pulls it into the air and spins it around causing a massive blizzard
-Torrent- Summons a massive rain storm to replenesh water or to manipulate

EARTH: Blade must be atuned to the element of earth
-Crag- Summons small to medium sized spear shaped rocks to come out of the ground
-Rubble- picks up all nearby rocks and small amounts of sand and forms a protective bubble around Marish
-Augment- Can augment his blade to be any shape desired
-Spire- Summons colums of earth to rise around a target or whole battlefield

WIND: Blade must be atuned to the element of wind
-Gust-Shoots a gust of wind from sword knocking back enemy or knocking over object
-Hurricane-summons gale force winds to pick up any loose objects and randomly swing them around
-Gale Wall-Summons a tornado around Marish giving him the ability to slightly change the trajectory of incoming objects

LIGHT: Blade must be atuned to element of light
-Flare- Summons a bright burst of light from blade to blind enemy
-Blink- Uses light tricks to make it seem there are more than one Marish
-Divine Light- used to cut through thick darkness or through enemy mind tricks

DARKNESS: Blade must be atuned to element of darkness
-Darken- Makes surrounding area seem like pitch black night no matter what time
-Shade- Puts a protective shade around Marish' eyes to protect from mind spells
-Meld- Can almost completely meld with surrounding shadows to get a jump on an enemy

Style: the Shinobi's Elemental Warfare

Techniques: Tune weapon and armor to that of any element

History: trained from birth at a secret school to become a shinobi. Marish completed his training and left his hidden village to see what destiny has in store for him.

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Posted 18 January 2006 - 08:24 AM

Name: Sovailes

Age: 24

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Title(s): NuneWorld 1st RP tourny Champ

Reputation Title: Saint of the Sword

Class: Wandering Swordsman

Alignment: Good

Magic: None

Appearance: A tall warrior with long black hair that covers half his face. Hair hides a golden eye that replaced his original eye after a battle and was replaced by an experimental prosthetic eye by a well trusted mage.

Eye Color: one green the other yellow with a scar going diagnaly across it

Hair: long and and black, covering up his golden eye

Build: Muscular but slim

Height: 5'11

Weight: 187lbs


-Torso: Long sleeve blue tunic
-Legs: Blue pants
-Arms: Leather braces going up his right arm
-Feet: normal leather shoes
-Other: none

Personality: Rarely talks unless in battle were he loosens up a little

Abilities: Foresight: Uses golden eye to penetrate illusions and see through them
Excercise: can use eye to sense and banish nearby ghosts or spirits

Weapon(s): Basilikos-normal katana but has an enchanted chain attached to the end of the sword. The chain is unbreakable and has an endless reach and can be loosen or retracted at will, but the chain itself cannot be controlled



History: A wandering swordsman who happened upon an ongoing tournament and decided to join in. little did he know that he would triumph over all his foes and be named the champ.

#18 Guest_evanfan1117_*

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Posted 19 January 2006 - 12:10 AM

Name: Liesha (lay-sha)

Age: 20

Race: elven

Gender: Female

Class: Valkrie

Alignment: Good

Magic: elemental


Eye Color: greenish blue, looks almost like a field of brightly colored grass thrown in a vivid blue sky

Hair: Long Brownish-red

Build: small and skinny, but fairly strong

Height: 5'1

Weight: 125 lbs


-Torso: a strapless earthy green corset
-Legs: a ripped brown cotton skirt that ends right around the knee
-Arms: brown knit arm warmers with pieces of leather tied in various places
-Feet: brown leather boots that end around the knee with black fishnets

Personality: Quiet and serious, only opens up to the ones she can trust. Has a playful attitude when first battleing male enemies

Natural Armor: skin is tougher than normal human skin, can withstand extreme punishment

Recall:If weapon is dropped or taken; has the ability to call it back

Soul Searching: the ability to take any emotion connected to the longing of love and turn it against them.

Mother's Words: the ability to heal with an elemental object; such as grass, fire, water, etc.

Weapon(s): Testiment of Innocence: An ancient sword made of thin but unbreakable metal. Has an ancient spell of protection inscribbed on the handle. Has acouple of owl feathers tied around the base of the handle, a symbol of knowledge and life.


The daughter of a legendary line of sorcerers

Mother: a powerful wiccan, known throughout the land of having amazing power with the elements and legendary healing powers.

