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Metroid Prime Echoes

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 02:40 AM

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes.

It is the long awaited sequal to gamespotís 2003 game of the year and Samusí most recent outing.


Well, if you played Metroid Prime you know what to expect. It has the same great adventure sytle gameplay that has amazing action to back it up. First, the combat is based around locking on to enemies instead of aiming on them. This sounds skilless at first, but it is quite good for it shifts the focus of the gameplay away from aiming. Instead, it is about using your unique abilities and puzzle solving skills to figure out how to defeat the enemy. Also a lot is placed on dodging and jumping. Overall amazing, unique combat.
Now for the meat, the adventure aspect! You basically travel around looking for the next powerup that is required. So, enter a room, try to go one way and you cant cross it, go to another room and find a boss, fight him and gain a new ability, use that ability to travel somewhere else and so on. Everytime you get an ability, a flood of ideas of where to use it will come to mind, it can be a little overwhelming but you can manage. Abilities range from scattering missle powerups to a cool morph ball to roll around in.A hint system will tell you where your next powerup is, but people like me will turn it off to savour the adventuring and searching. Some of the best adventuring in any game Iíve played.
Gameplay 9/10


The graphics are great and some of the best of the three systems. Runs at consistent frame rate with no slowdown Iíve ever seen. In the light world you have a great varity of areas from deserts to lush jungles. In the dark world you get a very moody, purple world filled with tension. The looming purple sky pulsates above you as you jump from light bubble to light bubble (staying out of bubbles in the dark world causes you to die)


Itís all here, a nice trippy sci-fi menu song and soft ambience for the environments. Your guns sound the way they should, enemys make nice gurgling noises when they die, boss music is exiting what can I say? 8/10


They decided to add multiplayer. It all seemed good didnít it? I mean you get excellent shoot outs where you got to strategically screw up your opponents lock on. You sneak up on people with morphball. It all seemed perfect, too perfect. Oh it was so close, if only they balanced it! The annihlator beam is ridiculously overpowered, while the dark beam is total crap! And with randomized powerups such as invincibility, donít expect battles to be based off skill. Iím not against weird powerups, but they should always include customization. Such an ability would allow you to turn off overpowered things and have a good skillful match once in a while. Metroid_Dragon and I got about three hours of play out of the multiplayer, I never intend to play it again.


Well itís quite a long adventure, taking anywhere between 10-20 hours to complete. Itís got tons of stuff to search for, and an unlockable hard mode worth beating. All in all quite a good value. 9/10

Overall: If you have played metroid prime 1, ask yourself ďDid I enjoy Metroid Prime?Ē if so buy this game, if no youíd best avoid it. To someone new to the series, I urge you to buy Metroid Prime 1, hey it is players choice now so you got to! If you like that, then go out and get this one. (they are quite similar)
Overall 9/10

Edit: just fixed some very noticable spelling errors

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 02:42 AM

not a bad review at all Geoff, congradulations.

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