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Faq For Walkthroughs And Reviews Submition

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Posted 06 March 2004 - 08:23 PM

Why do I have to register as a contributor/supporter on the site?

Registration allows NuneWorld to track each contributor separately, eliminating confusion between similarly-named contributors and preventing impersonation of popular contributors, both of which have happened several times in the past. Also, if you're only interested in contributing Walkthrough and don't want to use the online HTTP submission form, registration is not necessary, it is still recommended.

How do I register as a contributor?

In order to register you shold register to our forum. Aftert that PM to Black Dragon or my self and inform us that you want to be a supporter/contributor for our side. You will be included into Contributors group who has right to attach files to this forum. Uploading files is easy, just browse and find the file what you want to upload in the site and click upload. If you want to submit by email you Walkthrough you can send the Walkthrough to webmaster@nuneworld.com


How can I write a review for NuneWorld?

You can write your review using almost any means you want (using a word processor, text editor, or compsing online), then submit it via the online form. You must be a registered contributor to submit reviews to NuneWorld.
What are the requirements for a review?

Format: All reviews will be posted in HTML. Only text is allowed, with only bold and italic markups allowed. No tables, graphics, scripts, or any other embellishments are allowed in reviews. You may compose your review in the text editor of your choice.
Style/Grammar: The review must be readable without too much effort. A reasonable number of spelling/grammar mistakes will be corrected, but a good working knowledge of the language is much more preferable. Spelling mistakes or other style issues in the tagline almost ensure that a review won't be posted.
Originality: The review MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK. Rip-offs of others work are not tolerated in any way.
Language: Reviews with excessive foul language or otherwise tasteless remarks will not be posted.
Length: Reviews must be at least 400 words in length or longer. Longer is (usually) better. Elaborate. Go into detail. Delve.

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Posted 15 April 2004 - 10:38 AM

Lot of people are good in some games. They are also good writers. The most of the time we receive some walkthrough what are in not good format and after that we have lot of questions why the walkthrough is not published. But for now let we start with the explanation what is walkthrough.
Walkthrough simple means walking in the game and finding most easiest way to finish the game (step-by-step through a game, from beginning to end, getting past every tricky point in the ).
With this name lot of synonymous are connected like a Guide, strategy guide, FAQ for games, but on the end we are talking about same thinks.

For what games we need a Walkthrough?

Action Games, Adventures, RPG, or strategy game. Walkthroughs almost always include tips on defeating tough enemies, puzzle solutions, and side-quest information.

What kind of Walkthrough NuneWorld accept ?

In-Depth Walkthrough
Character builders Walkthrough
Foreign-Language Walkthrough
Other Walkthrough Types: Custom Patch Code Lists, Secrets FAQs, Pinball Rule Sheets, and many others. Basically, if you're providing some kind of factual information about the game, it almost always has a place on the site.

What do I need to make good walkthrough?

Text editor, game, wiliness to write the walkthrough

What is the Golden Rule of FAQ writing?

Give a credit to everyone who contributed for writing the walkthrough.

The forum is open to start the Walkthrough , You can find a help or better solution for some task. If you want to start with Walkthrough for some game tell us and we will open the forum for that game and you will become the moderator for that forum.

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Posted 11 May 2004 - 08:31 AM

Topic will be moved to General Games forum

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