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Top 10 Mario Games

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Posted 20 December 2007 - 08:55 PM

In order, from 1 to 10, my top picks.

Super Mario 64 - This is a defining moment in gaming, it is the standard for every 3d platformer to come since. Yes, there were other 3d games before Super Mario 64, but for the most part they were fumbling around in the dark, it was this game that brought 3D gaming into the light. The game was near perfection, everything other than the camera angles was adjusted to fit a 3D world that was never seen before.

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt - Yes, I know I could have just put down the original Super Mario Bros, but Duck Hunt gave me incredible amounts of fun as well, and it was included with a Mario game. This game was the first true Mario game for me, it set the table for a series that would go on to be one of the most succesful in history.

Super Mario Bros. 3 \ Super Mario World
- 2D platforming perfection, it doesn't get any better than these games, the only reason they are not #1 is because they didn't revolutionize a dimension like the two above, they just perfected one.

Paper Mario - This game is overlooked so often by people who haven't played it. It's a masterpiece to me, it's one of the few RPGs I've played and beaten more than once... it's the only one I've beaten more than twice, I've beaten this game 3 times and I am contemplating doing it a fourth time.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
- One of the best sequels ever created. The gameplay is wonderful, the story is hilarious and tons of fun, the characters are very likable. It's just as good as the first but didn't come first, thus why it's below.

Super Mario Galaxy
- This is 3D platforming excuisity. This game controls wonderfully, the game is tons of fun and the difficulty is near perfect. I have no real complaints about this game other than the fact that is introduces little new, it just perfects the 3D experience.

Super Smash Bros.
- I consider this in the Mario series, even if it does contain pretty much every major (and not so major) series in existance. This game started a series that has revolutionized fighting games. It's masterfully deep and easy to get into, the characters are familiar and the combat is insanely fun.

Mario Party
- Yes, they have milked this series into a dry husk that is whithering away and moaning a faint "please let me die". However when this game came out, it was the best bloody party game out there, that was until they overdid every minigame and kept pumping out the same thing with new maps that got progressively worse. The first one though was original, fun and offered hours upon hours of fun for groups of 3 or 4 gamers.

Mario Kart series
- I really enjoyed every game in the series. The 64 one was hit or miss, or rather, Gamespot thought it was a miss but they really should have taken "fun factor" into the review. The game may have had shoddy graphics but it was fun, it was party madness and I would never have wanted it any other way. The original and the DS version were amazing as well, I had some very intense 6 to 8 player races with groups of friends in the DS game, but it just didn't have the lastability as the first two, perhaps because of my biased against portable games. The original set the table for the next two, and it had some great races in it as well. I originally had this as "Super Mario Kart" then my description ended up having more to do with Mario Kart 64, so I changed the name to that, then I ended up writing about the DS one, so I decided to label this as the series.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
- I hate to admit it, but I never actually beat Super Mario RPG, however as soon as it's released on the Virtual Console, it's mine. Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to it's release, it no longer listed on the wiki article for Virtual Console games, either released or upcoming. I played through the first bit of this game, and it was amazing, I will beat it eventually, one way or the other.

Honourable mentions:

Super Mario Bros. 2
- This would be on the list if it wasn't actually Doki Doki Panic in disguise. Still a fantastic game though. A little trivia fact: Did you know that Shiguro Miyamoto actually worked on Doki Doki Panic? Some elements like coin, the starman, the jumping sound effects, ect, were all in the original game. Mario was not completly unrelelated to this game even before he took it over completly.

Super Mario All-Stars
- arguably surpassing even the Orange Box for value, this game had it all, and even more if you got the version that included Super Mario world (I didn't).

OH NOESSS!!!!1!!!11!!!one!!

forgot Super Mario World :( where the hell am I going to put that in? I like the list the way it is... but this game deserves to be in there. Ah, I know....

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Posted 20 December 2007 - 11:11 PM

Great list, I like that you put Paper Mario on the list. People tend to shun Paper Mario either because they think it's not as good as Mario RPG or because it's too easy, but for me that's beside the point, it's a terrific and fun game.

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