Father: a fierce but loving sorcerer who aided in several major battles and holds century old secrets, which in turn, have been passed to his daughter.

#19 Skye Silverstone

Skye Silverstone


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Posted 14 March 2007 - 05:30 PM

Name: Skye Silverstone
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Title(s): Doesn't wish to have a title.

Reputation Title: Cold Hearted Warrior, Martharian Princess, Ex-SOLDIER.

Class: Princess/Warrior

Alignment: Good but can sometimes be Bad

Magic: Martharian Magic - Illusions, Fixing solid objects, Fire, Ice, Lightening, Energy/Ki Burst of energy or Blasts if you like ;D


Eye Color - Crystal Blue
Hair - Black
Build - Tall and Slim, well toned
Height - 5'11
Weight - 105 lbs.

-Torso: Short green halter styled top, backless and the neck goes around her neck like a turtle neck jumper. Black mini skirt, Blue Sash around her hips at the top of the mini skrt and also a shalpe which is a cross between a long skirt and a cape (TIFA has one in FF7:AC, and i dunno what they're called ;()
-Legs: Nothing
-Arms: Nothing
-Feet: Knee length white boots with pink toe tips and pink soles.
-Other: Skye blue head band.

Personality: When Skye was younger she was a very bubbly girl who got along with everyone and enjoyed life to the full, she enjoyed to sing and also had an extreme talent for charming Rufus into letting her, Zack, Sephiroth and Cloud do as they pleased. By the time Zack dies Skye becomes a heartless cold warrior who wishes more than to killed all of Professor Hojo, the Turks and also Sephiroth. Skye thinks that she does not need anyone as she is extremely powerful on her own, but she always seems to need the help of her Guardians Kaiser and Malik and also Cloud. Her feelings start to show against but she will not allow anoyone into her heart.

Abilities: Bard/Songstress which uses her voice to produce more strength within herself and also to create the Illusions affect which also effects the way they fight. Her magic does more than descibed above, it does many wonderous things but does not do the Mage stuff if you get me? No clicky finger and something appears. Although she has been known to do something similar with her Sword. ah well smile.gif

Weapon(s): An extremely long, green hilted Katana which is a cross with a Samurai sword, it's name is Satoshi and it is a'cousin' of Masamun which is Sephiroths sword =D

Style: Mixture of: Martials Arts, Swordmanship, Shealth and Strength.

Techniques: Prefers to attack withher sword but has been know to use her Illusion magic to distract oponents or use and illusion to fight her opponents, then she will either go in for the kill/defeat with Satoshi or using her Martial Arts. The magic is really used to either stun, confuse, distract or fight her opponents.

History: OK this will be quick because im not in the mood to do this properly yet 4.gif.

Skye is from a placed called Marthara where she is one of many Princesses along side her ten brothers and sisters, when she was around the age of fourteen she met Sephiroth who took her to go and fight along side Shinra in SOLDIER, this is where she fell in love with Sephiroth bu then realised that she was in love with Zack cand they dated (naturally). So then she goes and fights in Niblehelm against Sephiroth a few years later when she was, i think it would be sixteen. She was captured by Professor Hojo with Cloud and Zack (her and Cloud being best friends), she then gave birth to a child which she named Jaxx (himbeing Zacks Kid), and was experimented on with Materia like Zack and Cloud. She escapes with them both and stays with them until Zack is killed, she then leaved Cloud in Midgar and goes back to Marthara where she leaves Jaxx for a while, but whilst she was in Hojo's capture he experiments on her with 'genes' from Reno withher own eggs so she then gave birth to a little girl called Ryoku, Reno's Kid. blink.gif
OK, ok; so she next appears with cloud during Advent children where she merely stand by and watched Cloud defeat Sin, she did help him reach Sin in the air, which the rest of the group did too. She is cold by this point and the kids are with her Guardians Kaiser and Malik who look similar to Reno and Zack, she swore revenge on Hojo and Sephiroth but didn't have intentions to fight Sephiroth. So when the big gallute appears through Kadaj, she watched Cloud fight him again and intervens for a while where she tells Sephiroth of her feeling for both him and Zack and that Zack is dead. Bada Bing Bada Boom! blink.gif
That's all i got for her now..

