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Rules For 2nd Tournament

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Posted 26 September 2005 - 02:21 AM

The rules will be the same as usual, but we must make sure everyone is following the rules. If I catch you going around the rules (and I will, for I shall be following each fight), then you will be disqualified and your opponent will automatically be claimed the winner of that battle and move on to the next.

* No god modding. (Ex: Taking control of the your opponent’s character and automatically making them give a response to your attack in the same post. You must allow the other person to react when you attack.) {EDIT} Be sure to realize if you get 3 godmod warnings in any of your battles, you will be disqualified.
* You must be active. If you are gone from the Tournament for more then 2 weeks, you are officially disqualified from the Tourny. If you are going away for longer than that period of time, PM me and perhaps I will be able to work something out. No promises guaranteed.
*You may not injure your opponent, unless your opponent accepts the attack.
* You may not always block an attack. Take a blow every once in awhile. If you are clean far into the battle, I may disqualify you.
* You may not create more then 1 character in this Tournament. The character you create is your final until the next.
* You may not create a topic for your own battle. This is important. I am going to be creating the environment you and your opponent are fighting in, all choices are final. I may also pop into your fight randomly, either giving you warnings or changing the environment. Please listen to what I say.
* Your character must be unique, of your own creation. You cannot take a character from a video game or TV series {and everything in between}. Part of Role Playing is creating the character you are going to use. Get creative and make your own.


Auditions are not going to be a very big thing in this Tournament but I ask you to do your best at making your characters, then placing an introduction of your original design. A paragraph is all I need, and please no further. Also take note your intro can be placed in any location. I don’t care where. But I’m going to have to require a little introduction, as kind of an audition. Don’t worry, I shall not be harsh. You don’t need uber skills to get in here. {EDIT} Since everyone hasn't done this, I'll just cross this rule out.. but if you're paired up with some gosu RPer, don't blame me. Thanks..

How I will be picking who you battle:

Basically, taking from your introduction {which will tell me about where on the scale your ‘skill’ is}, I shall create different groups of different people in different classes and randomly pair you up with first opponent.

In each battle someone shall win and someone shall lose. The winners will go on to round two, and the process will repeat until the winner is chosen.


* I sent a PM to metroid_dragon to request if the winner of the Tournament will be able to be posted in the History of NW Topic where your name is sure to stay. I am still awaiting an answer, but I am not expecting the reply to be harsh. {EDIT} I got my reply, metroid said it would be fine. I either have the choice of writing it myself or giving that task to metroid.. either way works, so this is a definate prize.

* I am hoping for the winner to get a title {my title is to the left, read as “Senior Member”} of “RPB Tournament Winner” until the next Tournament comes.

Nothing is certain for prizes, I am sorry to say. But if you have any suggestions you think will work, PM me. And, if you’re thinking about not joining the Tourny just because nothing is certain, join anyway. We need precipitants and it’s fun to do.

Thanks for reading the RPB Tournament Rules, and now that I’m sounding like a brochure, you may proceed to the Character Creation Topic.

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