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Flo Rida

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Posted 23 April 2009 - 02:39 PM

He had the hit song “Low” ft. T-Pain and that’s pretty much what everybody knows him for nowdays. I think his a bit one dimensional as a rapper and doesn’t have really great lyrics, their too recycled for one thing and much too overused.

His first album “Taking Back Mail On Sundays” (correct me please if I am wrong) had some pretty good songs on the album. Some worth mentioning would be Elevator ft. Timbaland
Ayer feat. Will I Am*produced by will I am* and the main one Low ft. T-Pain.

It’s not that his a really horrible rapper, (unlike MIMS and Souljah Boy) it’s that he hasn’t, in my personal opinion, produced any new tricks or anything of that nature.

What he says, has been said by countless of other rappers (and yes you could say that about all rappers) But just not as good, his got no real charm about him, (I like his bling and his tattoos though) and he just basically appeared out of nowhere without any warning.

His just a one trick pony really. He made the hit “low” but that’s the only really good song his got on his whole album. That too me doesn’t make a good rapper.

His not like the real great rap heavy weights like Jay –Z, UGK (underground Kings), Kanye West, T.I. or Snoop Dogg. They all have countless amounts of hits to their names, not just one, also they are really good rappers in general, even though Kayne West has made some really average music.

Sure he can improve, as can everybody. But I think he has to try really hard to do just that.
I have respect for him for sure, it’s just his music is really mediocre (there’s no other word to use) His got a new album out called “Roots” and I hope he has learnt from his past mistakes and can vastly improve from now on. I have yet to hear the record, but I will listen to it soon enough, just to see where he is at the moment, and what his done to improve his music.

I definitely wouldn’t buy his record, no offence, but I only get “the best” in music and he doesn’t fit that category yet has claim to the word. Maybe in a few years, I will look back and say “Flo rida is a good rapper, far from the best, or one of rap’s elite, but a good rapper all the same” to date I can’t even utter those words, let alone the entire sentence.

The rap industry doesn’t need artists like him to say the least, they need rappers that know how to produce “multiple” hits and can stay in the game for decades. I have respect for rappers like that, not transparent one hit peoples with no charm or witty lyrical content.

That’s all I have to say on him, thanks for taking an interest in what I have to say and peace be with you.

Much Love and Respect

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