OH yeah! and she appears with Cloud in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II where she helps Sora and Co. and there seems to be some background behind her and my Orphaned KH/KHII char Freya coke8.gif 58.gif blink.gif laugh.gif

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Posted 19 March 2007 - 12:16 PM


Name: Zar Dao Cross
Age: Less than 3
Race: Spawn (Hell demon of the 8th sphere)
Gender: Male

Title(s): None

Reputation Title: A defiant servant to Malbolgia
Class: Berserker

Alignment: Neutral

Magic: Necroplasm

Appearance: Dressed with a crimson cape, armoured with biological necroplasm gothic black armour and tribal white stripes for the design

Eye Color - Glowing green
Hair - None
Build - Very well toned, bulky
Height - 8ft 3 inches
Weight - 210kg's

-Torso: Gothic black armour & tribal white stripes
-Legs: Same as torso
-Arms: ^^
-Feet: ^^
-Other: Chains that can retract from chest, waist, etc. Crimson cape with it's own powers.

Personality: Revengeful, arrogant, very stubborn.

Abilities: The ability to manifest most abilites with the help of necroplasm. Spawn can send his own charges nof necroplasm to certain areas of his body to enhance his performance, e.g:
If spawn were to flow necroplasm into his muscles, he'd be able to enhance his strength far superior to that of an original hellspawn. Or spawn may influence his necroplasm to flow to his mind and manipulate the flow of his cape and powers, with the extra control over his armour.

Weapon(s): Anything that may retract from his armour & agony (A one-handed battleaxe that comes from the formation of his cape)

Style: Experimental, head-on.

Techniques: Start with weak attacks and work his way to the strongest of strategies until his opponent is no more.

History: Zar Dao Cross was once among the living, as a child happily living with father and mother in the village of ashroth, a party raid of barbarians came to destroy and set the village aflame. Zar died after being captured and thrown into the volcanoe as sacrifice at the age of 7, 12 years later, reborn as a hellspawn, pledged his allegiance to malbolgia making a deal to cast revenge to service mabolgia in the process. Zar became defiant, rebelling against the 8th sphere, then roamed free of the earth without purpose.

Years of countless searching for a purpose, he came across a female with bleech blonde hair, slender body, a plump bossom and with pointy ears.. Yes she was an elf, with this female zar had a family of 3 children, of which all died in a horrific battle between himself and the 'chosen ones' from mabolgia's army. Spawn then again roamed free, seeking revenge to end life.

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Posted 22 March 2007 - 02:22 PM


Name: Phoenix Shadowheart

Title(s): None

Reputation Title: The first purebred guyver.

Class: Fighter, assilant, guardian.

Alignment: Neutral

Magic: Kinetic energy, ambient energy.


Eye Color - Onyx
Hair - White (Guyver: None)
Build - Muscular & Toned
Height - 13ft 11inches
Weight - 450kgs

-Torso: None
-Legs: Snake-Skinned leather plants
-Arms: Fingerless brawling gloves
-Feet: Metal studded boots

-Other: Guyver armour covering him head to toe, once transformed

Personality: Aggresive, short tempered, saddist

Abilities: Gravity manipulation, kinetic electricity manipulation, & all other basic guyver abilities

Weapon(s): Tiger fang (Crested dagger shaped like a tiger fang)

Style: Head on, strategic.

Techniques: Uses basic attacks to advanced then strongest.

History: History known only by friends, has no clear memory of his past.

#22 The Dark Blue

The Dark Blue


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Posted 29 June 2007 - 05:13 AM

Name: Guyushi Ramatachi
Alias: the Red Mage
Age: Over 2000 years old
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Reputation Title: Ancient Legendary Magi

Class: Mage

Alignment: Does what he needs to overcome his obsticles, whether good or evil.

Magic: Spells of the Ancient such as:

Reign of the Undead- Calls corpses to aid and do his bidding.
Mind Trick- Causes target to see things that are an illusion.
Nightmare- Causes target to relive his worst moment in life (in his mind)
Animate- Causes an inanimate object to come to life, such as a tree or rope.
Slow time- A very draining spell, slow time causes everything but the user to slow down immensely, leaves the user weak and tired, and only lasts for up to 2 minutes

Eye Color -Red
Hair - White
Build - Skrawny, as if he were an old man bearly able to walk
Height - about 6'4
Weight - about 150
Tatoos- Not much has been seen of his body, but his sleeve has been torn off once only to reveal tribal markings running up and down his arm

-Torso: Blood Red Robe, covering from his feet to a hood that covers his head
-Legs: ^
-Arms: ^
-Feet: ^

Personality: Queit, usually says nothing, aside from chants and spells

Abilities: Besides magick, Guyushi is a master in martial arts, and pratices them often. Magick is a last resort.

Weapon(s): Usually only uses his staff, but can and will improvise.

Style: Sometimes hand to hand, and sometimes dark magick.

Techniques: When facing a foe that uses magick, he does the same, when facing a foe that uses hand combat, he does the same. He can use magick, but he is an old fashioned warrior and a fair fighter (usually).

History: Little is know about Guyushi, other than he has roamed this planet over 2000 years, his powers are known to be learned from the demon Asmodai, and he travels with a young wolf known as Zrag.

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 04:49 AM

Name: Musica "Demurral" Howlett
Age: 25
Race: Lamia Vulpes volpes (Human Fox)
Gender: Male

Title(s): Apparently, none.

Reputation Title: Rector Quod Howlett

Class: Thief/Captain: 14 Division, Gotei 13.

Alignment: Opposite of the fighting side.

Magic: Abilities of the thirteen Demons. Unda/Aqua/Water, Incendia, Oblivian/Oblivias/Oblivia, Levitas, Obscurum, Lux Lucis/Lumen, Aeris/Aer/Aethra/Aether, Humus/Terra, Abolesco/Volo, Sanus/Sonitus, and Vicis

Appearance: A male with short hair, only reaching down to his ears while his eyes glow a blue color when he activated the abilities of the thirteen demons, allowing him to control Unda/Aqua/Water. His eyes shall glow different colors when he is using the seperate elements, but a tint of blue shall remain through all colors.

Eye Color - Light, Sky blue
Hair - Black
Build - Fit
Height - 5' 11"
Weight - 175

Clothing: Trenchcoat.
-Torso: Trenchcoat
-Legs: Shoes able to sustain the Speed of Abolesco/volo/Sonitus/Sanus.
-Arms: Black gloves are worn over his hands as to stop the energy from continuosly pouring through his hands with Aura.
-Feet: Shoes able to sustain Abolesco.
-Other: None

Personality: A nice personality, unless he is made angry.

Abilities: Unda/Aqua/Water, Incendia, Oblivian/Oblivias/Oblivia, Levitas, Obscurum, Lux Lucis/Lumen, Aeris/Aer/Aethra/Aether, Humus/Terra, Abolesco/Volo, Sanus/Sonitus, and Vicis. (Some abilities shall be kept secret so no one makes a counterattack specific to that Skill.

Weapon(s): All of the Abilities in Mucros. Ex. Undamucro, Incemucro, Obliviamucro, Letamucro, Obscumucro, Luximucro, Aeromucro, Terramucro, and Vicimucro. (Abolesco Discluded)

Style: Bellator D'Unda. This fighting style is composed of placing your Auric energy into your palms, and use it to deflect and inflict attack damage, just like the Hyuuga style Juken.

Techniques: (Kept secret so no one makes a counterattack specific to that Skill.

History: (Don't really feel like typing up a 7 chapter story at the time...)

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Posted 02 February 2009 - 08:35 AM

Name: Long
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Reputation Title: He who is feared and loved

Class: Wandering Swordmaster

Alignment: His own

Magic: None

Appearance: A tall thin muscular male

Eye Color - Brown
Hair - Black
Build - Lean Muscle
Height - 6'3
Weight - 200

-Torso: Tight White T
-Legs: Tight Black Pants
-Arms: A emerald ring on the right hand ring finger
-Feet: Black Running Shoes

Personality: A naturally friendly person. He is not a serious person unless the situation is requires it. Loves bloodshed but not meaningless bloodshed

Abilities: Forbidden Sword Arts

Weapon(s): A pure black tachi. A pure White Katana

Style: Versatile, Combines many forbidden and common sword styles

Techniques: The use of common and forbidden sword arts

History: Long is the son of great Sword master. While still young he watched his father be killed by his Uncle. After this he started traveling the country with his mother. When his mother finally died of an illness Long was 13. He travel the country training his mind and body to one day exact revenge. While in his travels he learn many different forms of swordsmanship from many masters.

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Posted 27 August 2009 - 02:47 AM

When making a kit what file tells the game to automatically put in dual wielding at character creation ie.... character starts out with 2 in dual wielding before assigning his points, or how do I do that?



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